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  1. Look into the 609 credit dispute programs, but do not pay anyone to do what you can do yourself for free. Just takes a little time and research. Good luck. I had a home foreclosed in 2013 ( my choice paid on a 46500 for original mortgage, paid on it for 17 years and still owed 43,000) filed bankruptcy the same month of the foreclosure, its listed on my credit report as foreclosure instead of bankruptcy. I am in the process of having it removed completely. I will let you know how it works out. Good luck to you.
  2. I know here near my home you can only buy gift cards with cash because people are somehow paying with gift-cards with other gift-cards they have not yet paid for by using their credit cards, with a gift cards behind it.
  3. When you have a foreclosure and file bankruptcy, is the loan supposed to be reported as " Included in Bankruptcy" rather than foreclosure? My old mortgage company is still sending me things pertaining to this home. I lost it to foreclosure in 2013, and I then filed bankruptcy because I had this mortgage for 17 years and only paid off 4000 of the original loan. I understand principal and interest, but that was just ridiculous. My interest rate was only 3.5% And no one could explain it to me. I mean I paid on this 46,500.00 load for 17 years and only got it down to 42,500.00 ???? Come on. So anyway, they still have me listed on this mortgage at the mortgage company, " Bank of America". Over the weekend I received a letter requesting documents pertaining to the insurance claim for theft that was filed. I freaked out because now my name is associated with an insurance claim on a home I lost to foreclosure in 2013 and the last thing I want is any type of fraud. I again called Bank of American and I was assured this was sent to me in error. I don't like it. I have requested they take my name off this loan, since its no longer mine. They even at on time sent me a bill for 18k! Anyone know how I can fix this? My bankruptcy was discharged in September 2013. Thank you in advance.
  4. So I started looking online for the best credit repair programs I could do myself and I stumbled upon this one. However once i downloaded it, poof no letters. Now I know i can go online and find letters, but this book specifically says to use the letters provided. However they were not provided. I emailed the company and wouldn't you know it, I got a mailer_daemon ! Anyone use this program with success? How did you get the letters? I did search the forum for this topic and did not find it. Thank you in advance.

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