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  1. Thanks for all the info. OneTwentyOne
  2. Thanks, I called a couple of days ago and complained about the inability to see what is on my folder without having to pay. The next day, POOF, it was gone. Copy all the great advise for future situation. OneTwentyOne
  3. Hi, I have a basic account with D&B, I also established a iUpdate account as well. I noticed that on my D&B account there is a, "Delinquency Predictor Class Declined," entry with a BIG RED ARROW facing downward. I can't look at this because there is this pop up that keeps asking me for $154 a month to look at my report? What is / are my options here. I'm thinking there has to be some business version of the FCRA, right? Any help would be appreciated. OneTwentyOne
  4. Great for you!!!! Somewhat similar situation, I just called in, spoke with a rep, was asked for SSN and I informed them that I wanted to keep my personal credit separate from my business credit, same questions asked like B&T123 above. They called me, sent me e-mail confirmation $1,200.00 the next day.
  5. Hey, thanks for the input. I'm new to the business credit scene, so I was thinking along the ways if some business that I was applying for asked me upfront what is your PayDex score, etc.. I could be armed with that information. I can understand your thought process. thanks,
  6. Thanks BRBiz, can you please tell me more about the "lupdate" site - were is this as google doesn't recognize it. Thanks. Disregard my last request. I figured it out, "iUpdate" Just signed up and investigating. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction BRBiz.
  7. Thanks BRBiz, can you please tell me more about the "lupdate" site - were is this as google doesn't recognize it. Thanks.
  8. NAV? I looked in the glossary section of this forum, but couldn't find NAV. Can you fill me in, thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, Is there a cheaper way to lookup / know what your PayDex scores is, how many TL one has other than paying $154.00 a month to D&B? I have a basic account, but as most on this forum know - in order to look at your score and more detailed information - one has to pay $154.00 a month, or at least that is what my POP UP continues to inform me. I continue to get e-mails from CreditSignal (Viability Rating Change) anytime there is a change on my account, however, can't see them. Your help would be appreciated. r/.
  10. What is iUpdate? And if you already have a DUNS number, what does iUpdate have to offer that DUNS doesn't? thanks, OneTwentyOne
  11. I am in the trucking business and was wondering if anyone has a good reference for a fuel / diesel company that doesn't require a PG? I started to fill out a WEX app, however, noticed they asked for PG. I did not submit the app. thanks, OneTwentyOne, Inc.
  12. Bad experience with D&B, I applied for a D&B number on October the 5th, called on November 23rd to ask the status and was told normally processing time was between 30 - 45 business days. Called yesterday to find out that my application fell in the black hole. When I called the first time yesterday - they hung up on me??? The second attempt dealt with a reception / empathetic representative and all she could do is expedite at no cost, however, have to wait another 5 - 10 business days. Approved at: Uline, Quill and Grainger, however, some of the other Net30 companies require a D&B # (Stragtegic Network Solution) Supply Works is asking for a PG?
  13. Hello, I'm new to the forum and have been reading (a lot) the threads. I am new to the building credit and have opened an account with quill and uline, just registered with grainger and was in the process of opening a WEX app, however, it asked for SSN and DOB. I am interested in NET 30 accounts so I can build up my PAYDEX. I am also in the process of a Wayfair Supply account, however, am having trouble with 6+ character log in??? Regardless, I am hacking away. Correct me if I'm mistaken after about 5 hits on my PAYDEX I can move onto store CC? thanks OneTwentyOne
  14. Hello - this is my first post. I am new to the post. I wanted information on which companies grant NET 30 accounts. I understand that I need 5-hits or more on my PayDex before I can move onto to store cards. Your help will be appreciated.

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