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  1. What is amazing is the frequent contributor (important sounding title but seems to contribute by asking idiotic questions) doesn't seem to realize he/she could call up Capitol One to confirm the legitimacy of the vm.
  2. We have noticed a mouse running around the house a couple of times so when she gets bigger hopefully she'll take care of that.
  3. First you need to collect all three credit reports from EX, TU and EQ. You want to order hard copies directly from each credit report bureau. Paper copies sent to you from the CRA's include more information. Do not rely on reports from Credit Karma, etc. Find out what the Statute of Limitations (SOL) is in your state which can be found under the Why Chat tab here on Creditboards. List whether the debt is medical or not.
  4. Use Imur to upload the pics and then copy from the "Direct Link" tab.
  5. Just wait for when someone requests some Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Your head will implode.
  6. You have no grounds to open up a case. Your account was closed due to a $970 deficit and it's a good thing you paid it. Sounds to me BoA is reporting it correctly by indicating it is paid.
  7. Phantom debts parked on a report without any contact with the debtor. So easy to do too since most people don't know you should never object to a debt online with the CRA's. The CRA's just verify the debt based on the response from the collector.
  8. Have you ever let one account carry just a $2 - $5 balance to report and then stop doing that and paid all credit cards in full? I did that once when I was new to credit and had a thin file and my ficos went down. I remember calling Experian and they said if all revolvers show zero balance it is calculated in their system as if I hadn't used the credit (even though I did) and my fico score would go down. As advised, you need to get your reports to check how things are reporting over time and determine if anything has changed.
  9. Sounds like that Rosemary Mint Shampoo is pretty good. I may get some.

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