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  1. It's my first time as well HD delving into PayPal payment methods.
  2. Sardines with cream cheese and Milton's crackers.
  3. New Discover IT card arrived. Set-up catagory for PayPal and Dining. Linked my Discover card to PayPal so I can purchase pet food at PetSmart and get 5% cash back.
  4. Next time @hegemony goes missing this may be what he's up to: How to redeem miles for space travel - The Points Guy
  5. Good advice. I also check my checking account to determine just when/if the debit took place. That way I'm fully armed if I have to make a call to the credit card company.
  6. Oh this is toooooo adorably funny. Love this little ol' hothead you posted.
  7. Had a great restroom on the 13th floor fully accessible by taking the stairs. Privacy baby. 😉
  8. My late mother worked in the Centre City Bldg built in the early 1900's in downtown San Diego. In its hay day it was the tallest high rise. It had 14 floors but the elevator would not take you to the 13th floor.
  9. It's not bad at all actually. Good to incorporate into a healthly diet to reduce heart disease too.
  10. HD I do like how you express your thoughts. I couldn't have said it better.
  11. For right now your main focus should be if your CO is still within the state SOL (statute of limitations) for a lawsuit and/or wage garnishment. If you pay in full the CO will change on your credit report to Paid CO. If you cut a deal with the creditor and pay an agreed partial amount, the same will be noted on your credit report but may have added language that a portion owed was written off. Either way, the credit reporting will remain on your credit report/s for 7 years.
  12. Good question and I've wondered the same. As the same thing happened to me last year. My newly acquired Amex card was charged immediately for an item, yet the item didn't ship for months. It was for a trival amount of $ but it irritated me just the same. The tracking online was useless as it just stayed in a "awaiting to be received by [foreign mail carrier] service" mode. I didn't want to dispute charges with Amex since I was brand new with them. Just thought it may leave a bad taste with them. So a couple of months later, long after I forgot about the order, it arrived. The FTC
  13. Any leads on who the shooter is?
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