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  1. MannyLNJ

    ConServ for Alliant FCU

    I do not remember the username and password and they will not reset it for me. They will not answer any questions for me and want to refer me to the CA. Should I just send Alliant a check and if they cash it they cash it?
  2. MannyLNJ

    ConServ for Alliant FCU

    I had a share account with Alliant that until yesterday I did not know wage negative. Yesterday I received a letter from ConServe that the want $211.58 for a negative share account. I'm not sure when it went negative or how because I haven't logged into the account in a long time. What's my best option?
  3. As I said I didn't want to do something that could cause PRA to "wake up" and go after this account. Last week I applied for the Union Plus MC through Capital One and today I received an email that it was approved. When I called into the system to try and see the limit the automated system did show this account that PRA has and when I tried to get info out did a transfer. I hung up before PRA answered. Your comment about contacting some entity caused me to take action. I called Capitol One and spoke to an agent there. This account was charged off in August of 2015 and the last payment was June of 2015 which I believe means the SOL has not expired.
  4. I don't remember the card so I don't think it's a store card. I did apply for a new Capital One card the other day which I know may have been stupid because of the account in collections but I was approved for a $500 card. I know this because I received an email about my new card. When I called I was given the option of account information on 3 accounts. One was a quicksilver card which I didn't recall and when I hit the option for that card it was transferring me to another business that owns the account. I hung up at that point.
  5. If it's in the SOL I don't want to risk them deciding to Sue
  6. 22 hours ago, legaleagle2012 said: What state? If you defaulted in 2014, this is SOL in a lot of states for being sued. Getting things "removed" because you don't like the way they affect your score is a lost cause. That's why they do it; to affect your score. You have to prove they are reporting inaccurately; even then, all they have to do is change the report to reflect the true facts. If this is SOL and they never sued, it could violate the FDCPA in the 6th and 8th circuits, where reporting is considered collecting. I am in New Jersey which is the Third Circuit. I believe the SOL has not expired yet on this debt. 21 hours ago, cv91915 said: You aren't going to see a significant score increase until the last collection disappears. I have two collection accounts on my report. I am reaching out to the other one to see if they will delete for payment. 11 hours ago, hoapres said: Just because PRA says the account was opened on 10/2016 means that the DOLA is 10/2016. Most likely the DOLA is 1 to 2 years before that. If that is the case the DOLA is something like 10/2014 and the best thing to do is probably wait it out. At least your CR says On record until August 21 and make sure you keep that credit report handy because when August 21 comes around it isn't a guarantee that it will fall off the CR. Hoapres do you think I should contract Capital One and ask them when I made the last payment?
  7. I have two accounts in collections. This is my largest one. I think if it came off my report I would have a jump in my score. I have not recently received any paperwork from PRA Account name PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES Account number <removed> Recent balance $5,148 as of 10/27/2018 Date opened 10/2016 Status Collection account. $5,148 past due as of Oct 2018. Original creditor CAPITAL ONE BANK USA N.A. Type Debt Buyer Terms 1 Months On record until Aug 2021 Credit limit or original amount $5,148 High balance $0 Monthly payment $0 Recent payment amount $0 Date of status 12/2016 First reported 01/2017 Responsibility Individual Comment Completed investigation of FCRA dispute - consumer disagrees
  8. MannyLNJ

    How to handle this sleeping dragon

    Yes it was NAVY that I did not want to name. Unfortunately I do not have any paper records. I was making payments from either a checking account I had at NAVY or one at Alliant. I forget which I was using and I no longer have access to either of them. Most of my paper records were lost between the move between my parents house and my now wife's house or thrown out because of head in the sand syndrome.
  9. MannyLNJ

    Collection on one report

    My Expieran report has a collection from PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES on it. Currently it is reporting as a debt buyer with terms of 1 month, They have been reporting it a a Charge Off every month since they added it to my report. There is no corresponding entry on my report from the creditor that they claim the account originated with. How should I handle this? They are not contacting me for payments,
  10. I have an account with a certain CU that starts with the letter after M and ends with the letter after X. According to my TU credit report the Last Payment was Made: 07/08/2015 but when I look at the calendar it shows a payment 06/2017. I don't recall making any payments in 2017 to them. Also I thought I stopped paying them in 2014. The record also shows >Maximum Delinquency of 120 days in 11/2015 and in 01/2016< and Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 07/2022 If I subtract 7 years from 2022 it is 2015 which represents the entry as the date the last payment was made. From my understanding with a date of last payment in 2015 I am still within the SOL. If the last payment was in 2014 then then SOL may have expired depending on the state they are using for incorporation. How can i find out what the correct date is to use in determining when the SOL has passed.
  11. MannyLNJ

    Target RedCard Upgrade to Target MasterCard in October

    They do keep the 5% discount at Target Stores (Including on gift cards) Plus you earn credit towards Target gift cards when you use it at a non-target store.
  12. MannyLNJ

    Does this bottom feeder have to send me a letter?

    According to the agent I spoke to in "Arbitration" they (Stevens and Stevens) own the debt now. I declined the offer "Arbitration" offered me and it will go to "Legal". I have a feeling they committed some violations during my calls. I will be editing them for posting later. I just wish my first call was recorded correctly by me.
  13. I finally made contact with someone trying to collect what I believe is a Time Barred Debt. They claim they sent me a letter previously yet I never received it. When I called today and asked them for proof they emailed me this. http://docdro.id/905h2f4for what they sent me https://soundcloud.com/emanuel-levy-527943314/steven-and-stevens-888-386-9226-8883869226-2018-06-15-11-09-19for the audio of the call This continues the thread I started at https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=614394
  14. MannyLNJ

    Am I incorrect-Old Zales Debt

    So this is what I know from my (new recorded) phone conversation Stevens & Stevens owns the debt and they have it in what they call Arbitration with themselves. In 2010 I was contacted by Phillips & Cohen Associates via the mail for this account. It was issued by Citi. I sent an email to them because in 2014 after not getting a replay in 2010 I was contacted by a different firm regard this debt. The ombudsman from Phillips & Cohen told me via email that "in response to your request for data, we exercised one of the options the law allows and therefore ceased all communication to you and closed our account. We returned the account to our client after having informed them of your request. Please note that a request for validation of debt and/or a cease and desist request is generally considered directed only to the entity to whom it was addressed. To be clear we closed and returned the account. There has been no communication to you from our office and we do not intend to contact you further regarding this matter. " So I can assume that Stevens & Stevens bought this old dead, debt and is now trying to collect on dead paper. The person I spoke to today called me back to ask if I received her email. Yet at the start of her call she did not disclose it was from a debt collector....
  15. MannyLNJ

    Am I incorrect-Old Zales Debt

    I decided to call the number again after getting working call recording software on my phone. The firm is Steven & Stevens at 31566 Railroad Canyon Road, Canyon Lake CA 92587 according to Google Maps it is a strip mall. I called again and spoke to a nice person who sent me a PDF identifying the account # and the amount they want. The PDF didn't have anything saying they were a debt collector...... I wish I could attach it here but I forget how.

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