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  1. Your experience is great to hear. Now that I'm hearing about your successes, I will ask more than once. Perhaps its because I work for a law firm that they don't seem to want to put the PFD in writing. I only count a promise from a collection agency when I see it in writing. However, usually when a CA says verbally they will delete, the account is usually removed after I dispute the account.
  2. You bring up an interesting point and I'm happy to know that you have had good "pay for delete" experiences. It's my experience that CA's will say they will "pay for delete" but they won't put it in writing. I have found that putting it in writing poses potential legal issues for the CA's.
  3. It sounds like you were approved for a "CARES Act" forbearance. If it was a "CARES Act" forbearance, I would write a letter to them stating that you were approved for this type of forbearance and that "lates" are NOT supposed to be reported to your credit. I have had several servicers screw this up. The "CARES Act" was and is a very different animal for the servicers. I've personally never seen anything like it and I'm the "fix it" guy for a law firm (I help turnaround companies). Good luck.
  4. I'm with Centex and Hedge. I see this all of the time. The underwriter should be fine with a receipt. Don't dispute with the bureaus yet until you resolve the issue with the underwriter because active disputes cause other underwriting problems. In the future never pay a collection agency expecting the collection to be removed unless you have it in writing. Most CA's won't "pay for delete" BTW. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  5. This truly the beginning of the end. When the Fed rolls out their central bank digital currency that will be the "nail in the coffin" that finalizes the destruction of a free society.
  6. I wonder if debts can be settled for less than full more effectively with these private contractors? Any thoughts?
  7. Just move on and research a few good credit unions that have high limit cards. I'm done with most of the big banks anyway. Good luck!
  8. Just challenge the balances online with each bureau. They should update within a week. Make sure you are only challenging the balances. Good luck!
  9. May I ask which CU gives you "no-fee advances to your checking account"? Thanks
  10. She should try to get an SBA EIDL loan. They want a minimum FICO of 580. Good luck!
  11. Once job brother. You motivated me to get back to building my LLC tomorrow. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. I doubt understand your question. Why would a credit card company contact a merchant to get information on you? Do the credit card companies feel like that have your correct contact information? Have you been in contact with them? Once the merchant transaction clears and as long as there is no dispute or chargeback with the merchant, the merchant is out of the picture. What are your real concerns? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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