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  1. Thanks. I actually got this taken care of with executive escalation. For the future though what do you do when the CSR 'can't accept payment' due to the computer not letting them since it's in collections? Just mail them a check anyway and hope they cash it. If they cash it consider it paid? Should I include a letter with it or just straight up mail the check? I read your process. What prevents the CA from simply reporting 'paid in full'? That's just as bad.
  2. I agree. I do find that with most things I 'sign up for' I don't actually sign a contract. Take AHS. I never signed anything. I simply called the 1800 number and signed up. They did send me a contract but it was after the fact. I have no idea of their cancellation policy other than 'call the number'. Same goes for my auto insurance. I just call the 1800 number. There is no 'signing'
  3. Point taken. To be honest in the era of computers I throw most of my mail and paperwork away. Take car or homeowners insurance. I rely on the fact that I can call the 1800 number, give them my SSN, and they find my account or I file a claim on the portal. If I need a copy I demand they send it over PDF and they typically do. Bad habit I know and I will be better about that. In the future if I were to pay a CA say Nationwide. Is there anything that prevents them from reporting "paid in full" when there was no report to begin with. That's what I wanted to avoid.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Apparently my EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb) worked. A lady from executive relations reached out to me and said she's having accounting reach out to Nationwide to cease collections. I followed up asking if I owe anything directly and will they 'sell' it to another agency. Hopefully this serves as written proof this matter is settled. Out of curiosity how would you deal with it in the event my EECB didn't work? Pay Nationwide? The general advice here is never never pay a CA without a 'pay for delete' or written confirmation they won't repo
  5. CB, In Jan of 2020 I had intended to cancel my subscription to American Home Shield, a home warranty company. My credit is impeccable, in the 800s and I want to keep it that way. The short story is: In Jan of 2020 I received a courtesy call stating my account had payment issues. I updated my CC info over the phone and told them to zero my account and cancel. The CSR couldn't do it and said someone would contact me from cancellations. They never did. I have no proof of this. In Feb and March I received a call and told them to cancel me every time. They
  6. It's reported as 2012 though. That's the problem. I'm getting a lot of conflicting advice. I want it off! The CA likely reaged or att reported it wrong. I need a plan of what dispute path to take. Can I 623 the CA and then threaten them for reaging?
  7. Nah, with the new reporting standards even the JDB's have to list the OC name and type of business it was. if this goes back to 2012, it' was sold. and it's past the SOL for Florida - 4 years SOL on Services. 4 years under Store charge cards ( CC"s only good at one retailer ) 5 year SOL on CC's unless there is a choice of Law for another state which has a shorter SOL ) Why does it matter if it was sold or not? Besides the obvious how can I absolutely tell that it was sold? Should I 623 that now since they own it.
  8. 2010 is the dofd. So what is my end goal with a 623? If they investigate and give me the correct dofd then I pressure the CA to report that? Do I use it as leverage to threaten them with reaging? Also why would I 623 the original creditor when I can 623 the collection agency who will likely not want to do the investigation for 40 bucks or whatever it is. Do I just Google AT&T legal department?
  9. The CA is reporting it. How do I know who owns it? Take a look at the item. Bought this from EQ. http://m.imgur.com/hzwNSc6
  10. So if I go the 623 route why would I do it to the OC and not the CA? See my reasons above. Should I even try a DB?
  11. If they do not respond to a DV does that mean I can present the fact that they did not respond to DV to a CRA and they will remove it? No, you have to dispute directly with the CRA. **Texas, for example, requires removal of a debt if the CA/JDB does not respond and validate. Check your individual state law to see if it expands the FDCPA with additional requirements. Correct although you technically have to initiate the dispute the CRA is obligated to remove it if they do not DV. What if I do not DV in a "timely" manner (30 days after the dunning notice)? You can still send the DV aft
  12. After performing some research I was told that a CA does not have to answer a DV. If they do not have to answer, whats the point? If they do not respond to a DV does that mean I can present the fact that they did not respond to DV to a CRA and they will remove it? What if I do not DV in a "timely" manner (30 days after the dunning notice)? I have a small bougs collection on my EQ and I want to try to get rid of it. The DOFD is reported incorrectly and there is a high probabaility they can not validate this debt since it's so old. I knew about this collection for a few years and the
  13. I posted in another forum about this. Apparently a CA doesn't have to DV per the FDCPA? The point of me wanting to dispute with the CA is to have them remove the item due to pressure from illegally reporting a debt. If I give the correct info to the CRA won't they just correct the TL or verify\not verify the debt with the CA? Can I demand they cease collection activities and cite them reporting false information? I certainly (or at least hope) it is illegal for a debt collector to simply report whatever they want to a CRA or try to collect on a debt that is false hence the ability to m
  14. How can I "prove" 2010 if their computers say 2012? Should I call the OC and have them fax\email me records relating to my account? So what should I do first? DV with the CA? Dispute with CRA? Both? The first thing you should do is dispute the date with the CRAs. Are you sure the 2012 date is being reported as the DOFD and not "date opened"? It is the DOFD. I purchased a report directly from EQ fro $10.50. The CA is not reporting anywhere else. http://i.imgur.com/hzwNSc6.jpg What is your reasoning behind disputing with the CRAs and not the CA itself and de
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