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  1. At&T and Verizon has agreed not to turn on their 5G networks around airports with cell towers with a couple of miles of @hegemony's tin foil hat.
  2. I noticed Chase Freedom also includes the 99 Cent store for groceries this quarter. Now that's impressive!
  3. Well, if it's not one thing it's another. Wouldn't you know I have a flight tomorrow on day one of the 5G rollout. I arrive at a small regional airport and hopefully the weather remains good. It "has" been bluebird days but that could change on a dime. Airline CEOs warn of ‘significant operational disruption’ if 5G implementation moves forward (msn.com)
  4. I remember when Motel 6 really was six bucks a night. Same as it ever was.
  5. Not really seeing empty grocery shelves. Prices? Well, I've reduced my meat intake so not an issue for me. However, 98% lean hamburger is about the same price so far.
  6. Oh and it feels so good doesn't it.
  7. Interesting. I'm still trying to get some clarification from my insurance Kaiser. Was on the phone with member services and I could tell the rep had no idea what the answer was even though she regurgitated a canned response on emergencies in general that only addressed admittance to a hospital but not the actual transport. I will go in person to speak with member services. On a side note, I really don't like having all my documents with Kaiser online. EOB's only adddresses the services I've received. I will bring that up in person too with member services. I want things in writing. I am just being proactive for the future.
  8. Are you going to alert her doctor if she tests positive? May very well be the prudent thing to do.
  9. At least you two walked away out only $350. That would be doable for us. Unfortunately as the word gets out more on ambulance transport balance billing, it puts a crimp in calling 911 if you think you have a medical emergency. That Life Alert may go by the wayside too which is scary.
  10. Important to point out is that ground ambulance transport is not included in the new federal law. Air ambulance is included. Many states i.e California already addressed surprise medical billing but again, ground ambulance transport is not included. I sure hope they keep the pressure up to address this gap. Imagine getting a billing from an ambulance service for say over $8K when you think you're fully covered. SURPRISE! You're not covered. I'm going to make a stink about this online to keep this circulating in the news. Surprise Ambulance Bills: A Consumer’s Guide | California Healthline $3,660 for a four-mile ride? Ambulances are hitting patients with surprise bills - Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)
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