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  1. Did you dispute and have your names/addy's deleted online or by mail?
  2. I sold cars for 7 years. I am very familar with credit scores. Had one customer who hounded me to death about buying a car. Guys TU was 415 at the time he applied, a few months later he was closing on a house with NO money down. The guy had no shot of obtaining any special financing on an automobile. His income was about $23,000 a year Gross and he bought a $75-80k home. How in the world did it happen? My scores are roughly in the mid 500's as we speak. My household income is about $55-60k and I know higher the score better the payment, lower the rate, nicer the house. Bu
  3. great question... would like to know as well..??
  4. Can I dispute incorrect name variations and addresses online or do you suggest doing them by mail?
  5. subprime, thank you as well. you guys are most helpful. someday I hope I can be of the same assistance as you all are to me!
  6. thanks psp! That clears alot up for me. So basically if alot of my baddies are recent than SOL probably wouldnt apply to me? or does it? this is the confusing aspect of it? why? when? do I use SOL? Searching just trying to get a grasp for it! Thanks again!
  7. danberry77

    SOL ?

    Can someone point me to the right direction? I am searching threads and here is what I want to know: Definition of Statue of Limitations and How I can use it to my advantage for credit repair? Thanks. If someone doesnt want to type it just post the url to the thread.
  8. Thats an answer I was looking for and a nice way to put it! Thank you!
  9. trolling? I apologize. really dont want to add someone with 19,000 + posts to ignore list. Credit repair is a sensitive issue and if I wanted sarcasm I would ask for it. I truly dont want to add anyone to an "ignore" list but if need be, how do I do it? Just click on their name? I am just seeking help thats all! My apologies!
  10. ok paid4mymistakes, how long do I wait until I start deleting old addresses or how long after opting out do I wait until I order a new report?
  11. George, To answer your 3 questions: 1.) Yes 2.) Yes 3.) Not Really Just looking for help thats all man! One question I do have is after I have opted out you guys say it will appear on my reports? Do I need to order new reports a few weeks after opting out or will the CA's send me a new report?
  12. Crown seems to be the hot topic. If you purchase a $1,000 item and have a poor score how much normally is required down? Thanks!
  13. thanks for your help. should i do a 5 year or permanent opt-out?
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