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  1. Hey there, neither. By the time I filed for BK, the account had been turned over to collections for almost 3 years. I filed in July 2016 and was Disc. in Nov of 2016. I had no word from the school at all until last month when I got a statement saying that the full balance was due July 1st. That's the only correspondence I received from them about this loan since 2014.
  2. Hey everyone, My BK was discharged in Nov of 2016 and last month I got my first statement since the automatic stay and they wanted the entire loan due in full on 7/1/2017. Today, I scraped the money together and made the payment. I checked CCT today and my Experian dropped 13 points and says I have 1 late from JUNE for this loan. I have literal steam coming out of my ears. I checked the online portal and prior to this statement the last one generated was back in 2014. There was no statement in June, nothing due for June. The bursar department is comprised of extremely difficult people. I'm thinking I should first dispute with Ex. What should I do?
  3. I do have 3 positive trade lines but I'm just worried about this reporting as delinquent until I finally pay that off. They put my lawyer through the ringer during the automatic stay so the two individuals in the bursars office are intentionally trying to make my life a living hell. They won't even allow me to get my transcripts until the loan is paid off. And they don't allow rehabbing. I thank you for your help!
  4. It's okay, I don't know that much about bankruptcy either. The defaulted loan is showing on my Experian as Closed/Paid and on Tu as Closed/Late (not reporting on Eq). There is no date of default but I believe it happened in 2015.
  5. Hey there, It's for an accredited college, an ivy actually. It isn't a perkins or government loan. The loan was granted through the school itself. The school has the loan again as it is out of collections. And it is not showing on any of my reports. My discharge was back in November of 2016 and I received my first request for payment yesterday.
  6. Hey everyone, My spirits are in the dumps. I had a institutional student loan that I defaulted on prior to bk7--it wasn't discharged. Now the school is seeking the full payment due, almost 8k in just a few weeks. I can setup a payment arrange but even if I make the payments as agreed it they are going to report it as delinquent because it is not the full amount. What can I do? Bk has given me a fresh start but now this loan is about to ruin all of my efforts. Do I have any options?
  7. Hey Whychat, So Equifax is refusing to delete saying it is verified. I sent them the followup along with a copy of the undeliverable mail that came back to me from Transworld. The date of first delinquncy is August 21, 2011...I have no idea why they just won't relent. I would wait for it to just fall off but I desperately need a new car since my old one just died. Thanks again for all of your help!
  8. Yes, it will lower your AAOA. If you are wanting to add more than one account, then add an additional secured card that will graduate. Adding an installment loan would not help long-term, when rebuilding it's best to get accounts that you can keep and grow in the long-term. The Master Secured Credit Cards Thread Thanks so much! Just finished reading the NFCU/Chase thread you recommended.
  9. I fully understand and I agree that there are no added benefits of having more than one installment loan (score wise) for the current model but I wanted to know if there were the consequences, if any. Perhaps I wasn't clear in my post but we're not trying to do the installment loan trick here. We just don't want to undo any of the work that we have done thus far. I didn't know that CCT provided reasoning codes, I was going based on the conversation I had with a PenFed LO recently.
  10. We do have the money for it. This would be a shared secure loan, secured by the money in our savings account. We figured this would be a good way to get another account reporting. Just like with the Alliant we'd pay the this "loan" down to about 6% shortly.
  11. Hi everyone, We are in the midst of a rebuild and our discharge was 5 months ago. We've been denied most cards (except for me I have a cap1, hubs is blacklisted) but our scores are all in the 640-650s range. Hubs has an alliant shared secure loan and I have a ginormous student loan. Secured cards seem like the only way. We were thinking of getting a shares secured loan from NFCU and using that to fund our secured cards. We know there are no benefits beyond having one installment loan, we just want to make sure we won't experience a score drop. Besides bankruptcy as a reason we keep getting the "TOO FEW ACCTS" denial. We are also thinking of getting a car loan this summer. Our clunkers are clunking out. Thanks!
  12. COngrats!!!!! A way in is a way in and at least it's unsecured!
  13. An update: Alliant made a small deposit into Penfed to confirm the account and it shows as "Alliant CU Online WD". I'll see what happens with our other banks.
  14. State Department Federal Credit Union but they require a hard hit to join I believe.
  15. Nope not at all! No fees (as far as I know) with Navy or Alliant. I thought the absence of such fees were the hallmark of a credit union but I guess not.Just make PenFed your DD account and write a check from the PF account and do a remote deposit into your main account on payday. ... if you want to keep the account. I'm still pretty green so I don't quite understand. If we don't have direct deposit at all, how can we make Penfed our DD account?
  16. Thanks Konrad! Already checked and of course Penfed is conveniently missing from his list. (shakes fist at sky) lol
  17. NFCU either for that matter. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk -1 NFCU continues to be by far the most generous lender for those with less than perfect credit. You can't map your situation with FICOs below 620 on to all NFCU customers. Your FICOs were below the typical level to unsecure a secured card. What level does NFCU like to see to unsecure a card?620s to 630s minimum on FICO 04 scores. That will get you $10K+ depending on DTI. Thanks and Good to know. Our scores are in this range for the fico 08 but the bankruptcy derog is too recent. I have to look into the Fico 04 model.
  18. Totally having buyers remorse. They gave us a nifty little cloc/overdraft line of credit which I'm guessing would get closed if we closed our checking as well. I don't know what effect that would have on our scores.
  19. Nope not at all! No fees (as far as I know) with Navy or Alliant. I thought the absence of such fees were the hallmark of a credit union but I guess not.

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