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  1. Hey everybody, just looking for some input, suggestions, tough love, etc......I ordered my credit reports by mail (TU, EX), Opted Out, and Disputed/Deleted old addresses. I just need to know what I should do to get my reports looking decent. TU Public Record: Westchester County Clerk Date Filed: 06/25/12 Date Updated: 06/27/12 Type: Federal Tax Lien Responsibility: Individual Debt Amt: $15,669 Court Type: Recorder of Deeds Estimated month & year
  2. Deb Recovery Solutions Placed for collection: 04/20/17 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: Collection Agency/Attorney Balance: $298.00 Date Updated: 09/14/17 Last Pymt Made: 10/17/2014 Original Amount: $298.00 Original Creditor: Victoria Secret Past Due: $298.00 Pay Status: In Collections Remarks: Placed for Collections ; Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 11/2021
  3. Debt Recovery Solutions Reported - 09/17/2017 Opened - 04/20/17
  4. Ooooook.....got it!!! Smh, I swear this is so darn confusing, but I'm not giving up on my reading tho, eyes are about crossed lol
  5. Hi Mendelssohn and thanks for responding. Please excuse my newbie ignorance, but I thought that would be my reason for dispute since my account wasn't open 4/2017 as now stated on my CR, but it was actually opened more than 4yrs ago and fell off my report, and it back on like I just opened the account
  6. Hey everyone.....trust me when I tell you I have read and read and read, and maybe I'm over/under looking the ansa (sure Its been right in my face the whole time) but here's my question. I have a Victoria Secret acct on my credit report thats past SOL (I'm in SC-3yrs) and was taken off, now its back on thru a CA and the date opened says this year. What can I do to get this deleted? Thanks in advance for any assistance.....LOVE YALL!!!!
  7. Hey everyone....I've been lurking, reading and studying this forum since 2010. From then till now, so much has changed since I started this journey, in regards to repairing and rebuilding, rules, do's and don't's. I'm now at a point in my life where I now realize how important saving and having good credit is. I want to start now, I just feel overwhelmed with everything I'm reading.... Please just let me know if my 1st baby steps are steps in the right direction....Thanks so much for any and all help!! 1. Call EX, EQ, TU for paper copies of my reports....Done 2. Opt-Out / Freeze LN, ARS,
  8. Oh Shoot Pryan, I just saw your siggie...CONGRATS!!!! Earlier I said that the # was Amex, it seems today the recording is different. It says American Express US division... Has anyone heard of them. I used a payphone when I called.
  9. I just called the number again, and they said they are an outsourcing company for Amex..... This doesn't look good does it?
  10. Hi Pryan, its been a looooooong time. Hope all is well!! When you say I should be fine, does that mean that once I pay my amt due, I will be able to keep my Delta Amex card, or will I be issued another card? I received a letter saying if I paid my balance due, I would be offered the Amex Optima! Thanks for replying, I miss all your great advice (and others)...If feels good to be back!
  11. Does anyone know about the # in the 1st post? I don't want this card charged off. I've been making payments, but not what was required...
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