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  1. Thanks The servicer hasn't gotten back to me yet, so I'll send note to the ombudsman. [unexpectedly, my scores all raised ~60 points because I started paying my low-limit credit card a week before the invoice gets generated]
  2. Long time listener, first time caller. I've got some lates that were generated during forbearances and deferments -- pretty typical. Across the two loans they add up to 33 (!) lates, which is the biggest issue with my credit score. The plan is to do a basic direct dispute citing the forbearance, then dispute citing the FTC-Harris opinion with the DOE and Great Lakes. I've started by doing a basic WTF inquiry with the servicer. CFPB complaint if that doesn't work, and hopefully not a suit (oy). Sadly none of the "your forbearance has been approved!" letters have effective dates on them. But here's the kicker: these loans have the wrong middle name attached. I've tried getting every servicer to correct it, send a copy of my passport, and they all refuse. The origin seems to be one $2000 loan from 2003 that was part of a consolidation loan ~2008. Obviously it's my debt that I'm paying, but is this another angle for dispute? My hope is to clear this up to be able to qualify for a mortgage this summer. It may be the impossible task, but I have to try at least. FICO is 577 with one late credit card payment and three collections (two un-collectible from PRA that are mid-dispute).

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