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  1. An overlooked option is suggesting a debt management program. Can anyone comment if you can still do debt management by including, say, 2 cards only?
  2. Thanks for the interest. There was either a 30 + 60 day late, or 30, 60, 90 day late on this one TL. But you understand correctly - everything else is current. The snag with your suggestion lies in the extenuating circumstances. Any and all extra income go to other expenditures that won't be rerouted - think special needs child territory. I can suggest to move extra income towards the debt, but I suspect it would not be heeded, frankly. In a no nonsense way, I am attempting to give straightforward advice about all the repercussions if throwing in the towel on this creditor end
  3. GoCards: Care to give an update on how things went? How has the dust settled for you and do you have any regrets?
  4. Yeah sure. The new CC Co is Mercury. I had never heard of them, and do not recall ever seeing them mentioned here before (have not looked them up here as of yet). YF (I'm rolling with it ;) was on track for a 5-yr payoff of this TL until covid happened and then payments went to a lower amount... I've suggested BK - it's no use, YF won't budge there... Basically this TL was targeted to be the fall guy that allowed higher payments on the other TLs to get out of debt altogether. Everything was working to that end and then the world turned upside down last year. Besides
  5. Trying to help a friend and thought I'd pose the question to the board as I do research here on best course of action. I'm having a little trouble deciding on the best advice to give here... Backstory: Financial hardship going back years. Besides making some poor choices, extenuating circumstances exist... ~3.5 years ago, 2 things converged - debtor decided to take highest balance and highest APR CC, and get Cap1 to zero-out the APR via 60-90 day late (thought that was the only way to get the offer). Right before that ball rolled, Cap1 sold the account to a thereto
  6. Equifax lists a zip code of 30348 FYI http://www.equifax.com/cs/Satellite?pagename=contact_us
  7. EQ listed no address on my CR. It appears they do this to discourage snail mail disputes. Perhaps OP will have to call EQ. And OP: if you do have an address listed on EQ's CR please report back. I would be interested to hear that. Cheers
  8. WhyChat, I have reread your instructions a few times, and still have run into a snag. The Post Office will not release the tracking labels for flat rate envelopes that you stated in your instructions are available by book. I said I wanted to pay up front for the flat rate envelopes. They said no to the tracking numbers, claimed they are put on by the staff when I am ready to mail. I had assumed the labels were similar to sending certified yet it appears not. If they are not available before sending, do people hand write the tracking number on their letters? Appreciate your input.
  9. Greetings, In reading posts on LN, it appears that opting out and freezing are options. But far less comes up when I search for deleting LN info. Are there ways to have LN delete addresses? Has anyone had success with getting them to delete? I've found many erroneus addresses on LN accurint report. As a side, say if one does opt out, is one automatically withdrawn from online people search databases? Or would that require separate requests to each data site?
  10. The Panama Papers revealed that US-based entities don't need to stash money in offshore shell corps. No need when you have an all you can eat buffet called the "LLC."
  11. If you don't mind me asking: I have run across his name on a consistent basis while reading older posts. He looked like a prolific contributor. I assume he is gone for good? Or does he ever check back in?
  12. Until the electorate wake up and demand publicly funded elections, we the people will continue to pay for our own enslavery to special interests via legislation that benefits no one but the entity/ies who bankrolled its enactment. And if anyone thinks they are not currently paying for privately funded elections via bad legislation and policies that give campaign donors 5000% return on their bribes, *ahem investments, hit me up with a PM. I've got a bridge in UT with your name on it for the right price...
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