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  1. Great Day Everyone, I have a question as it relates to Balance Transfers Checks and Access/Convenience Checks... (not sure if they are the same really) I was just recently approved for a new Citi Simplicity Card 21K and a Chase Freedom Unlimited card 26k I remember getting Access/Convenience Checks in the mail periodically years ago and wondered... Do credit card companies still offer those, if so who? and are BT checks something that can be used for purchase - payment to self by way of deposit into my account? (Do I have to request these Checks?) I don't do much with my credit cards other than using them and paying them off monthly, so please forgive me if my questions seem elementary? But I am not in the loop as it relates to many of these options.
  2. Dking91, what all base criteria did you have set up before applying for the amazon account? I've gotten my UPS, QUILL, ULINE AND VERIZON ACCOUNTS SET UP.. WORKING ON VISTAPRINT AND WAITING FOR EVERYTHING TO POST. I HAVE A BUSINESS ADDRESS, BUSINESS EMAIL ADDRESS ETC. I want to get Amazon but didn't want to move to fast because I know they have higher requirements than the accounts i listed. Any suggestions would help...

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