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  1. Thanks so much HD for digging this up. Come to think of it, when I had upgraded almost two years ago from Everyday Card to Everyday Preferred I vaguely recall being told basically the same thing by Amex.
  2. DH had his second dose of Pfizer yesterday. Waited 1-1/2 hours after arriving on time for his appointment. Vaccination site is at a high school that just opened back up for in class instruction so it was a cluster. So far DH has experienced just some typical tiredness, slight elevated temperature and sore arm.
  3. I trust the service advisor. He double checks the mechanical work and is extremely popular with his customer base. I am confident the alignment was after the new tires installation.
  4. Yokohama tires from dealership were cheaper than Big O Tires with dealer sale and 10% discount. So, I did not get reamed.
  5. The biggest expense was for the replacement of the cracked front arm bushings which required an alignment afterwards. Yes tires from the dealership. DH said they were a bit on the high side but if I would have had it done elsewhere, I would be paying for alignment twice (once after bushings and once after new tires). The Versa Note has been a good little urban car. I am trying to maintain it so it may last for years.
  6. I realize this thread usually relates to high end luxury cars but this is about my Versa Note which is on the opposite end ;-). Just got through showing some love maintenance to the Note with new front arm bushings with alignment, serpentine belt and four new tires. Cost is right under $1500 at the dealership. I used my new cc with 12 months interest free. So I will be throwing money at that card to pay it off and in the meantime, I am tightening spending to accomplish that.
  7. Last summer while visiting my brother in CO it was getting very difficult for me to lift the heavy steel lid to the bear proof trash bin. Having arthritis in my wrist didn't help either. During my most recent visit last month and since doing planks, I took a bag of trash out to the trash bin dreading lifting the lid. I was surprised how effortless it was to lift the lid. Those planks work wonders.
  8. I was just worried it may be perceived by Amex as venturing into the M$ territory that could result in adverse action.
  9. Request them on your next first class flight. ;-}
  10. If you were to have a bad reaction it should only last a day or two. You should be fine.
  11. How soon can I downgrade again before pissing off Amex? Doesn't the AF immediately hit the freshly new account? Thanks!
  12. It's starting to report as of today. Thanks for the tip on downgrading the EDC. I had forgotten about that.
  13. How can this rank assigned to me of Shaky Little Old Lady be removed?
  14. I was approved for the Amex Blue Cash Preferred cc in January but Amex moved some on my credit limit I had on my Everyday Preferred over to the new Blue Cash Preferred. I called customer service and requested all but $1K of my credit line in the Everyday Preferred Card be transferred over to the new Blue Cash Preferred which they did. Eventually I plan on closing the Everyday card so I won't have two AF cards. So far Amex has not reported the new card to any of the CRA's so it appears like I have a CLD. Is this normal? Do two separate cc's from the same issuer report differently.
  15. I hope that's the case. 🙂
  16. The article is alarming but not surprising.
  17. Written complaint sent to CA Public Health and local congressman. Would have sent to Consumer Bob at local TV station but website wasn't working properly. DH still feeling good after first dose of Pfizer vaccine.
  18. DH's blood pressure is up so for dinner was fresh steamed broccoli, spinach salad, lean hamburger with swiss cheese. Using swiss cheese in food because it's lower in sodium. Trying to keep sodium levels under 2000 mg's.
  19. My new Medicare card with Part-A only cause I'm keeping my private insurance. Next month I will officially be a senior citizen.
  20. DH got his first vaccine dose and everyone there was completely professional, caring and nice. I have a complaint though but it's not about them. We got to the vaccination site 35 mins early. There were only about 3-4 people in line waiting to be vaccinated. They started DH's intake mediately because they weren't busy. Once inside there were at least seven vaccination stations with vaccinators with no one to vaccinate. Yet the Myturn.ca.gov claims all is full and no openings. Hence the old lady shaky voice just so Kelly could get this appointment. I need to complain constructively and guessing
  21. Good Gawd it is now next to impossible to schedule a covid vaccine. So I secured an appointment for tomorrow with the county by calling 211 and turning on a fake old lady shaky voice. I also told them I do not have access to a computer so they made the appointment for me (well actually for my DH). I basically did the same thing in Colorado to get my brother's vaccine. At first they told me their was a 400 person waiting list. Turned on the old lady shaky voice and their tune changed to "How soon can you come in and what time."
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