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  1. Very helpful! Thank you, CV! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. CV, thanks for the reply. So, the payoff of the mortgage is not as quick to report like a standard monthly payment? Will my mortgage scores drop significantly when it does report paid off? And then again when the new mortgage reports? I would just hate to get caught in the middle.
  3. Does anyone have any idea if I can expect for my mortgage scores to drop after refinancing? Here's my situation: I signed the loan docs for my refinance just this week. It's supposed to fund on Monday, September 28th. On Tuesday, September 22nd, I put an offer on an investment property that was accepted the following day (Wednesday, September 23rd). I received a soft pull pre-approval, however I'm waiting until my refinance funds before doing a complete hard pull application, because I don't want any problems with refinance. Should I be concerned that my score is going to dro
  4. There’s a brand spanking new LA Fitness opening up 3 blocks from my house. I called in to talk about new membership specials with the gym’s general manager. Rubbed me the wrong way. I put the brakes on joining. Glad I did. I can’t stand crooks or crooked companies. I’ll pass! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Ummm, Konrad. Can you repeat that???...I was a little distracted by the wet t-shirt contest... Ummm yeah! No, seriously, thank you for the input! I appreciate it!
  6. Don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking your business. I'm not saying that you don't make money. But it's very important that you separate business expenses from personal, completely separate, this is why you need this business card. And on a side note you need a separate bank account as well and be sure to keep all your business expenses separate. And don't go using the new business card for personal expenses either. That's just as bad if not worse. Got it! Thank you for sharing your credit wisdom.
  7. Organizing expenses worked like a charm for the M&M card less then a month ago for me. Thanks for the response. What do you mean organizing expenses? I'm not sure if I understand.I said I like to keep different expenses separate, like groceries, travel, or anything else.... So I like to have separate cards for them. I stressed that I was not applying for more credit, rather just a separate card, as you see I have extremely low utilization Got it. Thank you for clarifying.
  8. Clearly your "side business" isn't a real business at all. Don't let them know that. Any real business needs to keep expenses separate from personal expenses for accounting and taxes and liability. Comingling business funds and personal is dangerous from a business perspective. It actually is a legitimate business. I call it a "side business" because I have a w-2 job where I earn an income.
  9. Thanks, Shifter! I'm not worried. It's just a card. I'm just trying to be as best prepared as possible. Additionally, I agree it's a business card, however, I'm pretty sure Barclays doesn't really care about that fact especially since I'm going to have to PG it.
  10. Organizing expenses worked like a charm for the M&M card less then a month ago for me. Thanks for the response. What do you mean organizing expenses? I'm not sure if I understand.
  11. I have 5 new revolvers and 1 new auto loan since Sept. 2017. Late last night, I app'd the Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Business card for 1-year-old side business (LLC) with $55K in revenue. They pulled TU (FICO 8 is 773) and I got the dreaded 10-day message that my account was being reviewed. Today, I get an alert that they attempted to pull my EX CR. I'm anticipating that when I call the credit analyst this evening I'm going to have to address the new accounts (one of them is Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red). Any recommendations/suggestions/excuses (LOL!) that might satisfy the credit anal
  12. Thank you for the response. I will be app'ing that. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Does anyone know if one can get the bonus on both cards? I got 60,000 AA bonus miles about 6 months ago by securing the Aviator Red. I’m interested in securing the Aviator Business too but only if I can get the 40,000 AA miles. I have a two year old LLC and a 773 TU FICO 8 with 3% utilization. TIA for any insight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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