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  1. It won't be reported late to the credit bureaus until it's actually 30 days late, but failing to pay at least the minimum payment by the due date will hurt your internal scoring with that creditor, and can result in adverse action by that creditor. No to mention get you slammed with late fees.
  2. "30+ Days LATE". Instantly tanking your scores, btw. Empty out the sofa cushions and car floorboards before you pay less than the minimum.
  3. UPDATE: that "Creditnet" post made me curious. I had to do the "forgot password", but luckily still have the same email addy (I won the domain). My original fascination with you guys began on...drum roll, please... May 15, 2001 on Creditnet.com. Boy do I feel old.' I browsed some of my old posts/thread. Several of my first ones were with GEORGE, Breeze, and LKH, Mother of 3, and so on. I couldn't even open a checking account due to Chex Systems, but within weeks of chatting to these guys and others, I found my courage and the rest is history! Back down memory lane!
  4. GEORGE would pop into a conversation and post the most cryptic one or two word reply. The first post always made everyone scratch their heads. But then when he dained to elaborate, he'd go the other direction and post a long, elaborate follow-up explanation....and the light bulb came on in your head and you thought, "man this guy is a genius." We got used to the caps-lock...even looked for it, because GEORGE didn't often reply frivolously.
  5. I didn't read that whole thread, but I did notice that Breeze and LKH are in there... Is CB a spinoff? I wouldn't call it a spinoff but the CB owners were all members at creditnet before starting CB. After some disagreements with management there, we left and started CB. Oh yeaaaaaah! That's where it started! I forgot...again. I started over there and when things went kablooey, I got the word and migrated. That explains why my join date was so near the beginning. Dang, it's been some 15 years. Where did the time go?
  6. Wow, just looking at some of the title of the threads I can definitely see the difference regarding inqs then vs now. I am assuming that disputing inqs were all the rave back then. Indeed they were. But it absolutely made sense back then, and depending on your technique could make a huge difference in your FICOs. I remember more than one poster back then for whom it made the difference of qualifying for a mortgage and continuing to rent for X more years. Hadn't realized how "original" a member I was...or perhaps I'd just forgotten. My profile says "Member since February 11, 2003". And I know I lurked a few weeks before I joined. Funnily, even then I, at first I felt like a Newbie among seasoned veterans. Ha! Good times, Good times.
  7. What a great feeling! You deserve it. Congrats!
  8. Well done, Breeze. I was too lazy to do it for myself. Thanks!
  9. Sorry Hope, didn't get the part about "Now Farm Bureau", would you please explain?My guess would be that Farm Bureau business cc did report to personal credit in a bad way. Actually, I suspect that if Citi business cards go bad with a PG, they'll find their way to a personal report. Nah, what I meant is that Farm Bureau mostly definitely does report to your personal credit file. It's hubby's and a perfect pay record, but a major purpose of getting biz credit is that it's hidden from the prying eyes of your personal creditors who would quake at the intermittent high balances. Not to mention what those high balances do to your utilization. We cried wolf at them when they reported it immediately upon opening the account years ago. Especially since it had a brand spanking new BT on it nearly maxing the (very high) credit line. Tanked his scores something fierce just before a commercial loan review. They played dumb and said it was Farm Bureau policy and why should they report it on personal. I scrambled to re-arrange LOCs, PIF'd them within the week and shut them down. Now it sits closed on his file for another year or 2 with a one month history, high limit, high former balance. Take that!
  10. Same here. Now Farm Bureau. ...Grrrr! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk so expect incredibly strange wording and sentence structure!
  11. OMG, you guys! I hadn't looked at this in...well 10 years! But I was reading through my old posts and came across this one. I still remember it "getting hot up in here". Glad it can still help someone. LKH, GEORGE and all the rest of us. Good times! Good times!

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