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  1. Hmmm... I don't seem to be worthy of this offer - I don't see it on either of my Freedom cards :-(
  2. I'm always wary of people whose entire iris is visible. I call it "crazy eyes."
  3. Good lord, 7 years to pay off a car! That's just insane. Buy a cheaper car. I bought my last two cars new. The first one I paid off in 3 years and drove for 17 years total (and 390K miles). My current one I paid off in 4 years (46 months, actually) and it's 6 years old now. I'm shooting for another 12 on this one :-)
  4. You have to have had the card for at least one year.
  5. This is funny reading this 13 years later about how hard it was to get one and how it had no future lol. I wonder if it was so hard to get because it was started by Sears? I recall back in the '80s that a Sears store card was really hard to get. I got approved for an Amex card before Sears approved me. Granted, Sears had sold Discover by 2006, but maybe Morgan Stanley continued Sears's underwriting criteria. And of course these days Discover is apparently the most widely-accepted... not anywhere in the western world, but because China. It's on the UnionPay network there. I still don't have one. Can't think of any reason to get one. But if they brought back Carte Blanche, in its original livery (white card with blue script), I'd so jump on that...
  6. Agreed, get a secured card from a major issuer (BofA, disco, your local bank) vs. a subprime POS bank like First Premier etc. Try to deposit $1,000 or more - 3 figure credit lines are ugly. If not, do what you can and work it up to 4 figures.
  7. If her FICOs are >800 then who gives a %&!t what Crap One says? Sock drawer that subprime POS 💩 Unfortunately, it looks like she used up all her 5/24 slots in her app spree and has to wait 2 years to get another Chase card but she's way better off with her new ones!
  8. Who's to say collections won't come after her for that 19K, getting a judgment and wage garnishment? Can she pay that *and* the $40K you plan on lending her? (that's basically what co-signing is, really). Never Co-sign.
  9. Looks like he said 10% Ouch! On a 48-month note that would make a payment of $1,100+ and cost $10K in interest. But with what I read as an income of $14K/mo. I guess that's manageable.
  10. FICO 8 pretty accurately tracks with all those other score models. If your FICO 8 is "Very Good," all the rest of them will likely be in the same range, or close enough. All of yours are over 700, so you're good for pretty much any credit card you want assuming there are no derogs on your reports. Oddly, I think Chase, one of the major prime credit card issuers, uses the Vantage Score. And that one tracks pretty much along with FICO 8. The numbers may be different, but "Good" "Very Good" and "Excellent" ranges will be similar enough. You can watch FICO 8 and be fairly sure all the other models are tracking along with it. It's the standard.
  11. Oh, Lord. That's certainly ugly. The basic deal is they can either pay the loan. default on the loan, or go bankrupt. What to do depends on whether they are employed and how much they make. And what their future plans are: Buying a house? Pay it. Do they already have a place to live, and not need good credit for the next 7-10 years? Maybe dump it or go bankrupt. If they are reasonably well-employed, it may be best just to keep paying as much as they can and get that ugly POS paid off. Assuming that turd of a car still runs. If it does, the last thing they need is a new one. They'll need to keep driving it until it drops. I'll follow and watch for the buyer's order and lending agreement... Tough job no matter what, tho.
  12. Contrary to popular belief, Chase and other prime card issuers couldn't give a rat's butt about what other tradelines she has. All they care about is whether they're paid as agreed, and for how long. CrapOne, First Premier, whatever. We on this site seem to care a LOT: "Oh, Lord Forbid! There's a (Discover Card/Comenity/CrapOne/Merrick/Whatever) card in your credit report!!! OMG! You'll never get a prime card!!!!" BS. I still have a $1,200 secured card from one of the crappiest subprime banks. Chase approved two cards totalling $35K in credit line when that and a Visa for $10K were the only tradelines I had. On the same day. Nobody who matters cares who's on her credit report or what the limits are. All that matters for prime issuers is no derogs and good FICO. + good HHI which you have. Don't sweat it.

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