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    Hello All, I hope I am posting this question correctly, I have not posted in the forums in years, Is their a monitoring service that you can still get all 3 credit reports at the same time. and if so do you happen to know the cost. Thanks
  2. Hello, Does anyone happen to know what is the statue of limitations for a medical bill in pa
  3. Thanks Marv Bear Its been a long time how have you been
  4. do anyone happen to have on hand tu ex eq current addresses i am looking all over i cant seem to find them Thanks
  5. where is the best place to apply for a motorcycle loan online.
  6. credit

    Daily Puls

    Is their any one that let you pull daily pulls anymore. If so do anyone have any discount codes for anyone. Thanks
  7. interesting that might apply to PA also maybe that is why the attorney said they cant do that
  8. Thanks for the good advice I will ask him to show where they are exempt I am not trying to put out any unneccessary money.
  9. Thanks for your responce I wanted to get some imput on this because a realestate attorney stated that they can not do this not for a homeowners association
  10. Hello Fellow Members, For the state of PA can a Homeowners Association freeze your bank accounts, if they got a judgement agaist you. Thanks
  11. To answer your first question about the snap on tools since for it was paid most likely they will not repond to the cra when they contact them so I would just send a simple dispute saying no knowledge please remove. to the CRA
  12. They update his report with the arrears every month with the correct balance that is still owed. When he pays all his arrears it should no longer be reporting at all .
  13. credit


    Thanks I will let them know well explained
  14. credit


    so if its not 4 years what is the sol Thanks
  15. credit


    yes tryin to get the correct answer for someone Thanks for the Help
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