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  1. Thanks CV, appreciate it!!! Thank you, Kat!!!
  2. Great, thanks! Gives me an idea what to shoot for then. Appreciate it, Joe You're welcome Joe. First thing I did before anything was read, read and read some more. In my old age, I have gained a wealth of information from everyone on here. I am now sitting on 800's plus across the board in a years time. I could not have done it without this forum.
  3. When I applied 1/7/17 my score across the bored was mid 650. I had an NFCU I applied for on 9/16 and no other open accounts, a few medicals, a state tax lien and an old, closed JCP acct from 1995. I got lucky, though, it shows on my reports that they closed in 2012 in good standing, which wasn't the case. In Jan 2017, I applied for Cap1, Amex and Chase Freedom and got approved for all. Since then I've added Chase Freedom Unlimited. I will now sit back and garden for awhile.
  4. Awesome!! AMEX will grow nicely as you age your account. Always 3x CLI, but be wary when approaching $25k as you might get the dreaded 4506-T if asking for more than that. Congrats. Thanks Who! I think I'm set now for a few years.
  5. I opened my BCE on 1/1/17 they approved me for $500. By using suggestions here, I requested ​3X on 3/32/17, increased to 1500. 9/12/17 approved for 4500. I just request 3x and was approved for 13,500. I could have never been where I'm at without the help of all of the knowledge of those of you on this board. Thanks so much!
  6. Chase did this to me to when I applied last month, however they apparently caught their mistake and had one of the HPs removed. They must have done the same with me. I checked report tonight and the duplicate pull was no longer there.
  7. I agree Hegemony. I have been doing a lot of reading on here a little over a year. But is it common to get 2 for 1 app ​from one CRA in a 5 minute conversation with the csr?
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