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  1. My Barclay's card was taken over by Comenity. I am leary of them but the good news is I don't spend much on that card but $20 or $30 a month. The first time I ever called Comenity to discuss online access, etc., the real friendly rep asked me for my complete social security number over the phone. I thought that was kind of alarming. Usually I am asked only for the last four digits.
  2. I have always been of the assumption that opening up a new checking account anywhere would be auto traced via SSN. Especially government debt i.e. welfare,
  3. My DH and I had a blast back in 1999 at the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in CA. Then, the event went to Florida.
  4. Not sure if what I'm about to say is relevant or note worthy but for several years Chase would not prequalify me for a card. Even with having a checking account and decent credit reports. So one day I decided to hold my nose, close my eyes and take the plunge and I applied for the Freedom. Instant approval with the highest cl of all my cards. '
  5. I am really curious how this works out. Hopefully OP will tell us after the dust settles.
  6. My DH and I are still getting good use out of the $25 Walmart small microwave we bought five years ago. After the kids moved out and I retired, I decided we don't need a big microwave and this little thing is just fine. I'm aware this wouldn't be most people's cup of tea but it works for us.
  7. She is slowly adapting to it. This picture was taken the first day she used it and her breathing was labored (panting). Today she was more relaxed and two neighbors said she seemed to enjoy it.
  8. The last time we ate at an Olive Garden was in the early 2000's. Back then it seemed to be a thing because it was newer. Haven't ever been to Applebee's either. Sounds like we sure aren't missing much.
  9. Picked up a gallon of milk and paid with Amex at the Alta Dena Diary drive through. I checked my acct and they charged $8.00, Called them just now and they claim it is a charge from Amex but they'll reimburse me the difference between $5.99 and $8.00. '
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