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  1. Example. Card is applied for an approved on 7/18 the bank that issues the card sends their info on 7/20 and you don't don't get the card until 7/29 because your card was opened prior to 7/20 you get credit for the 0 due 7/20 because you could not spend on the card until you get it in August.
  2. That's what has be confused. With both of us on the loan if I didn't pay they could go after her and base the approval on our joint income. I earn more than my wife and I was surprised that without my income we were approved. It's a funny situation to me now. The insurance for both cars are in my name and I am not on either registration.
  3. My 2012 Rav-4 was having some issues and rather than repairing my wife wanted me to replace it. She has excellent credit (over 720) and my credit is the opposite (high 500's low 600's) due to inquiries, chargeoffs and collections Subaru was offering 0% for 36 months and we decided to go with them. I needed to be on the registration in order to transfer my custom plates to the car (Cancer plates in memory of my parents) My wife and I filled out a joint application which was denied by Chase who is handling Subaru loans yet when we re-applied with only my wife being on the loan we were approved. I'm curious why removing myself from the loan changed the approval decision.
  4. The collection accounts can only stay for 7 hears from the date of first delinquency. The purchase of the debt does not restart the 7 year clock.
  5. Mine graduated to unsecured last week as well. I have not received an increase in the CLI yet but I do owe them about 3K on a card that I am paying monthly on.
  6. And I was turned down due to my Chex report. Next step is to have my wife apply only in her name without it being a joint account. <my name and adresss> Dear <me>, We regret we cannot open your account and/or add your name as an owner/signer on an account. We also obtained your Chexsystems score and used it in making our credit decision. Your Chexsystems score is a number that reflects the information available in your Chexsystems report related to past debit performance. Your score may change depending on how the information in your Chexsystems report changes. Your Chexsystems Score: 0596 Scores range from a low of 100 to a high of 899 Key factors that adversely affected your credit score: - DDA CLOSURE PAYMENT HISTORY - ASSET OWNERSHIP HISTORY - DDA CLOSURE(S) - DDA HISTORY Chexsystems did not make the decision to deny your account application and is unable to provide you with specific reasons why the decision was made. You have rights under state and federal laws. Included in these rights are: the right to obtain a free copy of your consumer report if you make such a request to the consumer reporting agency within 60 days of your receipt of this notice; and the right to dispute the completeness or accuracy of any information contained in such report by notifying the consumer reporting agency directly of your dispute. You may contact ChexSystems via: www.consumerdebit.com Telephone at 1-800-428-9623 using their voice messaging system Mail at ChexSystems, Attn: Consumer Relations, 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100, Woodbury, MN 55125 Regards, Thank you for contacting Call Center 888-210-2028 8-5 Central
  7. My wife (before I met her) drained an inground pool to make the frogs that took up residence in it leave. While it had no water the pool collapsed.
  8. Thank you. Opening a money market and checking account there. The only big ticket items are ones we planned on with the money. The first is solar panels for the house. We are buying them outright not a lease. Also, we need to fill in a collapsed swimming pool and add some enhancements to our house.
  9. I have not been able to do much research due to some health issues my wife has. Here is my current scenario I inherited about 250K combined from the sale of my father's house and what was left in his checking account after my aunt raided what she could (she was the executor of the estate and sent me no accounting of the accounts) My wife inherited about 110K from the sale of her parent's house in Israel. Last week my wife bought a new car for me 0%$ for 3 years Monthly payment is $990 a month. I will pay off the car using the 250K I inheiated so I need a liquid account. My first thought was to put 4000 in a checking account then do a CD Ladder for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and two years to then replenish the checking account but with interest rates going up I didn't want to lock the money away and possibly lose a decent amount of interest.
  10. My wife and I inherited a nice sum of money that we want to save. I am looking for high interest savings or cd accounts.
  11. I do not remember the username and password and they will not reset it for me. They will not answer any questions for me and want to refer me to the CA. Should I just send Alliant a check and if they cash it they cash it?
  12. I had a share account with Alliant that until yesterday I did not know wage negative. Yesterday I received a letter from ConServe that the want $211.58 for a negative share account. I'm not sure when it went negative or how because I haven't logged into the account in a long time. What's my best option?
  13. As I said I didn't want to do something that could cause PRA to "wake up" and go after this account. Last week I applied for the Union Plus MC through Capital One and today I received an email that it was approved. When I called into the system to try and see the limit the automated system did show this account that PRA has and when I tried to get info out did a transfer. I hung up before PRA answered. Your comment about contacting some entity caused me to take action. I called Capitol One and spoke to an agent there. This account was charged off in August of 2015 and the last payment was June of 2015 which I believe means the SOL has not expired.
  14. I don't remember the card so I don't think it's a store card. I did apply for a new Capital One card the other day which I know may have been stupid because of the account in collections but I was approved for a $500 card. I know this because I received an email about my new card. When I called I was given the option of account information on 3 accounts. One was a quicksilver card which I didn't recall and when I hit the option for that card it was transferring me to another business that owns the account. I hung up at that point.
  15. If it's in the SOL I don't want to risk them deciding to Sue
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