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  1. So yesterday I got out of the house to run some essential errands. I picked up prescriptions, did some banking and finished up stopping at the liquor store. Don't judge. The liquor store is open so it's an essential errand. Oh never mind! So after pulling into the liquor store's parking lot I proceeded to armour my face with a face mask and then I went inside, picked up some merlot and walked to the front register. There was only two other people in the store besides me: the owner and a young man at the front counter totally engrossed in his scratchers lotto selections and oblivious of anyone else. I noticed a fowl odor like rotten eggs. It was pretty noticeable. The young man turned and looked at me and became visually uncomfortable and looked away. Then he looked at me again and quickly looked away. Poor guy, he farts and sees this person with a mask on. Hahaha! He looked so embarrassed.
  2. Yes. Be interesting if a thread was started about smooth vs unsmooth travel during this time.
  3. I need to book a flight for August travel and have been wondering if the airlines would cancel during this time.
  4. Scored a 12 roll pack of tp during senior shopping hours. Won't need this afterall but you never know.
  5. The SD Reader is about 3/4 of these ads. Back in the 90's there were a lot of garage bands listed at various places that let them play for crowds. My favorite name of one listed was Cranial Vacancy.
  6. Yeah here in San Diego they closed all city parks. A little neighborhood park one block away from my home is closed. Covidiots caused this.
  7. By bloatware do you mean Lifelock? If so I wouldn't buy Lifelock. Norton's has been good to us for years.
  8. Lg box of Milk Bone Dog Biscuits, lg can of cream of chicken soup for casserole cooking, Mr Clean, refresh wipes and two lg packages of napkins. On a side note, manager tipped me off they're getting a shipment of paper towels and tp tonight after closing. They will allow me to shop tomorrow first thing at 7:30am.
  9. They also have it without Lifelock. DM says it costs $199 per year w/ Lifelock and something like $129 without.
  10. Regarding antivirus: strongly suggest Norton's Premium Service. My DH likes that they have Lifelock and VPN in the service insuring assets up to $1M.
  11. Advice from my DH: Dell Inspiron 15" and go through Dell Commercial Refurbished dept. Minimum 9th Gen i5 processor but to cover all basis for years to come, he suggests an i7. To have your crisp screen have Dell put in laptop before shipping, a 2gb - 4gb Nvidia card. For a laptop this will usually run under $100 (video card). The laptops typically run between $650-900 and undergo 160 point inspection before being shipped. You might actually find in that dept a laptop that fits your specific criteria and no adjustments will need to be made.

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