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  1. Yeah, I doubt it's like the loophole method where anyone could join. The other methods are probably more difficult. I already added it to the other thread (and gave you credit). It does look like anyone can join. I don't want credit. I actually wish this could all be deleted.
  2. I wish I didn't even mention this. This is why they shut down the other method.
  3. Yeah, I doubt it's like the loophole method where anyone could join. The other methods are probably more difficult.
  4. Unless I can provide proof of what? I didn't record the phone call. You can call to verify the info yourself. Go to the "become of member" option and ask about association and employee groups. Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.
  5. I have a question about the app process. She said it "could" be an instant approval online. I thought I've read in here people needed to get paperwork from the family member who is sponsoring them? So all you need is their SS#? Also, as for income, do they let you include "household" income, or just your own income? I'm getting ready to apply but need the SS info from my family member first. So I just am trying to find out what questions they ask beforehand. I hope they ask about rent/mortgage payment because that will help me. She also mentioned you can request just a savings first and then later a checking. She said they do a hard pull for the membership but not when you add a checking later. So asking for a checking and asking for a CLOC are two separate things? It's not automatic that you get a CLOC with your checking? (Sorry for all the questions but I really have no experience ever with CLOCs.)
  6. For people not eligible the traditional way, there is a list of employers and associations who are allowed to join. I just spoke with NFCU about another issue, so while I had them on the phone, I asked about this. She said they don't publish the list anymore online for "security" reasons. But it is available via phone. She mentioned associations that could apply to veterans or professions such as welding, machinery, minorities, etc. Most are in San Diego.
  7. You're right. It could potentially save me tons of money. If they extend the BT offer to me, that alone would be worth it. I'll try and see what happens. Thanks!
  8. Yeah, I think I will do it. You were the one who first suggested it to me. I've been thinking about it since then. I guess I'm just nervous they will decline me and then 2 declines will drop my score again. But maybe they won't decline me and I could get some breathing room and more options. When I apply, I would wait to see if I'm approved for membership, and then I would apply for Platinum and CLOC at the same time? If they decline both, would that count as 2 CC declines, or just the one? I have no experience at all with CLOCs. If they decline the CC but approve the CLOC, that would still count towards lowering my overall utilization, right?
  9. Would NFCU approve a CLOC for about 67% utilization? (About 695-700 scores) I have been going back and north about joining. Part of me wants to do it if I can get a CLOC just for utilization purposes. I'm creeping up on 70%. The other part of me is nervous about doing any apps. I already have one CC decline last month.
  10. Interesting how so many people here are in tech. When I mentioned software, I just meant I'm able to adapt to all sorts of business environments, from start-ups to large corporations. I can learn any process or system very fast. But I'm not a tech person. I definitely could never create my own app or anything like that. So I guess that leaves marrying well. (just kidding. )
  11. So basically, I could probably get a high overall CL by asking for CLIs but in terms of rewards, unless you have a business you're purchasing items for, the rewards will be more modest. When I was at 0 debt a few years ago, I think the most I got in rewards from normal purchase use was about $300 every couple months or so. And I think the most I ever got for a sign-up bonus was Marriott 50K points, which I stretched into 6 free nights.
  12. This. I've moved several times to locations where I had no friends or family. 2 extremely undesirable locations. People say they "can't" do something regarding their career choice really mean that they aren't willing to give up x,y,or z to do it. I actually would love to move away. I send resumes all the time for jobs in other states. How did you handle all the expense of flying yourself out to those other states for interviews? I haven't come across companies who pay travel and hotel for interviews. And since I don't have spare money for flights and hotels, it's difficult to get those jobs. But I would 100% love to work in another state or country. Now would be the perfect time for me to do that too.
  13. Just in case you haven't heard, Virgin Atlantic sold to Alaska Airlines. So it won't be the same experience after this year. Virgin was my fave airline, so I was really bummed when I heard the news.

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