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  1. I wonder if it's because of the inquiries I already had? I have quite a few already, bought a new truck in April and the dealer started shotgunning my credit app out to everyone before I yelled at them. I do carry small balances on both the cap 1 and VS. Not $2 but it's about 25-30% Credit limits aren't high so it's still pretty small. I could pay both down to next to nothing if that helps. I just pulled my actual TU report and it says the medical collection is estimated to be removed 05/2020, so 9 months from now.
  2. Just to add, the medical collection is right around $450. Nothing crazy.
  3. I've tried and tried many times. Can't get it gone. At this point I'm trying to figure out what the best option is for that one. Be stubborn and finish waiting out the 7 years, pay it off, call and pay less than full? Not sure which will help me the fastest because I don't know how the last two options would reflect on the credit report. We are wanting to buy a house next year which is another reason for trying to get everything improved quickly. Not sure exactly when next year but roughly 11-15 months from now.
  4. I have a cap one secured and victoria secret card. both on time entirely. vs is right over a year old and cap one is 8 months old. I have a cap one auto loan that's 3 months old and now the discover card which of course isn't reporting. I have 1 bad collection, medical from 5 years ago. Then some student loans too but all deferred. experian fico was 670, apparently dropped to 657 today after the discover inquiry.
  5. Yesterday I finally got approved for my first unsecured card in 10 years. It's a discover cashback card, now I'm wondering what can or should I do? I remember reading about people that would apply for multiple cards from the same place, i.e. applying for a second discover card. Not sure if that's still a thing or not. I did the pre-qualify check with discover before I applied but I don't have any pre-qualification through citi, chase, or cap one. Anyone just curious cause now I'm excited that rebuilding credit may actually be working.
  6. Ok that's what I was wondering. To me my report is dramatically better than it was but not perfect so I didn't know how perfect it needs to be to actually move forward. So pretty much pay what I have on time/pay it off and wait for the auto to drop off? I only owe 250 between both my cards so I was just going to pay them off next week anyway.
  7. I have not attempted a goodwill request for the recent 30, I didn't even know that was a thing to be honest. Do I just call them and ask if they'll remove it? I've had I think 5 on time payments since then. I have not gone through the medical dispute process, I looked at it and got really really confused and tried to ask questions a few years ago in the medical forum but never got any advice. So I just disputed stuff through the bureaus and eventually got everything removed. Had 8 medical collections at one point. As for the car it was a repo but I don't think it s
  8. Current or past delinquency, derogatory public records and/or collection account's. I don't have any public records so it's the medical collection. Also my victoria secret card hadn't reported in 2 months for some reason and 2 days after the application they pushed through my feb and march payments. Don't know if that would help at all.
  9. I applied for a BoA card the other day because I got a letter in the mail about it and thought why not. I believe it was an instant denial, can't remember, but the letter I got in the mail is definitely a denial. Is it something I can/should try to recon? I've spent a long time trying to rebuild my credit and at this point I have one collection left (5 year old medical), 3 active cards (1 secured cap1, victoria secret, and an auth user citi), 5 good standing student loan accounts (just finished rehab). For baddies I have 1 missed payment on victoria secret in the last 9 months a
  10. Yeah so as of yesterday the 5 "collection" accounts for the student loans have been removed. The 7 originals prior to collection are still there. They show as paid 100% but they have tons of lates on them. Anyway to remove those now that there are new accounts for the same loan?
  11. I just completed my student loan rehab and my accounts were transferred back to a loan issuer (i think that's the term). Anyway is there anything I can/should do now that the rehab is finished? The student loan accounts while in collection are still there on my report and the original ones prior to collection are also still there. The original ones show paid in full but still have 9+ 120-149 day lates on each of the accounts. The collection ones don't show lates but still show a balance. I'm guessing they just haven't updated yet for that part. But can I do anything about the lates from
  12. Well that's why I was wondering originally about the pay for delete stuff I saw online. But how do I get them to agree to that and actually hold up their end?
  13. Yeah I understand the statute of limitations and that I can't be sued. I want it either off or I guess showing better, preferably off though. I want to buy a house in a year so trying to get my credit better.
  14. Ok I found an old credit report and I guess I was wrong on the dates. It said DOFD was in 2013 the card was opened in 2010. I don't remember having it that long but I guess I did. So my option is to settle I think then unfortunately.
  15. Oh awesome thank you! I don't think I have an old credit report on here but I'll check some older hard drives and see what I can come up with. If I don't have one is there another way to figure that out. And just for clarification, the date of default is the first month I stopped paying right? Not the date it was charged off or something else? Oh and do I send the letter with delivery confirmation and signature required?
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