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  1. Several years ago when my credit was in the sewer I received a credit denial letter from Marcus when I never applied for anything. At that time I was canvassing CK for insight but not apping. Nothing ever showed up on my cr and when I called Marcus they said they had no record of me applying.
  2. Chicken noodle soup and OJ with Airborne. I have a bad cold.
  3. Oh thank you. I will share this with my brother.
  4. Hege bare with me. I have limited knowledge on conversion rates. On their website 1/2 day tour Omaha Beach is 65,00 Euros. Conversion tables online change to 65.00. Is that correct?
  5. Thank you. I am going to Normandy France with my brother either later this year or next year. The plan is to collect as many pts as possible on Amex Everyday Preferred to off set either hotel or airfare. I am retired now but hope to get hired temporarily as a census taker to cover the trip. Never been to Europe before
  6. Yeah, like the expression, "Mi casa es su casa".
  7. I'd be leary of company like that staying in my home and not leaving. Sometimes people are so hard up they try and play on other's sympathies. It has happened to us before and was a nightmare.
  8. I found this article if someone wants to verify: https://www.pointsnerd.ca/travel-hacking-dictionary-cpm-2/
  9. She surely must have been a great woman seeing how smart, accomplished and kind you are. My sincere condolences and just remember she will always live on inside of you.
  10. I looked up Allendale, SC and of course they have plenty of payday loan places, Jeesh.:-(
  11. Just like there are two Alliant credit unions with similar logos: mine out of Chicago and the other out of Madison, IA.

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