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  1. My concern is that Langley pre-approved me at 2.5%. I'm not willing to accept a loan using their financing at a higher percentage because they failed to disclose that they didn't have the title for the car when I signed for it.
  2. I have put in a call to an attorney to find out what my options are at this point.
  3. This car lot is on thin ice with their flooring, they need the proceeds from the loan with kickbacks and front-end loading to pay off the loan and get the title. Don't walk, RUN! It's definitely not going to be that simple as I paid a $10k down payment to the dealership when I took possession of the car on Saturday.
  4. Here's the exact response I received to my email after advising the finance guy Langley was requesting a copy of the title. We do not have the title yet because previous owner had a loan that we are paying off. We will need to go with our financing and you can refinance once you get the first bill. It is a simple interest loan with no pre-payment penalty. Also I signed 2 financing contracts. One for Langley and one for their backup financing.
  5. I purchased a car on Saturday from a used car dealer. I was already pre-approved with Langley Federal and the dealer convinced me that since Langley wouldn't send them payment on Saturday that I could apply with them for "back up financing" so I could drive the car off the lot and they will send over the sales documents to Langley. I receive a call from Langley this morning advising that the only thing they need to close my loan is a front and back copy of the car title. I emailed the finance guy at the dealership and he responds back that they don't have the car title so now I have to accept their financing. I'm in Georgia and I did a quick Google search that seems to indicate that selling a car that you don't have a title to is illegal. What steps should I take at this point?
  6. Nice! I received a 8k cli on my Rewards Visa. Also as a data point my EQ had a collection account when I opened my account with Penfed 1.5 years ago, but my report is clean now. I am also pretty sure that this is the first quarter that my EQ was clear, so I don’t think it’s coincidence I received an offer this time.
  7. I had a 2008 C/O with USAA. I was able to open a checking and savings account over the weekend without any issues. Has anyone tried to apply for a CC yet?
  8. "Dempsey estimates he has spent about $100,000 so far in arbitrating his case with Citibank.....The original amount of the dispute? Less than $150 in fees." I think he has crossed the line between being principled and being stupid.
  9. I just received my first CLI from $3000 to $4500 at exactly 89 days.
  10. I applied on Saturday and received a hard as well. OP posted bad info.
  11. In my experience 30 day and 60 day lates drop off right at 7 years. For example I have an auto loan that I paid off in 8/2010 that was 30 days late in 11/2008, 3/2009, 4/2009, 1/2010, and 2/2010. So far every late payment has dropped off at 7 years, so the only lates currently reported on the trade line are from 1/2010 and 2/2010.

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