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  1. So CV what time do you want us all over?
  2. I think some people like to try and bully and intimate staff too. I always tell workers to take care and stay safe. They have a very rough time right now.
  3. Is Kaiser aware you were billed separately after paying the copay? I would let them know.
  4. I don't understand. What's wrong?
  5. You could throw in some baked potatoes.
  6. Looks juicy which is good. Sear it.
  7. Searing should be done right away and then slow cook to keep juices in.
  8. I am no expert CV but in your situation right now I would look at it every now and then to determine the tenderness and how thoroughly it's cook.
  9. Too bad Kaley isn't online. She would know about smoking meat.
  10. This is very thought provoking for me and I am going to think hard on it.
  11. I just got approved for a US Bank Signature Cash that I am using for utilities cash back. I use my Amex Everyday card for grocery points. My husband and I are both retired and on fixed income so I have four cc's and that's enough. I don't want to get in over my head with cc's and I don't want to app right now because of my AAOA's. But being opted-out for years everytime I tried Chase's prequalify tool, it always came back with no prequalified offers. Now that I opted back in, I am getting offers. Weird, I know but I read about Chase being like that. If you like I will link the article. https://www.johnnyjet.com/chase-credit-card-offer/
  12. So I solved the mystery. It has been over two weeks since I opt-in and I tried Chase's prequalify tool and this time I was prequalified for Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, CSP and the other CSP 🤔. So because I was opt-out, I never prequalified for any Chase offers. I'm satisfied now. I don't want a Chase cc. Just wanted to test what was going on. I agree with Hege's comment above about what opting in and out means but apparently Chase is different.

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