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  1. The finance company states that it was indeed picked up, even after reassuring the account was on hold till they located the payment. I do have undeniable proof and a copy of the front and back scanned check from the bank. Also is it legal to take a vehicle without me being home and no notice being left?
  2. It is stamped and scanned. No clue by who. States “for deposit only” and have numbers stamped
  3. I have a scanned cashier check from my banks. Road loans is the finance company. No communication other than working on figure out what happened to the payment. Tow company gave nothing. I came home and the vehicle was gone from my driveway
  4. Sounds weird, I know. Back in December I mail a payoff cashiers check for my vehicle. After a week of so of not seeing it credited on the account I called and checked. Since it was around the holidays they said to give it some time. Followed up after the new year, still nothing. They requested a copy of the check faxed in so they can investigate it. They said their payment investigation team would look into it and it could take 30-60 days. Fast forward to today, the vehicle was picked up. What are my rights in this situation? How should I handle it? It’s in Michigan if that help.
  5. Hello I am pre-financed for a RoadLoans plan for the amount I want at a good rate. Has anyone had any experience with them? Do you ever have trouble with dealerships processing the loan? The vehicle I am wanting is at a Honda dealer
  6. Is there any way to remove late payments? Long story short, my mortgage company incorrectly marked me as 60-89 days past due. I was not aware of it until I went to apply for a loan and it was denied due to late/missed payments.
  7. Right. The KBB on the car is about $9300. Buyout is about $8500. So there's not a huge profit margin here.
  8. I was told that road loans and cap one won't do a lease buyout. Is that correct?
  9. Question for those experienced with auto lending. Long story short: low (but building)credit (580-600ish) good income (100k), same job for a long time. I have a lease coming to an end that I would like to purchase if possible. It's through Honda Financial in the amount of $8500. I would be willing to put 50% down. What is my best course of action to get the acconplished the easiest/best way?
  10. Hello I recently paid the balance on a discover card. I had requested an off cycle credit report update reflecting the update. They told me this early morning that they have sent my balance over to the credit bureaus to be updated. How long should I expect this to take? Thanks!
  11. This may be the wrong category. But my wife and I are in the mortgage loan process. My credit is a little more damaged than hers. Here's is in the 670s. Long story short they need my middle score at a 580 minimum. So as of today, my middle score is 567. The only thing building my scores is a Discover card with a $1500 limit. The balance is at around $1100. The lender suggested my paying is to about 30% utilization and I should see the 10+ point boost that I need. Before I go do it, does that sound like accurate info?
  12. Hello all! Im in desperate need of guidance in regards to a mortgage loan. We were just turned down for a first time loan for a couple reasons. They said my credit needs to be raised a little ways before it will get approved (mine is 579, my wife's 680) but then the lender went on to tell me that every charge off/collection account on my credit needs paid in full in order to get a mortgage. These are some very old accounts from when I was younger and not very smart with money. I've never heard of this rule for a morgage though. We are in a bad rental situation where we would Really prefer to go ahead and buy (even if it means refinancing a few years down the road). Does anyone with any experience in this have any recommendations? Thanks

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