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  1. Of course, an increase in revolving debt *could* mean people don't have as much cash on hand. But you never know.
  2. It seems with a FICO >740 you can get any credit product you want at the best interest rate. Same as having an 850 FICO. The only variable is mortgages as stated in the article - best to avoid new credit for as long as possible before applying.
  3. He never got around to what happened with the bananas! I expected a report of Chiquita ads on his facebook or something...
  4. All of those with monthly fees ... Dump those turds right now! Like, this minute! Keep the Amex Blue, assuming it's no AF. It's an Amex. Good history. Actually, you may as well keep the Crap One and Comenity as well, there's no AF so no harm to hang on to them. But forget about waiting 'til the annual fee to cancel those monthly fee dogs. Dump them now. Just my humble opinion :-)
  5. Stupid name, but that's equivalent to 9.5% cash back for me!
  6. Dang, that sounds even worse than my worst, which was pretty bad. It was back when my credit was really bad... (how bad was it? I got denied for a secured card.). I'm pretty sure it was a First Premier or something like CreditChica's above, and it came with a whopping $300 credit limit which was reduced to $201 in available credit due to the $99 "program fee." Then it cost something like $9/month for the "maintenance fee." $195.00 annual fee for a $300 CL. I'm sure the APR must have been 99.9% too lol it was a real turd. It was a very happy day when I called them up and closed that steaming POS.
  7. I was gonna say the same thing - the best way to get a CLI from Chase is to get another card. They are weird that way: They my decline an increase, but they'll approve a new card with a much higher limit. I had a $5K Freedom and when I applied for a Freedom Unlimited it came with a $20K limit. I didn't bother transferring any of the CL to the Freedom tho. All I use that card for is the 5% categories which are limited to $1,500 per quarter anyway.
  8. Just got a Chase Sapphire Preferred $19K 60K UR points SUB w/ $4K spend / 3 months 758 FICO 8 Just in time for one trip cross country, and another overseas!
  9. LOL the dude had 10 accounts with a total of $51K+ exposure... "Guess I'm officially out of the Comenity club as well." Who would want to be in a club with a bunch of losers like Comenity? lol good riddance. Good Lord, if I were a crap subprime outfit like Comenity I wouldn't want $51K+ exposure to a subprime borrower either and would shut that shite down too!
  10. Jeezus, 8 years??? That idiot's gonna be paying $52K for a stupid truck! Cripes, you can get a perfectly serviceable 8-year-old F150 that a working man can earn money with for about $10-12K - half the payment and it's done in 3 years! Man, Dave Ramsey sure is right about one thing...
  11. Los Angeles
  12. Whoopee, a new useless form of "money."

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