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  1. That's what I like about my small local bank. I can go in there and do my banking, and I don't have to endure a #$@ing sales pitch every &*$#ing time. And my credit card with them had contactless six years ago. And Chip&PIN too (very useful overseas and I travel a lot). Chase and AmEx *still* don't have that. And they have plenty of quarters. I bought 10 rolls last week. My friends who bank with the big banks say they either can't get any, or they were limited to one lousy roll. There's no reason to bank with huge banks. I'd rather be a big fish in a small pond. "Next client in line, please." lol I don't wait in line, and they call me Mr. Muso, not "next client."
  2. I own a 7.5 year old paid-for Subaru, and my FICO 8 is 768. Chicks love it lol.
  3. LOL, now THAT is credit sluttiness! Greyhound card rofl
  4. I suppose the International Congress of Intaglio Printing Press Operators will sign on soon... But sometimes cash is good. It should be accepted everywhere. I mean, what if want to be discreet while I'm at the... how shall I say... ahem, "toy" store, looking to get a special, um, "novelty item" for my girlfriend...
  5. I'd never rent anything of mine to anyone else, including my house, unless I was OK with it getting broken.
  6. The only store-only card I have is one from B&H Photo (Synchrony underwrites it). It charges 29.99% lol I def. pay that one in full. But it pays my sales tax - not "doesn't collect" sales tax, but actually pays it. There's a BIG difference - it means I don't owe Use Tax at the end of the year. Where I live, that's a 9.5% bonus on spend, for electronic stuff that is usually high-dollar items that rack up hefty sales taxes. None of my regular cards even comes close to 9.5%. So I made an exception for that one store.
  7. I had a feeling that would happen. A lot of these places that advertise high yields drop them pretty fast after they get your money. That's one thing I appreciate about AmEx savings - true their rate has come down since I first opened the account (from 2% APY to 1% APY), but it happened in smaller increments, over a much longer period of time. They just seem to be a more serious bank. Less flashy, but they don't BS around as much either.
  8. muso

    Capital One

    Ugh, Crap One. Crap One is a subprime card issuer that got into the higher-end card market late. So their exposure to defaults is probably a lot higher than the prime issuers like Chase et al. I'm not surprised that they're cutting back credit lines overall. Personally, I don't like their cards, probably for somewhat irrational reasons tho... "Capital One" glaring out of my wallet just has that stink of subprime all over it, even if it's one of their Venture cards or whatever. It just smells bad, like a prime card from First Progress would. I guess it's because I've _been_ subprime before, and I never want to go back! lol
  9. I'd tell her to check their credit reports monthly (both his and hers) as part of the total financial plan. That way she'll find the card herself, and both my niece and I would be off the hook.
  10. "The combined lines were 186k. The balances on them were 211k. " So you are $25,000.00 over your credit limit? If that is the case, do you really have to ask why Chase closed your accounts?
  11. A Crap One lounge eh? Prolly will have sawdust or peanut shells on the floor.
  12. Sync must hate me... I have a $13K B&H Photo Payboo card (B&H refunds sales tax with this card, which in my case is 9.5% cash back). I've spent over 10K on it in the last few months and always paid in full, so they never got a dime of their 29.99% interest rate. Then there's another $10K with PayPal Credit, on which I ruthlessly use their 6-months no interest feature, and *always* pay off in 6 months. I even have a 24-month no interest purchase going with them right now too. I've never paid Sync a dime in interest. We'll see if they make any changes to my accounts...
  13. " And $170 is not a random amount. The numbers — one, seven, zero — add up to eight. “In Asia, eight is the number of wealth,” Orman explained." Good grief, people actually listen to her?
  14. My 2-year-old PayPal credit line is showing on all 3 reports now. It didn't have much effect on my FICO scores though, probably because it's over 24 months old, and because the util on it is low. I didn't get any alerts or anything, it's just there now.

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