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  1. I know, I know, it's not Friday but I didn't know where else to put this. LOL!
  2. Received another online account message that addressed my signup bonus. I was initially granted 10K points after spending $200. That was a mistake on Chase's part and thankfully I worked out where I will get the 75K points after spending $5K. The letter clearly spelled it out and I'm happy.
  3. I am rethinking Alliant CU. They now have zero AF on their 2.5% Cash Back Signature Visa. One must have a daily $1K balance sitting in their checking account for that rate. It wasn't just CV who bashed CU's. I can't remember who else but they're aIctive on CB's. I have a IRA with Alliant and a car loan that is just ready to be paid off.
  4. Interesting and good to know. Guess I was so use to reading opinions on CB's about the useless credit unions. I get it about cross colateration. So, if the market goes way south and the big banks get spooked, are you suggesting that credit unions won't slash limits if one is a good customer?
  5. I closed an Alliant credit union cc becaise it was of no value and only a $2500 credit line. I'll look into Navy.
  6. Pardon me for that empty reply. I was just saying that my DH and I are retired and are on fixed incomes. We are debt free but don't make a lot of money. So, I believe that is why I get low limits compared to others on this board.
  7. Comenity NFL CLI from $5K to $8K. Modest but a soft pull.
  8. I'll seriously look into Navy if I can get in. Meanwhile, Comenity (my oldest card) just gave me a modest instant CLI without a hard pull. Went from $5K to $8K. Maybe I'll give discover another try too.
  9. I reviewed my accounts and I have seven open credit cards amounting to $63,300.00: Amex EDC $2500 CL (limited thefted by Amex upon last CL request on my Amex Blue) Amex Blue $14100 CL Comenity NFL $5000 CL (oldest account) Discover $7000 CL (won't do CLI without hard pull Chase Southwest $8900 CL Chase Freedom $15800 US Bank Cash Plus $10000 CL My DH and I are both retired and on fixed income. We have no debts. I would like to increase the credit limit on Comenity since it's my oldest account but without a hard pull. The Amex EDC limit may increase without a hard pull but I don't want Amex to slash my credit limit on the Amex Blue.
  10. I have close to $60K in credit and have six credit cards. I never set out to have so many cc's but I chased the rewards and have benefited from that.
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