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  1. Just a quick update. I paid Blink directly the amount alleged since I didn't want to deal with the removal process once they report. After paying, I sued Blink for charging me while my membership was suspended and I got back the full amount. I then sued them for 2 TCPA violation (Blink called me from an auto dialer) and received $750 for compensation; not a lot but definitely worth the experience.
  2. Yes there were no hard inquiries so far not for the the initial approval nor for the increase.
  3. Hi, I recently applied for a new Amex blue cash, and they approved me for 9,800, I called in for an increase and they gave me 20,000, my highest limit so-far. Interestingly enough there is no hard-pull on any of the bureaus. Has anyone else had such an experience?
  4. Thank you mfarmer for the revisions. I read the the link you posted I cant seem to find any restriction on gym membership dues, can you be more specific which part you're referring to?
  5. Hi all, I signed up for a gym membership at Blink Fitness, I never actually used the facilities except once. my card got hacked and the auto pay stopped subsequently, after a while a received a call from a collection agency called "Aldous and Associates" collecting the debt from the contract I breached from Blink. I obviously requested a verification letter, and got back the original contract I have with Blink. Here is the letter I am am about to send out. feel free to comment if something is wrong there. I hope its gonna work, and that some will find it informative. Dear Sir/Madam @ Aldo
  6. Creditchecktotal.com you can get 50% off when you call in to cancel.
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