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  1. EQ 780 EX 759 TU 760 -Gardening since 7/2017 (feels like a long time) I learned today you can NOT use PenFed LOC as a autopay account. Was out of town and let 2 bills (Chase SW & Lowe's) autopay with PenFed for 1st time. Both were rejected. Called PenFed to find out why? Can't use the LOC in that manner. Just FYI Can anyone tell me how those two late payments will look to Chase and Synch? I paid them in full 2 days later. Chase charged a reversal and late fee. Synch hasn't charged any fees....yet.
  2. Chase then Amex.....but you still didnt mention what type of rewards so we could suggest cards.
  3. If you look at your Ex report you should see AIN Address Identification Number, listed by each address. Match that up with the AIN listed by each creditor to see who is reporting the address you want removed. Have that furnisher change your address tobmost current.
  4. What type of rewards are you looking for? Travel? Cashback? What are your FICOS? How long ago did you burn Chase? Also when is the last time you asked for CLI on Cap1?
  5. Pop Rocks! Lol...they still sell that stuff? They do. I borrowed that combo of items from real life. I was behind a woman at Rite Aid on Robinson Avenue in Hillcrest (San Diego) a few years ago, and those were the two items she was buying. I was behind a woman at Walgreens in New Orleans last year, and she was buying a bottle of sparkling wine and a multi-pack of different colored Sharpies. Sometimes it's hard to figure out which is the impulse item. lmao....too funny bc I sometimes have weird combinations myself!
  6. Pop Rocks! Lol...they still sell that stuff?
  7. You can call or write EX to dispute addresess. My suggestion is to dispute all old addresses. EX will not remove any addresses attached to a currently reporting creditor.
  8. CK uses FAKO scores. If you want to know your real scores you want to purchase FICO scores. You can do that thru myfico.com or creditcheckecktotal.com. Paid collections can and usually do decrease FICO scores because eventhough the collection is paid off, FICO sees the recent activity on a collection account and dings you for it. When possible it is always better to negotiate a pay for deletion PFD and get the agreement in writing before paying. If you have more items to clean off your CR I suggest reading through the newbie section and educating yourself. Good luck
  9. Thanks for that very interesting read🤔
  10. As a landlord and property manager, I am always interested in what the previous landlord has to offer, as they have nothing to gain or lose. I don't give as much weight to current landlords as they will give tenants a great review just to get them out of the property. Try to make sure the previous management company will give a good review. Maybe do a trial application somewhere.

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