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  2. Somehow they didn't pull any of my reports for membership. Yesterday I app'ed for cc and cloc they have pulled TU and EQ. Nothing on EX.
  3. I'm thankful to all and CB that I got into NFCU Here is the good thing that happened after joining CB apart learning from great ppl I app'ed for NFCU cashRewards and got approved for $24K CL and also 10K NavCheck limit Do you guys recommend to apply for new tradelines as I have added 2more inquiries to the reports now.
  4. No luck with GW letters (late payments) and CITI charge-off account deletion Got my credit utilization to <10%; will pay-off the rest this month and follow $2 trick My FICO scores are up prob due to the lower credit util CCT FICO: EX: 711 EQ: 688 TU: 716 Coming to my home buying plan, I will wait for another 6-8 months. Any advice?? thank you all
  5. I joined NFCU last week with a TU FICO 8 score at 620 and got a $17,900 Visa and didn't have to provide proof of income. (I could, but was instantly approved) YMMV Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Any lates reported on your file?
  6. Why would you decline a $500 credit line increase? If they're offering it, take it. A $500 increase already says you likely have low scores or credit issues. Not a good decision. I thought maybe wait be wait for few more months and check for CL increase again Rebuilding takes time and planning. You have several negatives still reporting. Take the $500 from Capital One and try again in six months. ok.. thanks
  7. Got my NFCU accounts setup.. excited!! Requested a CL increase online for my CAP 1 QS and got approved for $500 increase. I didn't take it. Is there any other way I can get a decent CL increase?
  8. can anyone help me with the whychat's method to remove the charge-off cc update: I have sent an email to the abv address (CAP 1).. fingers crossed
  9. Recap: - mailed GW letters to DCU, CAP 1, SYMB/AMZN - Disputed CITI charge-off by following WhyChat's method https://whychat.me/initdispltrsol.html Results: - GW letters no luck; DCU, CAP1 came back saying "FCRA act requires us to report the account history accurately,We are unable to change our reporting on a courtesy basis." No response from Symb/Amzn yet - All 3 CRAs sent almost identical letters except little difference in the remarks or status fields; see below This is from EQ >>> We have researched the credit account. Account # − ****00403432* The results are: This creditor/agency has verified to OUR company that the date of last activity is being reported correctly. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: Citicards CBNA, PO Box 6241, IBS Cdv Disputes, Sioux Falls SD 57117−6241 Citicards CBNA PO Box 6241 Sioux Falls SD 57117−6241 Account information and history Status − Charge Off; Type of Account − Revolving; Type of Loan − Credit Card; Whose Account − Individual Account; ADDITIONAL INFORMATION − Consumer Disputes This Account Information; Paid Charge Off; Account Closed By Credit Grantor; Credit Card; Let me know what should be my next step..

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