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  1. It's official California is on Covid lock down again which means I won't be getting my coveted pedicure. Not to fret for I will visit the Revlon section with 35% off coupon in hand and buy some nail polish. Have everything else I need to accomplish almost 90% the quality of a pro job minus the foot massage. The struggle is real. 🙃
  2. So glad for this study. To me it is just common sense to wear a mask.
  3. If you're not that hungry and like the Subway preparing experience then Blaze Pizza might be for you. Took advantage of the Amex small business offer where you spend $10 and get $5 back. Blaze Pizza isn't bad but I've had way better.
  4. This may be helpful. https://www.womenslaw.org/laws/ga/divorce
  5. I would not say anything to your daughter right now for two reasons: First you stated it would really hurt her. She may call him and confront him. He might deny it. Then he knows you've been spying on him. He'll probably consult his divorce lawyer about it. Second discuss only this with your attorney. Georgia has "fault" language in divorce. Florida is a no fault divorce state. Just my two cents but you are vulnerable with being out of work with underlying disabilities. You don't want to be left high and dry financially.
  6. My brother bought a paver at Coors Field towards the entrance dedicated to our dad thanking him for teaching him how to play baseball.:-)
  7. So do you have a divorce lawyer? Tough times but you'll get through this.
  8. So CV what time do you want us all over?
  9. I think some people like to try and bully and intimate staff too. I always tell workers to take care and stay safe. They have a very rough time right now.
  10. Is Kaiser aware you were billed separately after paying the copay? I would let them know.

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