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  1. Ok.. below is what I am working with.. accounts and current reported balances as well as which are reporting collections. I know it is a lot. I am trying to decide how to approach. Or maybe it is too soon as they are all still within my states SOL (MN) and I'd rather not awake sleeping giants. Is a blanket approach best here? And probably no online disputes? Or maybe I just let sleeping dogs lie for at least couple more years? I have built some positive history in the last year.. couple major cards and a car loan. But was looking to make more progress.. Current scores are mid 500s. Surprisingl
  2. Bring on the flames! HAHA First, yes, I know this is DIY forum and we all encourage others to do so.. and I know LL is essentially just writing and sending letters on your behalf. But given this is all they do, I would think they have strategies, resources, etc that we do not. Plus when it comes down to it my time is valuable and I can afford their service. Or am I crazy? About my credit.. I have about 11 collections.. some recent some over three years old now. I also have about 25 negative tradelines in additional to those collections.. Again, mostly from 2015. Or may
  3. Thanks. That is encouraging! So essentially the CO could report as it does each month until 7.5yrs from the DOFD? I have also considered maybe trying to dispute some of these old collections\account that appear dormant.. but I am only half way through the SOL for my state.. Or let sleeping dogs lie?
  4. Hello, I have been making payments to a law firm (Messerli Kramer) on some debt that I was served on over two years ago.. the OC is a local credit union and they would have garnished me for sure given how aggressive this law firm is.. and the fact the debt is significant. I am curious if there is an angle to get the OC to stop reporting the the TLs as CO every month? Whenever I attempt to contact the OC they redirect me to Messerli who of course tells me they do not control how the OC reports. I have built back some positive credit but I question how much progress I can make with
  5. Hey all.. helping my sister continue to build credit and decide which cards to get next. Her scores are around 660ish with 60% util. She just paid all her revolving accounts off. FICO simulator shows around 700-720 once the bureaus update. Her only baddies are some significant lates on old students loans that have since been paid. The most recent was 90 days from early 2015 and a few 120+ back in 2013. We have exhausted efforts to get these removed at this point. Been trying for years. Student loans are the worst! She has a few stores cards now with limits under $500 and two majors. Cap1 a
  6. Thanks For the reply.. Did not know 30 day so soon was major.. ha! Makes sense. Those scores were under the main dashboard on MyFICO. The credit card specific scores are: EQ - 757 Bankcard Score 8 EQ - 752 Bankcard Score 5 TU - 705 Bankcard Score 8 TU - 764 Bankcard Score 4 EX - 700 Bankcard Score 8 EX - 700 FICO Score 3 EX - 712 Bankcard Score 2 Reasons are.. -- EQ: You have one or more accounts showing missed payments or derogatory indicators. You have a short credit history. TU: You have a serious delinquency (60 days past due or greater) or
  7. Hey All, my girl is looking for a new major credit card. She is also wanting to do a small balance transfer. Under $1000. Her FICO scores are as follows: EQ - 746 TU - 707 EX- 698 She has six inqs since June 2017 and some new credit.. all installment.. a new auto and a RV loan. No major baddies. One 30 day from June 2017. She also has an existing major credit credit card with a $5500 limit and 10% util. Few other store card with no balance. Although EQ is her best score.. we prefer EX or TU as they have the least Inqs. EQ is king around here locally Suggestions?
  8. Curious, when do you start the repair\cleanup process (disputing, etc.).. I am about 30 months from the DOFD on all my collections, charge offs, etc.. is it too soon? My concern is I do not want to awaken sleeping giants either as I have LOTS of time left on the my states SOL which is six years.
  9. Hey all.. I have a 10 year old established LLC and the following tradelines.. ULINE QUILL GRAINGER MSC $500 STRATEGIC NETWORK SOLUTIONS $1000 ITC $2500 Universal Comdata FleetCard MasterCard $1200 Newegg Net55 $7000 Speedway Net14 $1800 Digikey Account $10000 Amazon Net55 $4500 Amazon Revolving $4500 I have used the fleetcard few times and the only account with a balance is Amazon revolving which is a couple hundred. I have never used the other accounts for the most part.. just a few small orders early on with ULINE and GRAINGER. DNB shows three TLs reporting no idea wha
  10. Great couple weeks for me! Newegg Net55 $7000 Speedway Superfleet Net14 $1800 Dell Business Credit Revolving $10000 Digikey $10000
  11. https://storage.googleapis.com/btgcp-prod-documents/public/sears/Credit%2BApplication%2B-%2BSears.pdf
  12. Also just got approved for $10k... Newegg also gave me $7000 Net55. Great week! No PG just EIN for each. My business has been opened 10 years and I think I have some other accounts reporting.. no paydex yet though.
  13. I had a mortgage foreclosure back in 2013. I had vacated the property and found out months later that Fannie Mae filed an eviction against me. They got a default judgement (I never recall being served). I contacted the local lawyer who represented them and he said he would not contest if I filed an Expungement. I did that back in early 2015, or so I thought. I filed a “Notice of Motion and Motion For Expungement of Address Eviction Record”. The clerk never gave me a court date or mailed anything (so I missed it) and I never served Fannie Mae so it was a waste. I contacted the lawyer again that
  14. Thanks all. Sounds like my best option is just to wait out the SOL and deal with any potential suits at that time. I just hate being stuck not being able to make any real traction on repair until then since several report as a CO monthly.
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