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  1. Last month I started my first B campaign. 14 to 1 yesterday. I jumped the gun and got my (2) CAP1 CLI Luv button increases yesterday and decided to add DISCO-IT and was approved. This morning I woke up to pull to see that magical 0 and BAMZO! back to 14. Whatever I won yesterday because of my impatience and in a few weeks I'll get to that 0. Next!
  2. Got some Luv. Cap1 Venture Rewards opened 10/14 .....$10k up to $13k (matches my highest limit, Citi Simplicity) Cap1 Quicksilver opened 12/14.......$3k up to $3250 (lol) I hadn't used it but for one purchase. I'll take it.
  3. Sorry then. I did a quick search figuring it just kicked in today for me so I figured it was new. So if it's a weekly pull then why the hell am I just getting the EQ today? I hate inconsistencies. On a side note my first B just started kicking in on TU a few days ago. Hoping to be clear by the weekend. Carry on folks
  4. Logged in tonight and it's a new format with both TU and EQ scores now. I'm guessing this is good for B* for EQ now as well. I'll take it.
  5. Shifter thanks for pitching in here. I just started pulling all my reports over the last few weeks and started my daily Amex CS and Smart Credit pulls yesterday. I do Credit Karma weekly pulls for free as well and my free Cap1 credit tracker pull once a month or bi weekly I forget. Can't seem to find if I ever got C* or how to find my sorts on these reports as I am starting my tracker today. I mean I can try to find another computer to try from. Any comments would be appreciated.
  6. Been away for oh about 6 years but happy to be back and will a clean report and about 5 new big cards this last month. Nice to be back in the upper 700's again after my BK finally fell off in Sept. Now I want to B* the new inquiries off for a round two spree in the next 6 months. So I followed the directions here and tried to get the USAA CCPM today on a laptop trying with IE and Firefox, and also tried on my iPhone and and iPad all with cleared cookies and caches and I keep getting sent back to the start after submitting. I called USAA and they said that my info was in system from a year or so ago (which I don't remember ever applying with them ever) and that I did not qualify to get the product or account with them as I would not qualify as a member. Not sure what else to do here. I already got the Amex CS and MPM today but wanted the 3rd daily puller. Any suggestions team?
  7. Well nothing came about since then to be honest, and I actually forgot about it. I dotn think it will ever show up to be honest and I cant remember what amount but I think it said half ad not an actual dollar amount. Unfortunately some poor souls will actually pay it thinking that they truely owe it when legally they cant collect it. As far as you paying for possible deletion thats another thing and I knwo that was not offered. You should just send them a letter with that request included as well as an amount that you want to settle with. Nothing to lose.
  8. thank you for all your replies but I must be mistaken, I assumed they would see your car for you for a fee. I have no interest in having them buy it for trade in value.
  9. I have a 2002 mercedes c class and it has 44K on it. Just wondering hat kind of fees they charge. I owe $20K flat on it. You can find cheaper and you can find some higher so the price is fair and its still under warranty for a bit longer. I plan to move out of state in 30 days(just gave notice today) and I tried to sell it in VEGAS last month for $21K with only one call. I figured that CARMAX has the financing and visablility for a car like this that might be worth the fees to me to get rid of it in the next 30 days so I dont have to take it to DENVER with me. Any comments on CARMAX or approximate fees?
  10. Hey HOAPRES , where are you getting the sub 10% unsecured loans from. I just got a $10K loan but with shopping online I only found 9.99% was best out there. I got 12% on my local CU that listed best at 10% top tier and my score was 659 on that report. The other scores are higher so I am interested in maybe getting a better rate elsewhere. 7% top tier, I am dying to know where you dug up the sub 10% unsecured loans?
  11. my driving record was fine and i think I was paying about $150 a month FULL COVERAGE since I was still paying on it. So I understand if they have a higher amount say $350 or so but $700 a month dont think so. And the difference of insurance between the first and second time response from them should be a good one.I cant wait to see what they come up with. I am looking to pad my ITS violations letter which I think stands at 4 violations at the minimum already. I'll make them think again about my request to delete the tradeline by my bulldog effort across the board to unearth all suspicious activity from them. I will update in a few days.
  12. Don't believe what a PHONE JOCKEY tells you. Its an entry level position and the ones who get all the nasty calls and stupid questions all day. Its like shooting craps, you never know what your gonna get. Gotta send a letter so at least if they dont wanna deal with it they can pass it to someone who cares or might actually deal with reinsertions, they are too busy dealing with what is still actually in the main current system. I got Cross Country Bank(Applied now) to re-open a closed account thats 4 years old. They told me on the phone no that it was not in the main current system. I sent a long letter and copies of old reports showing it and two months later they sent me a letter saying it would be back on in 30-60 days which it eventually did except they only added it on TU only. I was happy and disappointed at the same time. At this point I knew they dug it up elsewhere as they told me it would be very hard to have someone dig it up in another building so I figured I would resend an updated letter again and thank them for adding it back on TU but that I really really wanted in back on all 3 like it was before. Well 2 months later last week I get the response saying that they would reupdate it. I almost forgot I mailed it. So I am again happy but a still wondering if they could actually update say on of the two I need to be updated. That would really suck and I swear to you know who I would again have to send another letter until I get what i want, which is for all three. My fingers are crossed that they add both this time and its the last time I need to deal with them. I tried to re-open it and they said it would need to be a new account, I said no thanks.
  13. Do some researchon which credit unions pull your TU report. I wish I could have caught you in tome to tell you Patelco pulls EXP, your scores are too low. The only chance would be for a TU pull only to beat the 15% your paying now IMO. I wouldnt waste hard inquiries on the other two scores you have, search the 10 or so national CU's that will take anyone for a TU pull only, make some calls directly to their loan department and ask who they pull, they will tell you upfront, and GOOD LUCK!!. Unless you wanna move to Vegas and use Clark County CU who pulls TU only, Just kidding.
  14. Go to a credit union period, in town or a national one like patelco or whatever. They are usually based on score tiers. A paper is generally around 700+ B rate is 680-699 C rate 640-679 D rate 610-639 and you know what comes below that. I had 6.4% with a 660 score 6 months ago when rates were a bit lower than now and I could have gotten 5.9% with direct deposit but didnt want too. Rates are about 1/2% higher now than 6 months ago so A starts at about 5.5 to 5.75 if you can find it and its about a 1/2 point - 1.5 % points higher for B tier and a few % points up the ladder as your tier gets worse with a heavier jump in % as you drop you score. With your scores you should be happy with 22% to be honest. I remember paying 26% years back with scores in the 500's. That was not fun. Pay good for 6 months and ask them to refi at a lower rate which will depend on yoru progress with your other credit and score of course. Work on the other negatives during that time and or reduce utilization and you may only drop to say 18% offer in 6 months but its a start on getting your history and scores up.By years end I bet you could get near single digits. You know its more score based for auto loans.
  15. Im gonna call Farmers Insurance this week and see the exact date my insurance was dropped or cancelled by me because I dont remember. In fact I just looked on my loan history log from the bank and they did it twice, the first time was on 5/9/03 for $2483 added to my balance and then on 6/5/03 they had a FPI refund of -$1776 deducted from the balance. I will need to see if I was current insurance wise during there, I dont think I have ever lapsed but it was possible so I will check on that as well. So if you deduct the first FPI placement and balance it comes to $707 net gain to my balance for about 27 days worth of insurance. That is obvoiusly way more than what I would pay per month, does anyone have any idea how they would get to $700 charge per month, it was an Expedition truck. The second time they added it (during the BK period) it was a net balance increase of $840 after the FPI refund for about 90+ days. So the average charge per day the first time was about $26 a day and the second time it was only $9 a day. Something sounds fishy. Im gonna make those calls monday and record it. If they added FPI IF they shouldnt have or too much then that had a negative influence on my reports because it would have showed the account as a CO with a higher balance than what should have been true. Im just thinkin' here.

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