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  1. These delayed delivery packages should be named sprouts.
  2. In my experience I doubt Portfolio will attempt a reinsertion past SOL. I have received soft pulls from them periodically along with a letter in the mail. The letter states at the bottom due to the age of the account they will not sue or report to credit reporting agencies. I think Portfolio Recovery Associates paid a big fine years back for illegal credit reporting past the SOL too.
  3. I cut this out of the local paper in CO and placed it on the door to a business in the alley. We had witnessed an employee let their pooch relieve itself and the guy didn't clean up after it. Workers use that backdoor a lot and during the twelve days I was there no one removed the little flimsy paper sign. My brother told me days after I returned home it was still there. LOL!
  4. Picture I took recently in Colorado of wild Arnica daisies. I used Arnicare Gel (I prefer gel over cream) on my 97 year old client's legs to eliminate bruising. Elderly people bruise easily especially if they're taking blood thinners. In less than an hour the bruising started diminishing. If you have an elderly loved one you might find this helpful. It has no smell and you can buy it in any drug store. It is also noted for pain relief. My experience on myself is it is calming with mild pain elimination.
  5. Turns out I was right. This was the first time it took five days for a piece of mail to arrive after receiving a notice from informed delivery. Historically a piece of mail only arrived one or two days late. I am speaking from my personal experience. This is why I was so worried.
  6. Thanks goodness the letter was delivered today, late in the day. It was an important letter so I am relieved we have it. 😌
  7. Being the spouse and sole care giver of a disabled spouse who suffers relentlessly from chronic pain which results in little sleep, it had become imperative for me to monitor the mail. In addition when I was working I would be gone three consecutive days so informed delivery emails were vital to me while I was away. So to suggest that I have not been paying attention could not be further from the truth. With that said, I don't know where the blame lies with this missing and potentially important piece mail and nor do you. It may well be delivered to a neighbor who said screw it, and threw it away. Or it could be at the post office still and they are short handed and haven't delivered it yet.
  8. Yes that is true. We use to have problems with that years ago. Our mailbox was filled several times with someone else's mail. On two occasions I caught it just as the mailperson started to walk away and I gave it back and told him, "This is not such-and-such address." About five or six years ago I signed up for informed delivery and stopped having problems.
  9. CV luv you dude but your response is pretty much what I expected you to say. 😆 It is true though that I've never had this problem before and informed delivery has been my gage.
  10. Yesterday I took my son to The Challenge Center to be accessed by physical therapists for working out on their equipment. He practiced weight training and was so happy afterwards. He is so strong but due to his blindness he needs assistance with having the equipment set for him. Two female therapists worked with him and he charmed them without even trying. 😁 He is so pumped - literally, to return. This will be great for his anxiety and help with sleep.
  11. I belong to a Nissan Versa Note Owners FB group. Some of them spend a lot of money on accessories and my first impression was how asinine. However, they have given me great advice on servicing my Note. At least they don't do this in your picture.
  12. I received the welcome bonus quickly plus the rewards. I'm happy with US Bank.

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