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  1. I'm disputing errors for the first time. I've mailed my certified letter in January and it was received on January 23 by Transunion. Since they have 30 days to process it, should I be expecting at least a comment to be placed on the accounts right away? Or is it normal that nothing changes on the reports until they conclude their investigation.
  2. Do you have federal and private loans? If you have federal loans, and you haven't consolidated them, you may want to look into that. When I say consolidate, i mean consolidate the loan with the dept of education, not refinance them privately. Federal consolidation is independent of your credit score or any other requirements. If the new consolidated loan is large enough - I believe the minimum amount is 25,000, then you can extend the length of the loan to 25 years or so. You can also switch to a graduated payment plan. That should lower your monthly payment and maybe give you more breath
  3. File a complaint with HHS: https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/filing-a-complaint/complaint-process/index.html? Not sure if the Joint Comission takes those kind of complaints, but they are a very powerful accreditation body for hospitals. You can always try to file a complaint with them. Won't make a difference for credit reporting, but it should get the hospital in trouble. Including lists of medications and consults sounds shady. However, are you sure the collections agency is separate from the hospital? If it's the hospital billing department, it might not be a violation. Billing Coders do
  4. It might also not be wise for him to post potentially incriminating information, if he faces legal, proceedings. I hope he got a lawyer and is staying mum for now.
  5. There are a whole other set of problems that arise from using billpay like this that have been well documented here, not the least of which is that your creditor will not credit your payment until they receive it from your billpay institution - they aren't going to care about when you initiated that transaction. Lots of people have been burned by that. ^ this I always pull whenever possible. It will timestamp the payment as on time, even if it doesn't post to your checking account for a couple of days. I see how that can be helpful, especially when your bank isn't super fa
  6. This is also a great example of why I don't use the credit card site to pull the payment out of my account. If you push the payment from your account, then it'll never come from a closed account.
  7. Do you have an emergency fund besides the money you were planning to use to pay off the debt?
  8. Besides just the impact on scores, how stressed do you feel having the judgement hang over your head? Are you constantly worried they might garnish your wages or levy your bank account? If yes, the value of reduced stress might be worth paying more interest for the loan and take care of the judgement. Also, what would your financial situation be like if you paid the high interest loan and then they start garnishing your wages. Not sure what percentage of your income they can garnish for judgements, but on my student loans it ended up being a substantial junk of my monthly budget, and
  9. From reading the article, I wonder if the reason why they pressed charges was so that TSA could pull her off the flight. If the parents thought she was being lured, and her being 18, this may have been the only way for law enforcement to intervene. However it would suck if she ends up with a felony on her record. She'll be screwed for life.
  10. Is AMEX pre -qualifier a soft pull or a hard pull? Based on the disclaimer language on the site I can't quite tell.
  11. Sounds like you're going through a tough time. Many of us have been there. It's especially tough during holiday times when emotions and stress run high. I always like to remember, that during Christmas time, it's not the amount of gifts that should count, but the quality of time you spend with your family. So if money is tight and your financial situation adds to your stress, think about how you can make the time special for your kids without having to go out and buy something. Are you the primary earner in your family? If so, focus on getting back to a better paying job. Dependi
  12. Interesting. I hope the lates get all removed in one fell swoop. That would be awesome. I'd have a clean report in a couple of years. I wonder if it's worthwhile asking for early removal...
  13. I don't think using debit cards these days is very safe anymore. I'd rather not deal with the hassle of a stolen debit card number and getting the money refunded into my account. Much less worry with a credit card. But I do prefer to pay it off often.
  14. Newbie here. Been lurking for a few months. Tackled my defaulted student loans over the last year. Last December was the first time I dared look at my credit report. It was so stressful actually looking at it. Now, a year later, I obsessively need to look at my report every couple of days. I came across this board as I was researching student loan rehab and consolidation when I was trying to figure out how to get a mortgage.
  15. Hi- I'm a newbie here as well. Have been lurking for a couple of months. Wished I had found this board years ago.
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