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  1. creditmaze

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    I got my deposit back after closing my secured cc last month with Open Sky. No more annual fees.
  2. Forgive me please in advance because I have never applied for a student loan but we adopted two older siblings in 2000. Their birth aunt from the birth family obtained student loan funding and never attended school. Instead, she (birth aunt) blew it on a complete bedroom set, etc. all the while on Sectuon-8 housing and Medicaid. Amazing the waste.
  3. creditmaze

    The Dining and Food Thread

    Chicken Piccata, steamed apparatus with butter and bread. First time cooking it and I got many compliments. 🙏
  4. creditmaze

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    AMEX CLI to $5K. I know it doesn't sound like much but going from $2K upon cc approval to $5K in 61 days is really more than I need. I was happy.
  5. This is why I have a healthly savings account. I work as a caregiver for the elderly and when my client passes on I not only lose a friend but I become immediately unemployed. Thankfully I practice sound financial forecasting, live within my means and I do not run up cc debt. Thanks much to the prudent advice right here on Creditboards I haven't made stupid mistakes in several years. That's freedom to me. Just the thought of payday loans makes my skin crawl.
  6. creditmaze

    Shingles vaccination?

    That's great news.
  7. creditmaze

    Amex Everyday Card

    San Diego
  8. creditmaze

    Amex Everyday Card

    San Diego
  9. creditmaze

    Shingles vaccination?

    Interesting. Before I reached the age to get it free through insurance, Walgreens would sell it but it cost over $300.
  10. creditmaze

    Shingles vaccination?

    Looks like the shortage is simply due to high demand. Here is a link to locate the nearest availability of the vaccine based on zip code: https://www.shingrix.com/shingles-vaccine-locator.html
  11. creditmaze

    The Dining and Food Thread

    Tri-tip top sirloin cube steak homemade stew over mashed potatoes tonight for dinner.
  12. creditmaze

    The Dining and Food Thread

    Thank you! I will watch it.
  13. creditmaze

    How determined were you to clean your credit?

    I even met with a good consumer attorney and he brought another attorney into the room to show the illegalness of the situation. He helped me with the verbage on the written letter. With that said, he said it was a 50-50 chance TU would remove it. He suggested suing the CA if it came back verified. I believe I would win but I can not afford the added income tax implications of attorney fees add to our gross household income. Hopefully My Chat can help me do this on my own or I could sue the CA in small claims court...I guess. I really do not want to win $ in small claims; I just want it removed off my report. I have never been to small claims court and I fear I would screw things up since I am inexperienced.
  14. creditmaze

    Attacking Debt

    I will try that moving forward.

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