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  1. Hi, I have searched hi and low and I am unabe to find any information. By chance is their a email or fax number handy for reconsiderations with chase? Thank you
  2. All the other errors have been corrected with Ex. Back door with Ex and Eq show in dispute. TU is the one that never showed anything in dispute at this point.
  3. ​Hello Why Chat, ​I'm back on the grind with my credit repair journey, after a long several month family emergency. ​*I had sent out all my initial dispute letters via USPS PM with tracking, ​*All CRA received them on Friday Feb. 10 *All updated statuses to be "in dispute" except Transunion. I checked the back door and nothing shows as disputed. To be sure I paid for a Transunion report only to see nothing has or was disputed and everything is as was. ​*The only thing they updated was credit report generated on 02/12/2017 and status updated on 02/27/2017 and dispute status says N/A ​* One month will be up on March 13, and that is allowing a couple extra days from date they got. ​So my question is since I have proof of them having my dispute and nothing was done, Do I have any options open to me? Thank You for your wisdom as always
  4. Good Morning Why Chat, I have filed the compliants to the FTC and CFPB and have completed the follow up letters to the CRA (EX) how long does it usually take before you are even aware that they have it? * sorry just a little anxious*
  5. Okay will do, Yes both other CRA removed them with no issues, Ex would not remove any "personal" info from snail mail disputes as per the process. I will file the complaints thank you I will update.
  6. Why Chat, Yes a few different names, other than my maiden name (which is listed on my medical) such as Jr at the end. A totally different last name and also missed spellings of my maiden name. Two variances in SS, I have froze the report however, I did not see anything such as accounts, inquiry's or such ( maybe too outdated). one SS variance was my late husbands(assuming they had us joint due to a few joint accounts) There are also a few address differences, either the address doesn't even exist and one I have never lived and a PO BOX that I never set up. I followed the guides precisely as you have recommended. Any other suggestions?
  7. Hi, I am new and have been lurking for quite some time. This Board is super amazing and very informative. I have several medical accounts that I am wanting to dispute. I had temp State insurance Medicaid, and was not aware that these were not paid. I have started Why Chat's Guides. 1- Opted- out 2- ordered reports ​3- ordered supplies from USPS 4- Disputed old names and addresses, EQ and TU deleted old addresses and name variances, EX will not budge, they will not remove any information only updated that one old addresses is now a commercial location?( I have sent 2 Dispute letters) snail mail. ​5- I have a total of 15 accounts with 3 CA (Financial Data System, PMAB, and Franklin). ​6_ I have triaged my reports, and have created my initial dispute letters. I have not sent these yet, I was waiting to see if there is anything I can do to get EX to remove old Addy's 7- I have contacted my local DSS and they refuse to send me any information on EOMB. They are sending me information regarding Insurance dates. ​8-Im in NC and as far I can tell SOL for medical is 3 years, which I have just made the 3 year mark (thanksgiving is the last time I went in, put on life support, came home Dec 11, 2013. ​9- All medical dates on reports are all incorrect. ​What steps do I take next. Thank you very much for your guide.
  8. Thank you for this information I'm working on clean reports I'm fixing to start whychat to dispute some medical, I will keep all options open thank you very much for taking the time to help, also my father is military so that shouldn't be a problem. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  9. ​Happy Wednesday... ​Besides the 3 major CRA What are the names of the other Agencies? I found them yesterday and now I cant locate them ​Sorry for any trouble ​Thanks for any assistance! Would it be worth freezing them also AP
  10. Tmcgill, Suntrust was a year ago and BBT was almost 3 years ago. I'm in Wilmington, NC Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  11. Non military, and zip code 28409/28412 if that helps... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks so much for the information, could you advise me of any banks that don't use chexsystems Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  13. ​Hi, I have received my Chex systems report. I had an unfortunate issue with SUNTRUST bank. While Disputing fees that they placed on my account, they sent me to collections. I made arrangements and paid in FULL the balance owed thinking it would be removed from my report without knowing any better. ​ It is still there showing as PAID IN FULL, will this affect me going further? ​Also, I am showing an account from BBT which I was only the co-signer never used the account and was not aware it was closed or had a balance. Is their a way to dispute this item also? or am I just stuck paying the balance to have it showing as PAID. ​I currently do not have any bank accounts I am on SS and receive my funds via prepaid card. When I began to have concerns and issues with SUNTRUST I had my DD switched. ​Any information would be most valuable as I am trying to make sure that all of my reports are clear across the board. ​Thanks

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