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  1. I've been locked out of TU and EQ for years. I have to mail in the app to request it. I get the same error message-- that the "information is incorrect".
  2. Hi there, ok I can assist you as well. Guaranteed net 30, no PG: Labor Ready- (sign up for a vendor account online) Strategic Network Solutions- http://stntsol.com/business_credit.php Uline shipping Products - Uline.com azsnacks.net (There's more, and I'll add as I find them- seem to be suffering from brain fart syndrome!!) Hopefully I didn't put in duplicates of any other vendors- I didn't read the rest of the thread!!! :-)
  3. Funny, I was just reading about this at Bankrate's website this morning... My curiousity was sparked when I received a notice with my Walmart bill that they were jacking up the interest rates on their store cards to some ridiculous rate, but the consumer can choose to "reject" this hike.. In doing so, like George says, they will close your account, which will allow you to pay off the balance... Sure looks good so far right? NOT.... Unless you can pay it off in time before the hike, your credit will take a ding.... If you choose to just suck it up and keep your card, but pay it off faster with the hike, then of course you'll be paying more out of pocket, and they get more money out of you, the on-time paying customer..... Is this a way to offset their other customers who have slipped into default and cost them money? Is it US, the on-time paying customers that have to make up for their losses because of their "choices"??? (half awake, hope that makes sense) Did I mention I HATE GEMB?????? I have some major gripes about GEMB, most which are not related to this thread, but I can't wait until the reignes (sp??) are pulled tight on them. I'm still up in the air over how I can pay this off within 45 days... I have to refi my bike first with USAA (yet another GEMB) before that promotional balance time period is up... (Dec)... Carry on.....
  4. Oops, chiming in a little late, but anyway.. First of all congrats! What did you decide to do? What I did was take advantage of a Honda GEMB interest rate offer for two yrs- and just spend most of that time making huge monthly payments and then refi with USAA.. Probably not too smart considering what Marv said above about maxing out utilization. (if you max out the credit limit on it).. I didn't, but close enough.... I def say the credit unions have the most bang for your buck. <-- CBR 600RR here.. Love that stupid thing.
  5. I got the letter too, even though my account was closed in 05/08. So far so good, but it def didn't hurt to place a fraud alert on there. How could they allow this to happen a second time?
  6. You can request validation from an OC, however, they are not required to provide it. Just keep that in mind when requesting that information.
  7. Stay away from a CA when it comes to hospital bills. Get a hold of the hospital billing dept directly regarding this bill and handle paying them directly, not the CA. Refer to Whychat's info on this.
  8. Be VERY careful with Crap1. They have the tendency to update inaccurate info to more inaccurate information when you dispute with the CRA's. Oh and re-age.
  9. bump/.... I recieved an initial dun from them two weeks ago from an OLD number I had over 7 yrs ago and it wasn't with Verizon and I didn't owe squat. LOL I just put together a FOAD letter.. Reports were clear last I checked a week ago. Guess I should keep my eye on this in case I need to report this to the Il AG. I'm pretty pissed off that Verizon would go so low to do this to their customers (or past customers, or a customer list off of another company they bought)
  10. Bump! I'm waiting for the scan! I can't wait to see this!!!
  11. I had a merchant at a gas station tell me the minimum was $7.50 for CC purchases. I remember it was against VS/MC policies and I mentioned it. He said nothing but stuck to his guns.. So my question is, say you call Visa to report this incident... Do they do anything about it??
  12. Hi and Congrats! ( I just saw your PM).. Very cool- nice ride! I just refinanced a couple of months ago with USAA and dropped that interest rate way down. Look over your Honda financing to make sure there's no prepayment penalties. Mine had that for the first 12 months, so I waited until I had paid on my bike for a yr, then that same month, I refinanced.

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