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  1. I'm back on CB after a long hiatus and ignoring my credit. Now I have some messes to clean up. As I've learned I requested copies of my credit reports from the big 3 bureaus. I received responses from them that I hadn't been denied credit and therefore wouldn't be receiving any copies. Did something change?
  2. All they kept saying was they sent the letter. Fine - ok, you sent the letter - point is I didn't receive it. When I googled this topic, it appears they don't honor most of their settlement agreements.
  3. I wish I knew. I agreed to a settlement on Nov 24 of @ 60% and am currently 120 days past due. I would only agree to the settlement if it was received in writing. Needless to say, didn't receive it in writing prior to the first payment date. I called them today to renegotiate a new settlement and request that they email/fax the settlement agreement to me. I was told the prior settlement agreement was going to be the only one offered and since I missed the initial payment that agreement was void. I was also told that regardless if I had the agreement in writing that I should still have made the first arranged payment - what? No way was I paying that without the agreement in writing because it would simply go to my past due payments not the settlement arrangement and I don't believe anything I'm told over the phone from customer service. I asked for a new settlement agreement - was told no, settlement is only a one time offer. When asked what happens now - the account will be charged off. I can't believe this - someone is offering in good faith to settle the debt and they won't take it. When I figured what I actually owed them (less excessive interest and fees) I found that I would be paying for everything I purchased over the years. I'm not sure what to do now. I've never had a charged off account.
  4. I've been gone awhile and have neglected my credit but now am getting back in and cleaning up some stuff. Got my EX report and was curious why all my cards (open, closed, etc.) show that they will be on record for 10 yrs instead of 7 yrs??? WFNNB/POTTERY BARN Address: PO BOX 182789 COLUMBUS, OH 43218 No phone number available Account Number: 585637305604.... Address Identification Number: 0132829793 Status: Closed/Never late. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Jan 2019. Date Opened: 04/2006 Reported Since: 07/2006 Date of Status: 01/2009 Last Reported: 01/2009 Type: Charge Card Terms: NA
  5. I'm back after another long hiatus! Raising kids and putting a husband through nursing school took all my time and during that time I sorely neglected my CR's and all the great work I accomplished and now am starting to look at the damage. I fell behind on my Chase Disney card and worked out a payment arrangement with them which I have kept current for 2 yrs now. Each month they would report my account as Paid As Agreed and there would be an "OK" in the green box monthly. Recently, within the last 6 months, instead of the "OK" in the green box monthly there is "CLS" and the box is black. Not sure how this is effecting my score? Anyone else know? tia, BB
  6. Mine's there and up by 8 points. bb
  7. No luv on WM or AE. Oh well, I'll take my $1,300 CLI and move along bb
  8. Not just that but the Dodd-Frank bill has begun limiting fees banks can impose on merchants at POS so since their revenue will be cut in half, they have to get it another way. bb
  9. Went online to JCP.com, I've had the card 4 months now and a $200 CL. Hit the luv button, hoping to get to $500 -- JCP really luved me -- $1,500!!! Now to go to my other GEMB cards and see if I can get luv there too! What a way to start a Monday! bb
  10. I got a letter in the mail yesterday from BOA that says in part: On 10.25.2010 you closed a mortgage with BOA. Upon review of your loan after closing, we discovered that costs assessed in connection with the closing of your loan were greater than expected. As a result, we are pleased to return a portion of these costs back to you as described below. The estimated settlement service costs were disclosed to you on the GFE provided before closing. The actual settlement services costs you paid at closing were disclosed on the HUD-1. Depending on the type of fee and the company that provided the settlement service, some of those costs can increase, some cannot change at all while still others can increase in the aggregate by a limited amount (10%) from the estimated costs disclosed on the GFE. If the costs charged at closing exceeded the amount that the costs are allowed to change, a refund of the excess costs is required. Because your closing costs exceeded the allowable amount, you will receive a check in the amount you paid in excess of the allowable amount. See the enclosed corrected sections of the comparison table from page 3 of your HUD-1 for details of your refund. GFE HUD-1 Line 802 -2056.94 0 Line 1201 105.00 100.00 Line 805 0 35.00 MIP 0 3354.59 The RESPA credits shown below reflect the amount of the excess cost based on the tables above: Credit related to Charges that cannot increase $2056.94 Credit related to Charges in Total cannot increase more than 10% $3371.49 Balance of refund of excess due cost $5428.43 Has anyone heard of this??? Glad to be getting the money but WOW! bb
  11. EX is famous for "previously investigated" - do a search you should find several threads on it. bb
  12. Heg, when I see your pic in your siggy I want to scream out "shut up you fish-eyed fool"! bb

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