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  1. It probably was but here is the phone number that I used to contact them (Citi Mortgage - 800.395.8897). They will redirect if needed once they check the status of the loan.
  2. I had a somewhat similar issue during my divorce and bankruptcy. My ex-wife had the primary home but stopped making the mortgage payments before she eventually left the country. I reclaimed the house and had the lender add any arrears to the backend of the loan. Citi Mortgage held the second note but wrote it off during the BK. However, before getting approval to modify the 1st mortgage, I had to either have Citi agree to become a subordinate to the modified first note or I had to payoff the second note since it had already been written off. Citi advised me that I could settle with an automatic approval if I pay 25% of the unpaid amount. I countered by offering them 15% in one lump sum and requested the removal of any negative entries on my credit reports. They finally accepted after 3-4 weeks. It took a few weeks because all requests sit in a queue awaiting a manager's approval. They were also willing to the accept payments. Hope this helps.

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