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  1. they dont use chexsystems.. i froze all my 3rd party CRAs and was still able to open an account 3 weeks ago.. hope this helps
  2. it cant and wont? i did call SBFE to verify.. and they told me over the phone that they do report to 2 biz CBs.. are they full of crap? so many of these places just flat out lie. im still waiting for my Sprint acc to report to dnb and exp.. a supervisor said they report end of month... 3 months and STILL nada. LIES!!!
  3. i emailed in the app over a week ago.. no responce. i did get a confirmation the app was received.. is there a number to call thats best?
  4. ive had wells secured for 3 months and it only reports to SBFE... then supposedly they report to DnB and (Experian or Equifax) ... still waiting........
  5. what was the process or what do you think office depot looks at when they raised you limits from 1000 to 6000???
  6. i just became a member of NFCU.. what was ur DTI and income you reported??? im trying to get a huge limit as well thanks!!!
  7. i wrote the following email to Ty Crendall bc he is very big on "helping" ppl get biz cred. but the webinars are somewhat misleading. for months i thought that getting high limits on trades that reported to the 3 CRAs would get me bigger and bigger limits. start with net 30s buy $50 for a few months and BOOM. but now that i have some revolving CCs all they report is the 50-100 dollars i have spent... do i really need to max out these CCs so that it shows a very high "recent high credit"???? even in this forum ive READ EVER SINGLE post going back to 2015... and this subject is never spoken about by the oldies nor understood by us newbies help us out hi Ty hope all is well. first id like to say that thank you for all that you do bc I have learned sooooo much. you are BY FAR the BEST i have a concern.. the issue is with the lender reports from experian you pull during the webinars. ive heard you refer to the "recent high credit" area as the "credit limits" and that scores are affected by the ratio of balance to limit. how come you havent explained that this number is just the dollar amount spent recently? its not a limit as we are familiar with like in our personal CRs. for example on the Feb 13th webinar you reviewed BONAFIDE CONSTRUCTION and stated that the reason his score was so high because they like to see that high limit and zero balance (minute 21:40)... if you could explain that he actually made a purchase of 1100 and that his true limit could be 10k..and he paid it down. that would be more accurate. again, at minute 14:27 you mentioned a lesser score was bc "a balance in relation to the credit limit" it was $300/$300... but if we buy 300 worth of stuff every month then how can this ever change? it will always be 100% utilization right? so as to not confuse us. can you explain that better?? its VERY misleading. when you explain christines file you say that the lenders are increasing her limits higher and higher.. but what is never mentioned is that the limits are actually what christine SPENT on the first few accounts.. the actual credit limits are NEVER shown anywhere so if i have 3 accounts of 5k each but only spent $50 on each then who in the world will give me giant limits?? all they see is $150 limit and $150 owed so 100% utilization.. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFO TO EXPLAIN in my opinion..lol am i correct on this? i have 3 CCs on my file. should i nearly max them out then pay them off so i can have some 1k-2k activity??? this is confusing. thanks for the response
  8. What about revolving accounts? Do THEY show the credit limits?
  9. It definately was experian I guess if you pay experian you get way more detail , even acct numbers (that a plus!!) Ty crendall from creditsuite.com Im sure there is..lol
  10. What service pulled up the reports that showed the vendors reporting? Do you know why vendors are not shown on reports?? Who was doing this webinar? There is a reason for all these questions!
  11. i watched a webinar in which the host pulled up my experian biz report live.. the progrm they used was very detailed even showed the account that was reporting so you know for sure who is reporting... i bought NAV at it very basic.. very very little detail on the experian and DnB both. i have a paydex and intelliscore now.. im canceling in a few months when i see enough (mysterious) trades reporting
  12. lets use grainger for example... does it actually report the 10k credit limit or just the order amount? forgive me if this question has been asked before. i have the uline and office max as well but nothing is reporting other that some mysterious $50 trades yet all my limits are at least 1k.... thanks
  13. btw my experian intelliscore is 60,, everything paid early

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