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  1. I believe the monthly minimum direct deposit is $1500 for Chase and maybe Alliant. With the type of checking I have, maintaining a certain account balance doesn't matter as long as I'm not overdrawn.
  2. I have direct deposits in my Chase and Alliant checking accounts so I avoid having to pay maintenance fees. I am grateful for that.
  3. It's not too bad for a natural foods grocery store. Where they really shine is having the best prices for produce. 😊Today I bought one Roma tomato for 0.01 cent. They sell for .88 cents a pound. They have good prices on berries too. Their meats cost a little bit more than Vons or Ralphs. Their vitamins cost a small fortune. 🙄
  4. We need to try one of those Costco chickens someday. Last week we bought one from Sprouts and it wasn't too good.
  5. Your comment made me think about my onw situation I have ignored until now. I had no savings except retirement savings. I started looking closer at my finances and determined where I can reduce spending. I started putting $100 away in my CU savings account. The plan is to do this monthly. Thanks Vig for inadvertantly helping me get a little bit stronger financially.
  6. My brother's thoughts on taking up to seven months for a for profit medical transport business to send a bill, "What if I died?" Seriously though, a 72 year old male suffers a stroke and is transported via helicopter hundreds of miles, and the provider waits that long?
  7. High and mighty idiots just got lucky and stumbled on a trigger word or two.
  8. It is cringe worthy to watch a person repeat making bad financial decisions that results or will result in future hardships. Of course, I opened a Open Sky cc with a $200 cl when I decided to rebuild and it was a good decision. A lot of folks in the credit community thinks that was a ludocrous decision. It wasn't for me and it helped me get started. I wish that person better luck.
  9. And that ill-thought out reaction lacking research for the long term will be to that person's disadvantage.
  10. @hdporter what do you think about my 34 point Fico drop after paying off my car loan?
  11. Fun, fun, fun, NOT! Keep us posted on the outcome please.
  12. Finally the helicopter medical transport bill came in. It was sent almost seven months after the service. Everything checks out so it will be paid promptly. I believe it's notiable to mention bills such as these that arrive over six months after the service. There are a lot of people out who have forgotten about medical charges and are blindsided when a new medical bill arrives.
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