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  1. Yeah. It's a startup and has no record at all whatsoever. I think they run your personal credit in some cases, and in most cases ChexSystems and EWS depending on the bank of course. We're going to incorporate in January as a C corporation in Delaware so everything is legitimate.
  2. Looks like Citi is about to finish opening my account. Just faxed them driver license and bank statement. They don't use EWS? Will I be able to open my business checking here?
  3. Just verified I have a few closed accounts on EWS reported as well. They were for inactivity. If I owe them anything, I owe them less than $30. One of the accounts Chase was closed while I was stuck in a hospital and it overdrafted by $27.
  4. Where can I open a bank account? I only have 6 inquiries on my ChexSystem and that's it. I have had an account close with Wells Fargo with a negative 700 balance but they report to EWS only. I opened an account with Citi but haven't heard back and it's been 3-4 days. I also need to open a business checking. What would my best route be here in California?
  5. Any of these business lines, credit cards such as Visa/Mastercard that you can use anywhere?
  6. and if I don't do the police report? then what would happen.... I feel uncomfortable as it's been a couple of years and I don't even have statements for WF anymore.
  7. Good to know! No wonder I got approved for their personal checking. Is this the same for their business checking as well? I'm in the middle of forming a corporation and we're trying to sort the checking account details out!
  8. I was able to open a bank account with Citi. Well, got passed the verification and Chex/EWS (if applicable) stage. Waiting for them to confirm my proof of address and I think it will open.
  9. Does it say self help on their debit card? lol
  10. They have an "second chance" checking account where they don't run anything but Telecredit apparently. I have an account with them. I have 1 major negative on my EWS which is preventing me from opening accounts elsewhere.
  11. Hi, Had my account hacked in 2014-2015 for Wells Fargo and my account went negative $1,000 and was closed. I currently owe them $770 or so for something I didn't do. They didn't listen. Anyways, I called Wells Fargo to call about paying it and said they would update my EWS record to reflect that it's been paid off but when I called EWS, they said it'd remain on my record for last 5 years. What's the deal here? The lady at EWS gave me a nasty attitude. Should have reported her to her manager or something. I've been stuck with BBVA in the mean time.

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