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  1. UPDATE So PR finally acknowledged they couldn't provide the original terms and agreement as requested however they still felt that the last 3 statements provided was enough to validate the debt. After going back and forth I decided to file a complaint with the CFPB arguing that there was no way to confirm that the interest and fees charged were as originally agreed to. That was last Monday, by Thursday I received an EX alert that my PR CO has dropped off my report. I called PR and they confirmed it was purged from their system and said a letter will go out confirming the same.
  2. DOFD was 4/2012 CO was with Cap one Asked PR for original agreement to verify the interest and fees included in the balance were calculated as originally agreed to by HSBC. I also called both Cap one and HSBC and neither one had anything
  3. So I have a old HSBC acct that charged-off in 12-12 for $636. When Cap One bought HSBS they sold the debt to PR. Now I've disputed the amount owed a couple of times with the CRA but nothing. So I sent my first validation letter this past March and PR responded by sending the last 3 Cap One statements. I sent another validation letter that was more specific on 5/10/17 requesting a copy of the original terms and agreement I entered into with HSBC back in 7/2007, and again they sent the same 3 statements. Well I called this morning and talked to 2 different managers in the dispute department and both told me the terms and agreement wasn't available. Any suggestions on my next step?
  4. Thanks for the info! Applied and approved for a Quicksilver with a $1500 CL. Even asked me to use my old login and password Not trying to push my luck but is there another capital card I should try for? thx again for the help
  5. Went on Cap One's pre-qual site and surprised it gave me options, Quicksilver, and one other. Ex 636 TU 631 Eq 594 Open Cap One CO is 3.5 years old, was a secured card, now held by PRA, and is for $327 Had other Cap One acct's in the past, all closed and paid as agreed Any chance?
  6. Yeah the util is 225% So at this point it doesn't really matter if I settle in-full or at the discount they toss at me PRA reports monthly but Target hasn't updated since 6/1/13, any harm there?
  7. Went to both, explained I was back on my feet and would like to pay the debt in full but was directed to Port Rec. Offered a PFD but the best they would do is discount and report as settled. Thought about sending them a cashiers check with their last statement and hoping it slides through and they cash it
  8. Probably should have included this...sorry Cap and HSBC are help by Portfolio Recovery
  9. Not sure if I should start a new topic for this so I'll just throw it out there. I opted out last year however every couple of weeks for the past 3-4 months I'm getting a nice packet from AmEx Skymiles and yesterday I received an invitation for the Luxury Card. Even prior to opting out it has to be 3 years since I've received any type of invite period. My incomes back up where it used to be, have a good amount of equity in my house, but clearly my credit doesn't warrant these types of invites so what data base would they be pulling from.
  10. CO are unpaid but small. Tried PFD but no luck would payoff tomorrow if it would help
  11. So where would I have the best shot at getting approved for decent credit card? Fico8 TU 604 EX 635 EQ 596 Perfect Mortgage and Auto history One closed auto I co-signed for with 30day lates First Premier and Open Sky paid in full every month 3 CO’s over 2 years old Target, Cap 1, and HSBC
  12. Marv Mixed the dates up and couldn't figure out how to edit on my phone Payment due on 14th and paid on the 13th of thefollowing month. All five were right at 30 days
  13. When my sister was going through a divorce 2 years ago she needed me to co-sign on a car loan for her with Ford credit. this past September she traded the car in at the same dealership and leased a new car from them. Last month on the 17th I got a credit alert from TU that I was 30 days late with FMC and my Fako went from 770's down to 698. Contacted the dealer and it turned out the old loan didn't get paid off until 18 days after she traded it in. Dealership was very helpful and provided a letter explaining their error and that FMC agreed they would correct the 30 day. After a week without it being corrected I started to call the number the dealer gave me a question the delay. I talked with over a Sr Acct Analysts and each one made it seem like they are doing me a favor. Finally this past Wednesday EX updated removing the Sept late but added 5 different 30 days...WTH! For the life of this loan I have over 30 hard copy reports from the 3 agencies and not once has there been a late reported. I called Ford thinking this must be a mistake but was told there were 5 payments my sister made on the 13th on the month for payments due on the 14th of the prior month, each month in question had 31 days. I know with Mortgage's a 30 day is clearly defined and any payment made beyond the last day of the month but with auto loans I'm not finding any guidance one way or another. Anyone have any idea how I should approach this? Is the way this is calculate correct? Has anyone made similar payments with FMC and been dinged? Thinking of filing a complaint with the CFPB, anyone else?
  14. Advice on the best way to approach... So I have a $2215 charge-off from 9/14 which they update monthly with all 3 agencies as Verizon Wireless Balance, High balance, Original Charge-off, and Past due are all at $2215 Acct type: Open I received my first collection letter dated 7/19/14 from IC Systems for $2215 plus a $199.35 collection fee. Second collection letter was dated 10/27/2014 and from United Collection Bureau and was for $2215 plus a collection fee of $398.70. I received one more letter about six months later but cant seem to find it. I sent all tree letters requesting proof of debt without response and haven't heard anything since. Do I dispute everything and just cross my fingers? Guessing the monthly updates are killing my score so I thought about disputing the current balance, past due amount, and the updating of the acct after the debt was transferred to the CA's. Shouldn't the current and past due balances be -0- and the updating stopped once the debt is sold? Any other suggestions Separately and on a much happier note. Disputed 3 unpaid state liens and 2 paid judgments...EX gone in 2 days, EQ gone in a week, TU still waiting,
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