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  1. Thank you!! I believe I will do just that
  2. yes there were a 2 payments that were 30 days and 1 that was 60, these except. The one's I'm disputing were either all 29, 58, and 59 and confirmed by Santander's transaction history, email payment confirmations, and my bank statements don't know how much it matters to my score however I rather be 2-30 1-60 then 7-30 6-60 1-90 when applying for a new auto loan
  3. And yes, at times I did pay late but that doesn't give them the right to take liberties with payments that are under 29 days
  4. Thank you! will paying the old charge-off and collection help the score
  5. Been a member of NFCU for a month, denied for a cc and no luck with recon. Do you think a CLOC with a EQ pull is an option? Reason for denial Delinquent: present or past Derog: public record TU 642 7 inq, 3 paid tax liens Ex 628 4 inq EQ 6041 inq Each report has 2 Collections and 2 Charge-offs all of which are over 2 years old and total $1300...I can settle all for 700ish, should I do it? Only other baddie is a car I just paid of that has 30, 60, 90 that are over 13 months old Mortgage $278,000 perfect history since 4/2009. Ford Credit $761 Barclays Rewards $2500/$89 Capital One QS $1500/$323 First Premier $1000/22 Income is $178,000
  6. sorry I didn't answer you question. yes providing bank statement wouldn't be a problem but I was looking at it more like using their own info against them
  7. Maybe I'm reaching but I was they wouldn't want to go down the road of not properly investigating a dispute or even providing false info to the agencies Again maybe reaching
  8. I'm using the information provided in transaction history Santander provides with their response to the CFPB. Presumably this is the same information they used when validate my dispute , or at least that would be the argument example the 4/25/15 payment was on 5/24/15
  9. I took out a loan with Santander to purchase a Jeep 3 years ago. I got laid-off so I decided to go back to school and bartend part-time for cash. With my cash-flow being all over the place I started to pay things late and when all was said and done I had 7-30, 3-60 and 1-90 reporting by Santander. Graduated and have been on my new job for a year, removed baddies, 2 tax liens, paid judgement, and traded the Jeep in for a Ford in Oct. The last major problem is Santander and they’ve been a nightmare. I might be close but could use some expert advice to finish this up I ordered all three reports once the account reported as closed and disputed the payoff amount, as never late, wrong status, and last payment amount on EQ. All three were sent priority mail. . I also disputed the late payments in January without any luck. Santander’s response to the CA’s was everything is accurate however EQ changed the last payment amount is another mysterious amount. Pissed off I filed a complaint with the CFPB questioning the pay history, fees accessed, and difficulty in getting a complete transaction history. In turn they responded in 4 days with a somewhat generic letter not really addressing anything but stating “We respectfully decline your request to make any changes to the information provided to the credit reporting agencies as we have verified it as accurate. Please note we are merely a furnisher of credit information and have no control of the content of credit histories maintained by any credit reporting agency”. I’m hoping that statement along with the transaction history they sent with their response will help me get them removed from credit. So here’s what I have Using the transaction history provided I determined that 5 of the 30 days were 29 days, 2 of the 60 day were 58/59 days, and the 90 day never happened because I made a payment on the 84 day allowing them to approve a 2 month deferment on day 85 that brought me current Prior to the dispute EQ had the actual payment amount for last payment as $6335. After the dispute they corrected it to $5950. And the check sent overnight to them was for $5721.94 which also matches last payment amount on the transaction history. I have monthly statements showing the payment received date on some that are off by a day or two compared to what's on the transaction history. To I file a complaint with the FTC as well I have a consumer law attorney I’m meeting with next Friday but hoping I don’t have to go that route because of the length of time to get it done and the costs. Would appreciate any advice on how to move forward
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