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  1. ellentk

    Potential Fraud - Bank's Responsibility?

    Thanks for explaining.
  2. ellentk

    Potential Fraud - Bank's Responsibility?

    We've already contacted them. I told paypal I typed in the wrong number. They had no problem. My friend had a longer discussion with TD and explained the situation. Neither of us are suspected of fraud. Perhaps I used the wrong term. What's the correct one?
  3. I'm not sure if this is on the right board. Let me know where I should repost it if it is. If not, what are an issuing bank's responsibilities in this situation? A friend and I both paid for lunch with our TD cards and unknowingly took each other's cards home. The name on her card had worn off and thinking that it was mine I tried to add it to my paypal wallet. Paypal accepted the card with the provision that I verify a small transaction. This seemed odd as paypal has accepted additional cards immediately in the past. I, finally, took a closer look at the card and saw that it was my friend's. When she called TD bank, they told her that she would have to dispute the small transaction from paypal to get it removed from her account and offered no explanation about why the charge went through. She feels that TD lacks good security and should have immediately caught that I wasn't the card's owner. But I'm thinking that all TD received from paypal was the amount and their confirm code, my name wasn't transmitted from paypal to TD. But I'm not sure. Paypal picked up on that the card I was trying to add might involve fraud. But how would TD know they should look into it? It seems that TD leaving it up to the credit card holder to verify is secure enough. Or should paypal do more to flag the charge as suspicious so that TD or any bank, can investigate?
  4. If $3000 was worth 50 points, I'd guess that $57 is worth about 1?
  5. Thanks very much for the information. I'll check out the guidebook.
  6. I have a very good credit rating. No unpaid charges. Long history of prompt payments. I’m being billed by a hospital for a $57 administrative charge that I believe to be unfair. If I cannot negotiate with the hospital to stop billing me and they turn it over to a collection agency or report it to the credit agencies, how much will it damage my credit rating? How and when can I officially dispute it, tell my side of the story to the credit agencies?

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