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  1. So Allied Collections fell off my credit report between July 30 and August this year with no action on my part. It appeared as a re-aged collection a year ago. I never received any other communication from them but every month Allied increase the debt; sometimes twice a month. I remain cautiously relieved it's gone. TU did nothing to remove it last year so I find it curious that it's gone now a year later. I have not applied for any credit or loans and don"t plan to in the immediate future.
  2. My new driver's license with updated picture.
  3. The Eight Worst Convenience Foods And I thought nothing could top Hormel’s pickled eggs … 8. Meeter’s Kraut Juice (Stokely USA): Yes, that’s sauerkraut juice, which is even worse than it sounds. The taste and smell can be a bit, well, harsh, but KJ is reputed by its fans to have medicinal benefits (as a source of vitamin C, cure for intestinal bugs, etc.), which adds up to a classic case of the cure being worse than the disease. 7. Guycan Corned Mutton with Juices Added (Bedessee Imports): The best thing about this Uruguayan canned good is the very pouty-looking sheep on the package label — he seems to be saying, “Go on, eat me already.” The second-best thing is the presence of both “cooked mutton” and “mutton” in the ingredients listing, which would seem to have all the mutton bases covered. 6. Armour Pork Brains in Milk Gravy (Dial Corp.): If you’re really looking to clog up those arteries in a hurry, you’ll be pleased to learn that a single serving of pork brains has 1,170 percent of our recommended daily cholesterol intake. All the more ingenious, then, that the label on this product helpfully features a recipe for brains and scrambled eggs. 5. Sweet Sue Canned Whole Chicken (Sweet Sue Kitchens, Inc.): From its size (think growth-impaired Cornish hen) to its overall appearance (it’s stewed in a quivering mass of aspic goop), this product may change forever your idea of what constitutes a chicken. Gives new meaning to the old line about meat “falling off the bone.” 4. Musk Life Savers (Nestle Confectionery): You may think musk is a scent, but over in Australia, they think it’s a candy flavor. A candy flavor that tastes disturbingly like raw meat, to be precise. But what did you expect from a country where everyone happily consumes Vegemite? 3. Blind Robins Smoked Ocean Herring (recently discontinued by Bar Food Products): Possibly the world’s most bizarre prepackaged tavern snack. Interestingly, the product’s titular robin isn’t actually blind, he’s blindfolded — the better, presumably, to avoid looking at these heavily salted herring strips, which look like giant slugs. 2. Kylmaenen Reindeer Pate` (Kylmaenen Oy): This Finnish canned good may not be particulary tasty, but at least it answers the age-old question of why Rudolph was so eager for that safe, steady job on Santa’s sleigh team — he didn’t want to end up as a cracker spread. 1. Tengu Clam Jerky (Tengu Co.): Nothing you’ve ever consumed can prepare you for the horror that is clam jerky. Still, this product does score a sort of conceptual coup: If you’re the sort who’s always found raw clams too slimy and gelatinous for your taste, these dried, shriveled mollusks will help you dislike clams on a whole new level.
  4. I have a frig magnet that reads, "Dinner will be served when you hear the smoke alarm." 😁
  5. I don't think so and if you did open up another Open Sky acct you'd be paying two annual fees per year $70. I suggest you use it every month and PIF each month to avoid paying interest. Open Sky reports to all three bureaus on the third of each month. How much did you fund it? You may consider funding more to report to CR a heftier TL. I recently closed my Open Sky cc after three years of perfect reporting credit history and obtaining non-secured cards i.e. AMEX. Open Sky was very good to me but that was because of my history with them. I truly believe you should be patient and let the payments report for six months or a year and then apply for a graduating secured card. Or, depending on your reports, apply for a non-secured credit card. Lots of folks think opening up an Open Sky cc is the worst idea. Some say it screams subprime credit problems. Maybe...who knows but I don't subscribe to that belief.
  6. I signed up for USPS mail delivery notifications which I like because I can monitor my mail. As crazy as it sounds, apparently if, one was to allow a guest to stay at your residence short term and they never leave, if, they go online and transfer all their mail to go to your address, you will be hard pressed to legally make them leave if push comes to shove.
  7. For me income determines CL's and CL increases which may effect credit scores.
  8. Bear with me for this post is about a boring small unexpected expense probably well below a lot of viewers' pay grade. Today my Homelite electric weed wacker died. So I bought a new one on my AMEX card and applied a portion of my earned points to cover the cost. Okay, so what you may think. Well in my world, being on a strick budget with modest family income, this was the first time in my life that I ever applied reward points to a purchase. Also I am inching towards complete prior year IRA contributions. Just makes me feel in control knowing I've micro-managed our finances and handled the earned pts from my rewards card. My backyard thanks me too after all this overgrowth from the rains. Thanks for reading.
  9. I got my deposit back after closing my secured cc last month with Open Sky. No more annual fees.

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