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  1. It is not worth it now. I tried my Citi Simplicity yesterday and it is still good. Different name, different state, 29 years. Wow! I don't get any offers from them nor do they automatically give me increases. I just never questioned it before. Thanks again for all of the input.
  2. No late payments on any of my accounts. 2 of the four Citi have zero balances. The denial letter seems to be mostly about BK. Considering Citi handles a lot of retail credit cards, it is a huge company to be blackballed for something that happened 29 almost 30 years ago due to divorce. It also says my Citi accounts are currently restricted. I have available credit on all of them and there is no indication of a restriction. If this is truly blacklisting, I do not want to open a can of worms by asking for reconsideration. If is is a mistake, I would like to fix it. Thanks for all of the above input.
  3. Wow! 29 years! Thank you! I'm surprised the other accounts were opened! I don't want to poke the bear! I'll let him snooze forever! 🙂
  4. Hi! I applied last week for a Citi Costco card. My credit score at the time was 732 with Experian, which they use. I was denied. I had 2 inquiries. One from refinancing my home and 1 from Samsung for a phone. My debt ratio is 37%. I have NO late payments in the last 7 years and have 11 open lines of credit. I have a Citi Simplicity, Sears Shop your Way through Citi, Mobil and Shell both also through Citi. None of my accounts are at the limit. None have ever had a problem. I received my denial letter today. It says that I am being denied because of a past BK where Citi was involved. Yes. 1992. It says that my current accounts have many missed and late payments and that my account is now restricted. WTH? Totally untrue! I checked my Experian report and there is no problem there. Is it the BK in 1992? That is NOT on my credit report! I cannot find a way to get through to Citi, dispute this and ask for reconsideration. Help!! Does anyone know of a way that I can actually speak to someone? Also, what is the best way to ask for reconsideration? Thanks for your help. Pretty pissed in WA State! JayBird
  5. Thanks for the input. What is a FOAD paragraph?
  6. Thank you! I will check the laws & licenses out. 😁
  7. Wonder how that would apply to me. I'm in WA State. Very interesting! Thanks for the info.
  8. Thank you Why Chat. You have helped me so much in the past. I appreciate your input.
  9. Thank you. I was worried they would report to the bureaus if they just purchased it
  10. Hi! I could use some advice. Whychat? Out of the blue, I received a settlement offer from EOS CCA in Boston, a CA for "current " creditor, U S Asset Management, Inc. It says the original creditor was Century Link Qwest and gives the original account number as my old phone number. This number was disconnected when I moved on Nov. 1. 2011. This is past the SOL. There is no original date on the letter. The letter does say that the original amount is $176.36 with no interest or fees. This seems a bit high but I do not remember the correct amount. I forgot all about it. I did not receive collection letters and it never reported to the bureaus. I would think that the information contained in the letter covers everything which a validation letter would generate. So what plan of action do I take? What letter do I send? I opted out 3 years ago but have since obtained more CCs. Perhaps that left me vulnerable to data miners. I have opted out again. Your help is appreciated. Jaybird
  11. Thank you, Why Chat. I will send the letter to OC this week. Good to know that dental information falls under HIPPA. Thanks again for everything you do!
  12. Thanks to WhyChat's method, I have just closed on my new home! I cannot thank you enough. I am not sure if a dental debt works the same way with HIPPA as a regular medical bill so I may be posting this in the wrong place. During the home buying process, I had a $30 dental bill from last year which I had forgotten about, go to a collection agency. Because I was in a panic over having just been approved, on the day I received the initial collection agency report, I immediately sent a check for the amount to the OC, the dentist. His office returned the check with a long personal letter explaining that they could no longer accept the payment because they had just given my account to a collection agency. My insurance was supposed to cover the whole visit, so I suspect that they are billing for the extra amount. Not cool but, due to the death of my wife, I did not handle it at the time. Now I just want it gone! The debt has not yet posted to my credit reports. Any ideas on how I might keep that from happening since the OC refuses to accept payment? If I pay the CA BEFORE it posts to my CRs, will that keep it from happening? Thank you in advance for your ideas and advice.
  13. Exactly! I didn't know it was illegal. I will definitely opt out again! Thank you.
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