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  1. They are talking to lender about THDA loan.He told them pay off hospital bills and get 1 secured credit card and it should bring his score from 490 to 580.They have 0 accounts,no car loan,personal loan,credit cards or anything.I been rebuilding for 7 months and i told her they need so many accounts and so many credit cards,but she seems to trust the lender.Maybe he knows how you can get 580 with just one secured credit card.
  2. k thanks,Its not fha,but i sure didnt know i couldn't do usda if i owned a house.thanks for the info
  3. They don't have any more debt.I told them they prolly need credit cards and some installment loans to bring their score up and to get a morgage.They are just low income and in their 50's
  4. The second home will be close to being paid prolly owe 6,000.00 in april.I have no idea what kind of loan.its a 97 singlewide mobile home,sits on 6 acres but the land is paid in full.i will have prolly 18,000.00 down payment on house.My middle morgage score right now is 675.I know i can get usda,fha loan.From my research even if i get the 2 medical collections off,ny student loans lates from 2014 my score won't get much higher than 700
  5. I got 2 medical colletions i done the hippa process to CRA's.fox collections.and RRC.EQ sent papers saying RRC is deleted and fox is verified.TU sent paper saying RRC is verified and fox is removed,Haven't got EX yet.What do i do now?
  6. I started rebuilding credit last june.Right now i have 1 morgage loan balance 9,000.00 143.00 payments that i am paying 900.00 or more a month.,,,, 1 car loan balance 1,400.00,,, 2 CC im authorized on,,,, 1 unsecured CC 2,000.00 limit,,,,, 7 student loans 143.00 a month.My cc are always paid every month and always under 9%.my DTI is 15%.Working on getting the last 3 old medical collections off with hippa.I have 7 navient student loans i defaulted on 12/13 to 12/14 that i rehabbed and paid 2 off , all 5 new loans in good standings but the old loans say paid as agreed but shows the 120 days late in history..My fico morgage score from, 1/13/17 are 650,675,682..Started in june with 510's .I'm gona rent my current home out when we buy the other house.I read about the 2.00 CC trick i'm gona try it.Is their anything else i can do the get higher morgage scores?
  7. I had 7 navient student loans go into default,and i rehabbed them.THey show 12 -120 days lates from 12/13 to 12/14 in the history.When i check my fico it shows in account status pays or paid as agreed.After rehab i tried alot of things to get lates removed ,finally the CEO took all assigned to the goverment off all 7 loans.I'm gona buy a house in couple months and just wondering what these lates are gona do?On my fico they show on the negative accounts on EX it says i have 0 negative accounts
  8. I got letter from EQ today.One collection has been deleted from credit file,the other one says we verified that this item belongs to you.What do i need to do next? I guess i'll start another hippa process on the one that was just added too.
  9. Update,i sent the hippa process to all CRA's priority mail,they recieved them 1/3//17.How long does it take for them to snail mail the results?I also got another collection added to all 3 CRA's last week.Its a bill from 1/5/14 for 1334.00.Yesterday got another letter saying thy will settle for 600.00 as settlement in full,so i assume they bought it for dirt cheap.Should i call and see if 600.00 payment can get it deleted from CRA's? I checked EQ backdoor 1 collection (fox) was removed on there.Checked EX a different collection(RRC) was removed from it.TU i can't get in backdoor but free sites fox was removed.The new one is still on all 3.
  10. Well got another letter saying They want to settle for 600.00 for payment in full.Original amount 1334.00.Should i call and see if they will pay for delete?
  11. OK my sister lives in tenn and she wants to get a no money down usda loan.She is on disability makes 9600.00 a year.Hubby makes 21690.00 a year.I know both of them have to work on credit score both are 490's.They have no credit cards ,no loans,just rent a house if they can even claim it.My question is they want something for 700.00 a month payments from usda.She was looking at 160k house and i told her i don't think you can get that for 700.00 a month.How much house can she get for 700.00 a month with no money down?Or is their another program that she could get for low income?I told her i thought for USDA she would have to have morgage score of 620 or 640.thanks
  12. I started rebuilding credit 7 months ago.Went to bank and applied for morgage.Then i got equifax and this 3 year old medical collection popped up 6 days later.I sent validation letter to CA, but it come off report in 2 days and didnt do anything else.Well 1/22/17 it got added to all 3 CRA's.I have a letter that says,The account listed above was purchased by Pendrick Capital and is the current creditor and they have placed the account with Phonix Finacial for collection.I was wondering best way to get this removed?
  13. I searched my records and found this collection is from the time i got beat up.I had insurance through my work and i dont guess they paid anything.I never recieved a bill from the original creditor .Its old 01-5-2014 so i know the insurance wont pay now from what i've read.I do have the original bill from creditor that says seriously past due but shows i owe 0.00,
  14. On 6/7/16 i went to bank and pulled credit for morgage and got a copy.The next day i ordered EQ and the very next day another medical colletion got added and then it got deleted 2 days later.I went ahead and sent a validation letter to collection place,They sent copy of original bill from hospital the amount 1334.00. payments recieved 1334.00. amount owed 0.00.It wasnt on any of the credit agencys so i didnt think no more about it.Today it got added to TU and EX.DO i just sent copy of the original bill to the CRA's?IT makes no since to me if my insurance paid it how the collection company got it anyways.If you need more information just ask.Thanks for your help
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