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  1. Does anyone know if Huntington Bank uses chexsystems? I called them but get vague answers. I know back in 2012 they used them.
  2. Does anyone know if Byline Bank in Chicago uses ChexSystems or Ews?
  3. does anyone know if they use chexsystems or credit report? if credit report which one
  4. I applied online and now they use Chex systems . The use to just use telecheck. I got an email I was denied due to chexsystems
  5. They are using Ews now. Not telecheck anymore
  6. Just for info Robinhood is coming out with a cash management account with a debit card. My friend works there. She said they will not use Chex , only credit report to verify identity. Now they could change there mind later to use Chex. There is a waiting list you can join on there website so when they launch it you are on it. If your can’t find on website google robinhood cash management account
  7. Well if someone can’t get a checking at a major bank or credit union then it’s an option . Hello
  8. Also if you open account choose personal checking , cause they also have option for teen checking. Mobile deposit is sort of hidden so I suggest google how to do it, I did and it worked
  9. I opened this account. It’s current.com it’s a division of Choice Bank. My Chex and Ews is a hot mess. Current has mobile deposit, I did one and it was available next day. There mobile banking is state of the art. It can be confusing at first. Also if you set up direct deposit and have it set up for a couple of months into account they have instant deposit , which means If you set up an external account like Bank of America and transfer money from external account instead of 3 day wait for transfer , it available immediately . The Premier Checking is $4.95 fee a month
  10. Yes I went into branch and still only approved for opportunity
  11. I tried applying online for Everyday and says I only qualify for Opportunity. My Opportunity Checking I have now is over a year old in good standing. Branch said they might be able to try. and open an everyday checking but no guarantee it won’t be closed by back office
  12. Regions really does not care about Chex as much as other banks. If your account is never negative I wouldn’t worry about. I had a Regions account a while back and my Chex report was really bad and they opened account and never closed it.
  13. My Wells Fargo is over a year old Opportunity Checking. Its been in good standing and consistent monthly direct deposits. I called Wells Fargo and went into branch to see if I can upgrade to the regular Everday Checking. They said they no longer do it themselves that the computer picks certain accounts out and upgrades them. Has anyone had any experience with this or how to upgrade it?
  14. Try Magnolia Federal Credit Union. There in MS. It might not be close to you but they have shared branches. I had an account I opened online and they used telecheck for verification
  15. Moneylion Zero Free Checking and it comes with a lot of options, instacash, loans, etc. No fees. My credit score is in the basement and they do not check chexsystems as far as I know or EWS. They just verify you identity. its a great account. I got my debit card in mail in like 4 days. You can download the app on your phone, and also you can add banks to link and transfer money
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