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  1. CoCo, no reason to be sorry! I can't believe this thread is still active. Oh, no problems with my AMEX. Thread has not quite reached classic status, but it has longevity potential Ltns I've dropped in at times to read, so I'm not totally absent......just absent minded....and it's getting worse as I reach my longevity potential.
  2. CoCo, no reason to be sorry! I can't believe this thread is still active. Oh, no problems with my AMEX.
  3. I don't think Chase issues a Discover card. I even checked the website.
  4. Take time to go to Canberra, the capital of Australia. I didn't anticipate it being a great experience but went for the diversity. We took a tour there and the insights provided were fascinating. It is quite different from Sydney, etc. There are some magnificentlly designed buildings anmd monuments as well as embassies. The trip there gives you a close up experience of flatland, kangaroo, etc. Canberra is also ski territory as it is located in a high elevation.
  5. I've been there and took an AMEX, Visa and a MC. As I always do, I called them in advance I would be traveling. There were no problems. Enjoy your trip; the transaction fee is worth the experience.
  6. I agree that the World Points may not be useful for some; however, I would not close the card. Use it for gas or something just to keep it active and reporting. Who knows? That gas may give you a free dinner at the Olive Garden, etc. via World Points. It isn't a big reward but it keeps the card active and reporting.
  7. I have eight cards, the first dating back to 1988; the last one is three years old. It is enough of a problem keeping eight cards active; I wouldn't want to get additional. I'm finished.
  8. I converted mine today also. I didn't check the time, but I was watching MSNBC when a commercial began at which time I called Chase. It was a done deal by the time the commercial ended.
  9. I really don't care about the appearance of the card as much as what it does for me. Very few people see my cards, so why should I care about what others think of the color, the design, etc. The important thing is what the card does for you.
  10. I shop at a WalMart supercenter simply because it has the best selection of quality groceries in the area and at prices lower than many grocery chains. If one of them runs a special that puts the price below that of WalMart, then WalMart will match it. I've seen very well dressed people shopping in WalMart, and some of them were carrying Dooneys and Coaches....and not the fake ones. I've personally run into individuals in Walmart who were six figure income earners on the way to being a seven figure earner. This is how they maximize their use of their earnings. Around here, people are more concerned about how to make the best use of their money than the so-called status bestowed by where they shop. Oh by the way, I have used my AMEX in WalMart with no negative consequences.
  11. So far so good with my Chase accounts which have great rates. This does not mean it will remain that way. The trend with banks right now seems to be that of adjusting accounts in some manner.
  12. The MyFico version never worked well for me. I cancelled and signed up directly at Equifax and it has been great. I always set my score at the score given on the last alert. I'm notified if the score goes up or down, as well as all the other alerts I set.
  13. DBGone, go to MyFico and order the complete package and select one time only which is the default. This will give you all three reports and scores. It just saves a couple of minutes of going through the "standard" package and selecting the reports you want. "Standard" is good if you just want one or two different reports. The code worked this morning.

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