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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know of a company that prints product labels and has net terms? Thanks!
  2. tried GOALS25 to update my eq and it doesn't work..
  3. i was given FICO1312 for 10% - but i used the MW01 for 20% just now and it worked.
  4. I talked to my local Wachovia branch today and told him straight up my TU score was a 676 and he told me that was good and to come on in. I am going in tomorrow. He said he could try for a no doc $25K line.
  5. it reports on both of mine...
  6. the most ideal would be to have a private board for members who have obtained certain levels of credit and/or paydex/experian score and high trade lines. it can't be by date joined. maybe we could fax in our dnb report to whoever moderates it.. i don't know. but i do agree it can't go by the join date. i don't think it is such a half bad idea. it would actually in the long run help new people who are just starting to build biz credit.
  7. whatever you do.. do NOT go thru LADCO!!! they are a nightmare. i go thru card service international now for years and have been happy.
  8. the 15K hit my account yesterday... they said 3 days but it took 1 day. very quick to fund. i wouldn't recommend anyone try to apply for this until you have some good lines reporting... like five figure trade lines+ and some good payment history. i got approved for this easy for 15K NO PG and i have tradelines of 25k+ on dnb (80 paydex) and 25k+ on biz exp (97 score). i don't think dizy meant anything personal to newbies trying to build their credit... just take some time before going for one like this is all. i wouldn't go after this unless you have good year of timely payments and/or five figure tradelines reporting.. not that you couldn't get it with less... but you have a better chance at a higher approval amount if you take time and build first. just my 2 cents...
  9. Man was short for MANifesto not targeting your gender It's nice to knw though lmao - never even thought of that possibility... sorry about that.
  10. they ended up bumping my 10K to 15K. after the approval for 10 i asked for 15 and it was approved. No PG. Again.. this is for the loan - not the lease. it should be transfered to my account by monday. in biz since 1999... 97 experian biz and 80 paydex - high trade line 25K. oh ya - also.. i am a WOman - not a man
  11. it says this code is not valid or expired.
  12. i was approved for this also for $10K no pg - corp. only. they are checking to see if they can get me $15K. 13.99% also.
  13. thanks tazy - i will chk into that. i haven't even talked to the potential company yet - so i will find out tomorrow. thanks again! ] happy holidays everyone!

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