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  1. Calendar entries and reminders are what saves my behind. If the day comes where I forget to enter the data to be reminded I'll be toast.
  2. I had to look up NC's medical leave protections. I was skeptical of the part in the story where she lost her job due to a serious car accident. Apparently the state law has teeth only after being employed for a certain amount of time.
  3. A collection will remain on your credit report not more than 7 years and a couple months. Let's just say 7 years. Judgments are ten years I believe.
  4. Does her utility company offer reduced rates based on income? Food stamps is a very good option for her to check into. Senior housing would add an extra expense since she's living mortgage free. Might be helpful if a if responsible family member could move in to help with bills. How much is her Medicare coverage? It's open enrollment and there may be a better plan.
  5. Too bad, I was hoping to bring my emotion support rat in first class.
  6. Is she up to date on filing and paying all state and federal income tax? Sounds like she would get a refund after filing but I still had to ask.
  7. Years ago I called EX to inquire about how long a paid IRS charge off would remain on my report and the EX rep said she was just going to delete it. It was gone forever.
  8. Right now I we are giving her Science Diet provided by the CV Shelter. Do you remember the name of the Trader Joe's cat food Tad researched.?

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