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  1. Are you saying if sold at list price, the house has 20% equity? The amount of equity does not dictate the down payment amount. The loan program you have determines how much much required.
  2. I don’t see where you find a discrepancy in my OP...I said I’ve never missed a payment...didn’t say I was never late. I’ve paid every monthly payment...even if it was late but never more than 30 days past due...therefore NEVER missed a payment. I asked a question because I didn’t know the answer...this has never happened to me before. I’m not trying not to pay my debt...just wondered if i still had a monthly commitment...when they canceled my commitment to them...or so I thought. No worries. These boards are filled with self righteous people. What the purpose for the boards of you can’t ask questions without condescending/judgmental responses?!? You live and you learn! That my current situation...I can promise you the only reason I’m here is to learn from my bad decisions and not make the same mistake again!!
  3. Is it possible to get a consolation loan with poor credit (557)...that’s poor due to high balances? My spouse and I started a business...maxed out credit cards and are slowly getting out of the read but I’m drowning in credit card debit. Are there any options to consolidate, without using those companies that settle the debt for less than owed? Not thing to mess up my credit...trying to save it. And please...don’t judge me!!
  4. I’ve never missed a payment and I have no plans on not paying my debt. I just want to know if I still have a monthly obligation with them or pay it off as soon as possible...no longer subjected to 30 days late?!
  5. So, I’m swarming in debt...treading water...trying to keep my head above water. We got into a boat load of debit, opening a business. I’ve been paying my debit but not on time but before the 30 days late mark. I have two questions. 1. My pride is a little hurt that they cancelled me but i really don’t care because i don’t want to be tempted to keep using the cards to survive and further sink. But my question is...now that the account is closed, do i still have a monthly bill since the account is closed? I know i still need to pay the balance...yes, they closed it with a balance...but do I still have to make monthly payments 2. Does anyone know of any consolidation options? My score has tanked since maxing my cards so I don’t know if anyone will approve me based on my scores or will they see my scores are low (mid 500’s) because of debt. My score was over 700 before I maxed out my cards. 3. Why do they do stuff like that?!? I was paying every month. Clearly, I was trying and i cared. I wasn’t still charging just trying to breath (pay bare minimum until my break through). Not a real question...more like a vent.
  6. Good question...I'm wondering how long my lates will keep dragging my credit score down.
  7. I currently have a $1500 PLOC with my CU. I asked for a CLI and was approved for 7k BUT the only way they increase your line is by closing the old one and opening a new one...they don't allow two PLOC's or increasing the existing line. I recently went on a serious spree for, business purposes (7 new accounts) so I'm already concerned about the impact of the spree and my credit age. My oldest account is about 12 yrs old...my average is about 5.7. Is the larger credit line worth the reduction in credit age...will it hurt me a lot?
  8. Just don't put him on the deed. It's an option...not mandatory
  9. Good question! I'm looking for the same answer! I'm looking to expand my businesses, without PG'ing but that's looking less and less likely. It's almost like...what's the point of establishing business credit if I have to PG anyway?!?
  10. Is LOCKING the report the same as FREEZING it? I want to drive creditors to my Experian. I always hear people say inquiries don't matter...my score went up 30+ points after getting 20+ inquiries removed.
  11. Congrats on your spree. I'm thinking about freezing my TU report...is the lowest out of my three...I don't know why. Can you post the link to the credit pull database? I've been looking for it but can't find it.
  12. I'm sorry but I don't see how that is relevant. I'm asking a specific question as to if a payment history would trump a "good" credit score. If I apply for a credit card...will the system look at my score and let me in or will it look at the payment history and reject me. Your response almost implies that I need to get my score up more and then maybe the payment history won't be a factor? Which was also one of my initial questions. My situation has changed and I am capable and I am already paying as agreed. Not sure what additional information you need. I'm also working on paying my balances down to zero. I just paid off a card and my Experian went up to 690. Again...just wondering if payment history will haunt me when it comes to non mortgage related loans.

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