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  1. So I let my utilization creep up on a couple credit cards and need to work it down. Zero lates and no problem paying. I just took them out of my wallet and stored them away while I pay them down doing double payments or so. I tried asking for credit line increases to get instant score relief but was denied. My question is would I get better credit score build if I continued to use them and pay the same payments plus whatever I spend rather than leaving them idle? Also would the credit card companies see it as less of a red flag for future credit line increases if I used them rather than going
  2. My gf called to renegotiate her rate as it was about to go back up to full and they said CCT was going away and that Experian would be offering some different packages some of which would include monitoring....?
  3. CCT is apparently being phased out. The service worked reasonably well and I didn't mind paying a few bucks to keep a close eye on my credit as well as playing with how different actions effected my scores. Whats the next go to service for frequent, accurate scores?
  4. Their loan officers do the applications and credit checks in house. I really don't know much more than that. They call it a "VISA Credit Builder Secured Credit Card". Their other cards appear to be called "Visa Platinum Smart Rate and Visa Platinum Smart Rewards if that clues you in to anything. The rates look pretty good (I think) at "as low as" 7.99 fixed and 9.99 fixed.
  5. I opened a secured credit card ($500/limit) with my credit union a little over one year ago. (I had no credit history/no score at all) My understanding with the bank as well as my research suggested that it would graduate this card to an unsecured and possibly have the limit increased after 12 months. Now that the 12 months has passed, I have been in touch with my credit union and they tried to get me to apply for another credit card with them and close the secured card account. I did not do this as it doesn't seem like the correct move. They admitted that they really didn't know very much abo
  6. Doesn't quite sound like the yellow brick road I thought it might be. Thank all you guys/gals for your responses!
  7. So I have a path to being eligible for a USAA membership but are the benefits any better than elsewhere? Credit cards, home loans, home/auto/aviation insurance?
  8. Great news... AMEX increase request went right through online. Increased from $4,000 to $12,000. yay! That'll definitely help my utilization %. Is there any similar rule of thumb for Citi? I have the Citi ThankYou Preferred. Are they harder to play ball with? I found it odd they started me at roughly 1/4 of what Discover and AMEX did.
  9. AMEX is Blue Cash Everyday I would have to dig into Discover to find out about balance transfers. I didn't have anything to transfer so I haven't given it much attention. Other than being able to pay off the balance over a longer period of time, is there any advantage to getting a CareCredit Card? All my cards are 12/14 month 0%. I still don't use credit much other than moving money around to build up my score for pride and that one day when I need a loan to buy something like a new car, property, etc. So I don't really know what card could benefit me. I always thought it should
  10. I have some pretty heavy dental expenses coming up that I will need to carry on a CC. About $6000 at the peak and will pay off $1000 a month before I start the second tier of treatment which will be a little more scattered along and I will be able to keep cards at or near zero balance as I always have in the past. - Is it worth asking for credit limit increases to help offset the up coming utilization and risk taking a hit on a HP? Or will the high utilization be less of a hit than the hard pull? - I will likely have to work this $6000 balance down to zero over Dec-May. -Wife may need h
  11. I get the math on %, so I guess my question is whether $2 reporting on one card is good or is it 1% utilization I'm aiming for to get the greatest point returns. My first run with the unsecured cards netted better than I had expected. (Not sure it's good but better than expected.) Amex $4000CL, Citi $1000CL, and Discover $3500CL. Applied for them in that order same day. My scores went from: Experian 802, Equifax 767, Transunion 776. To: Experian 723, Equifax 686, Experian 732 just after getting these cards. Does that seem right? No negatives from anywhere. Most pulled from Eq
  12. The scores are from CCT and are FICO 8. I was told that they typically unsecure their secured cards after 12 months. I don't need to cash out. I can add to it any time if that would help me. I can push it up to $2500 by making a deposit. I was unsure if the $2 was per card or overall so I have been letting them close with $2 each. CCT has still be showing 0% utilization (I think in error). So $2 on one card will get me 1% utilization across the board? By paying off the secured loan with potential to move to a different bucket. Would that likely be better or worse? I only have the
  13. I hadn't used my credit in a number of years and had absolutely no score. About seven months ago my credit union offered me a secured credit card ($500 limit) and a secured loan ($1000). I took both and quickly started to build a score. Two months later I qualified for an auto loan ($12,000) then about three months ago I got stupid (or at least I felt that way when my scores tanked) and applied for an Amex ($4000 limit), Citi ($1000 limit) and a Discover ($3500 limit). Trying to revive my scores now. (don't really need anything but just like the feeling of keeping my scores up and being ready
  14. I pay monthly for CCT (1/2 price), are there any better companies out there? I feel like its work $15-$30 a month to at least feel like I have constant access to my credit reports to keep an eye on them.
  15. Gail- good thinking, I looked back to June and they've all been flipped that far back. I don't have my Equifax before then. Wouldn't this skew things and make it look like I have high credit card balances? Maybe the low installment loan balances would equal it out but I don't know...?
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