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  1. I'm not discharged yet, and they still wiped it clean. I'm in a chapter 13, which I will be in for 3 to 5 years. I filed in November 2016, faxed the "Notice of Bankruptcy Filing" to Chexsystems, about a week later, then right before Christmas, I got my updated report in the mail.
  2. I just want it to be known that, I filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy in November 2016. I faxed the notice of filing to chexsystems, and today I received an updated report where the negative entries were removed because of my filing. Some people think, it only works for a chapter 7, or you have to wait for discharge, but thats not the case anymore.
  3. Hi, I posted this in the bankruptcy forum, but I'll post it here too. I'm currently in an active chapter 13 bankruptcy. My attorney is seeking permission from the Trustee for me to incur new debt to finance a vehicle. If the Trustee gives me the approval, are there any auto lenders out there that will finance a person in an active chapter 13, with the Trustee's approval?
  4. I've wondered the same thing? I opened my account a lil over 2 weeks ago, and it's still open.
  5. tmmase


    I was able to open a Chase Total Checking account online, about 10 days ago.
  6. tmmase

    Chase Bank

    If my account stays open, is Chase known to run random sweeps through EWS, and Chex?
  7. KeyBank in Ohio offers a checking account for people that are on chexsystems. I believe it's called Hassle Free checking? You will get a debit card, but aren't allowed to write checks.
  8. tmmase

    Chase Bank

    How many days normally is it before they'll close?
  9. tmmase

    Chase Bank

    I just called EWS, and they are emailing me a form that they said I need to fill out first, to verify my identity, before they can send me my report.
  10. tmmase

    Chase Bank

    I know my chexsystems is not older than 36 months, but I'm not sure about EWS? Im gonna have to request a report from them. If and when Chase closes the account, about how many days is it after its opened?
  11. I opened a Chase checking account online, this past Saturday. Went into the branch today, to fund it, and they gave me my debit card. Im assuming they ran a chex report when I applied online, and I am in Chexsystems. How long will it be before they actually close it?

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