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  1. I just disputed my inquiries at ChexSystems. Hopefully they come through. I'm not particularly interested in that bank anymore (I got approved with a local credit union) but I really want to get all of this stuff off of my reports in any case; Thanks for the advice, guys. I never thought that attempting to open multiple bank accounts would be seen as a negative thing. I suppose I makes sense, though.
  2. Hi Newbie here. Found you guys while popping around on google (I can't remember the search at the moment) and am so glad I did. Trying to improve my credit score, which took a major hit due to medical bills I was unable to pay before I got on disability. Since joining, I've learned about Whychat's method for getting old medical collections deleted (these are all 4-6 years old), so I'm hoping that will be a big help, as 9 out of 11 collection accounts are those old collections. Anyway, I will stop babbling now!
  3. Thanks for the information, you two. I have filed an online dispute report with chexsystems. As for LexisNexis, I will request a full report from them, as well. Man, oh man, do I wish all of these people had reports online for instant access. Chexsystems was relatively quick, but LexisNexis reports a 15 day processing time, as does AnnualCreditReport.com (couldn't get them instantly for some reason). I'm trying to work on credit building, and since all but 2 collections on my report are old medical bills (4+ years old) that I racked up before getting on disability, I'm going to try WhyChat's method to get them deleted. I have an embarrassing number of inquiries on my chexsystems report. I honestly had no idea any of these companies even looked at the report, otherwise I probably would have used more discretion. I got into a spot a few months back and was looking into some loan possibilities to hold me over. Didn't get the loans and I screwed up my chexsystems rating in the process, so it was a lose lose. As of the report, I have 21 inquiries. I count at least 2 duplicates, one of them is Ally because I wasn't aware they were sending a decline by snail mail, and I assumed something went wrong with my application, so I submitted again.
  4. Hi, I was denied a banking account a while back through Ally. Curious, I pulled my chexsystems report. There were no negative marks, with the exception of an apparent eviction from 57 months ago. I have never been evicted. This eviction doesn't show up on my credit report through transunion or experian according to creditkarma. Is there anything I can do to find out where this eviction comes from?

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