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  1. DH's Cap1 Platinum CLI from $1100 to $4100. Instant after one year. Six months ago Cap1 (without requesting) did a measley auto increase at exactly the 6-month mark upon credit card approval of $100.
  2. This is the best my little phone carmera will do.
  3. I have a cool Halloween scary pumpkin projection that moves aimed above our xerioscape. I enjoy Halloween and we have some wonderful young new neighbors with children who have moved in. As long as I have candy left I'll keep answering the door but once it's gone, off goes the porch light.
  4. How to Stop Getting Credit Card Offers in the Mail: 9 Steps (wikihow.com)
  5. Same thing occurs here in Cali. After the neighborhood children finish trick or treating accompanied by their parents, then droves of unknown kids hit the houses afterwards.
  6. Petsmart treats members always receive free standard shipping on orders over $49. I used their free shipping once and I recall a Uber driver delivered a large bag of dog food and large cat litter. After that I just do in store pickup.
  7. My initial thoughts and not to be passing judgement but on one hand if a consumer requests a PFD in a goodwill letter, it's simply to clean a dirty credit report, but if a business offers it up front in a letter, it's extortion.
  8. Years ago I had the most delicious portabello sandwich for lunch at Pampas Argentine Grill next to Montgomery Field. Not sure if they're still around but this recipe you posted looks great. I may try this at Thanksgiving.
  9. I imagine most of them use Amex Platiums or Gold Charge cards.
  10. For tonight's dinner I've prepared wild sockeyed salmon in fresh lemon, oranges, garlic, dill and virgin olive oil. Will serve with long grain wild rice with turmeric seasoning and spinage salad with baked organic beets.
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