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  1. Just wanted to give my perspective on the process. We are cleared to close. Notary is coming to our house tomorrow to sign the docs, funds were wire transferred today. We moved from Texas to Southern California a year ago. We sold our house and Texas and decided to rent for a year to get everything in order to purchase in this crazy market. We started with Mid 500's credit scores, previous mortgage lates (over 2 years ago), some old slow pays on credit cards and a couple charge offs that were 5 years old. When we applied we were in mid 600's. I'll be honest I was so stressed ab
  2. We are in the process of a jumbo VA loan in California and they are not requiring us to payoff a chargeoff. My hubby has one from 2012. We tried everything to get it removed and tried to settle with Target/TD Bank and they would not budge. But it was not one of the conditions to close and they never said a word about it. It was $6K.
  3. It's approval according to my broker. We did Preapproval in February (not prequal) because the builder requires approval by May 1. We even got notices from broker at every stage and an email saying we were moving to underwriting a couple weeks ago. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that this is it and pending no drastic changes to credit, income, etc over the next 3.5 months we are good. I guess I should be jumping for joy, but nothing ever goes this smooth for us :-)
  4. We sold our house in Texas last year and moved to California. We are renting. Worked on getting our scores up over the last 10 months to buy a house. We both came in at mid 600's. I have been stressing about this for the last 10 months. We decided to go new build because the market here is crazy and kept getting outbid. We did preapproval in February for Jumbo VA. We were preapproved for 675K. Our builder required approval by May 1 even though the house will not be ready until August. I'm just a little concerned this was way too easy. Our credit has been clean for the last 18 m
  5. I have experience with both. We sold in Texas last year when the market was hot. Our tax rate was pretty high and increased over the years due to the market going up. Texas has no state income tax so their property tax is much higher. There is also a cap on how much it can increase % wise each year but yes they are on the incline due to the booming economy and all the people moving to Texas. We moved to California last year after we sold the Texas house. California's property tax % are lower than Texas. In California you pay property taxes on you purchase price and they stay relative
  6. I have been working on my husband and my reports for several months and we are about to apply for a mortgage. This is my hubby's last baddie as a chargeoff from 2012. Disputed multiple times, comes back verified. One CRA wouldn't even investigate during this last request even though I provided more information. I don't dispute the debt is his but the balance is in question. I have sent countless letters to Target asking for full accounting of the account to verify the amount they are claiming we owe. I got a response of the first letter I sent and they sent the very last statement, the
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