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  1. Sup credit boards! Just chiming in to give an update to any body who cares. Finally apped Amex Business Platinum and was approved. Also apped Amex Buusiness Amazon Prime since I order s lot from Amazon. Was approved $5,500 on a business that grosses 800K. Amex always gives me low CLs. Still at 2K on Simply Cash, which after 4 years, I've basically sock drawered it. I just run a few subscriptions now. Also apped Chase Ink Preferred and still waiting for an answer. Chase always has some type of issue with my identity eventhough I do personal and business banking with them and have 2 peronal and 2 business cards with them. I also realized that last year when I got denied for vehicle lease (business) it was because I still had nexis lexis frozen from 2016 when I was cleaning up my credit. Although it definitely helped me with the clean up it has had negative unintended consequences on my identity checks. I did unfreeze it and have had less issues. I entered my pulls in the database. See yall on the next update. Keep going!
  2. Howdy Everyone! Hope all is well. I am geeting ready to app AMEX Business and would love to get a higher SUB via referral 1. Amex Business Gold - my current offer 35K SUB 2. Amex Platinum Gold - my current offer is 75K SUM I have a pre-approved offer for Amex Blue Business- current offer is 0% 12 months BUT nothing to transfer, so I will wait on this one. I currently have Amex Business Cards for another business, Plum and Amex SimplyCash (still with a $2K limit, which I spend 3K over every month) - I've never asked for CL and they've never offered. SO, Ill be asking for an increase after apping the other two cards. Thanks!
  3. UPDATE: Chase would not allow a product change. Applied for two business cards and was approved for one CL $15K SW Premier and denied SW Performance (they considered it a duplicate application) which is the one I actually wanted. They would not PC. I am now going to apply for the Amex Platinum Business and Amex Gold Business
  4. I'm not sure what the dealer was trying to verify, my identity or my social. The net result was that they could not verify my social and thus asked if I was using a CPN. They also had me complete a SSA-89 for verification of social security number. I have not heard anything back from them in regards to this. I visited the SSA who says my information should be verifiable, so I am not sure what the issue is.
  5. I'm not sure what checks the dealer did. They are not willing to tell me either. They just stated they were not able to verify my social. The dealer never even asked to see my ID until there was an issue. They asked to see my Social Security Cardas well. This was an Infiniti Dealership. It was the lady at social security that asked me if they did eVerify that made me look into that. She however did verify my ID which passed.
  6. I haven't done anything with business credit yet. Wanted to get Chase out the way first. So after January I will be apping Chase & Amex for business.
  7. I will let you know in January. I want to to PC my two SW Personal & Southwest Business to Freedom and Ink. And then app the other SW Personal and Business I didn't have before.
  8. Hey CB! Hope everybody is awesome! Recently went to lease a vehicle for my business. The dealer pulled my credit and everything was great (812 EXP FICO). They then sent my file to the financing company who said they could not verify my identity and that there was an issue with my SSN. They asked me if it was a CPN? I told them no and produced my brand new social security card (with my new last name on it which is same name I used for loan as a guarantor for my business loan) The next day I go to SSA office who says all my info is correct in their system and asked if the dealer gave me a form from eVerify, which I wasn't aware the dealer had done an eVerify. Got home and started researching eVerify and learned that you can self verify. So , I tried it! They ask for your information (name, social , dob, address) and then make you verify yourself with the "data broker" type questions. I answered the questions, and I know I answered them correctly. But out of 6 questions, 4 of the answers were "does not apply" and two were questions with my actual information. I tried 3 times before getting locked out for 72 hours and was not able to self verify. I am happy I wasn't applying for a job. Interestng facts: I was able to do a name change to my married name in 2018 with SSA I was able to renew my passport 2019 I was able to obtain my Known Traveler Number (KTN) for TSA PreCheck 2019 So this all leads me to believe the issue is not with SSA or Homeland Security. It seems like the issue is with LexisNexis. When I googled why i might be getting the "could not verify" message, LexisNexis was returned in my google search sevral times. I opted out of 3 years ago when I was repairing my credit (yes I know some don't believe that helps - I still do because it blocked that information being used to verify incorrect data) BUT NOW, it is causing trouble because I also had to produce a SS card for my bank the other day to become a merchant. They too said they couldn't verify my identity and I've been baking with them for years now. Anyway, if I remove the opt-out from Lexis Nexis, will that open the floodgates for past inaccurate info to resurface on my cbr? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Yeah when I I reread what I wrote about Chase Ink,I was thinking the same thing! I must've gotten the years confused because I just checked my reports and I don't show any inquiries from 2018. Maybe it was in 2017.
  10. Hey yall! Hope everyone is well. It's been a long minute in the garden! Here's an update (hopefully it encourages someone ) EQ: 824 / 0 INQ TU: 810 / 0 INQ EX: 779 / 2 INQ (Applied for Chase Ink 5/2018 & 6/2018 - Denied both times - too many new accounts - though I hadn't had a new account for a year at that time) PERSONAL NFCU CLOC $15,000 /$0 (STILL FROZEN - but it dos report) NFCU RCash Visa $40,000 /$0 (STILL FROZEN - but it dos report) Chase Sapphire $41,500/$0 Chase SW Pers $8,100/$0 Chase Amazon $6,100/$0 PenFed Amex $5,000/$0 PenFed PLOC $5,000/$0 Alliant Visa $5,000/$0 Lowe's $35,000/$0 PayPal $10,000/$200 Total Personal $170,700 BUSINESS Chase SW Premier $11,000/$0 Amex SimplyCash $2,000//$704 WF $30,000/$0 Amex Plum (Charge Card)/$0 Total Business $43,000 TOTAL ALL $213,700 Answers from last check in: 1. CLI for Chase SW Premier Biz - Denied 2. New app for Chase InkCash - Denied 3. Amex PLUM - Approved 4. Home Depot Commercial Revolver - Denied (but have received multiple offers) I am most likely coming out of the garden for the following: 1. I would like to product change my personal Chase Southwest Visa to something else (Freedom maybe - Any suggestions are welcomed) 2. I have a Business Southwest Visa I'd like to product change - Is this possible? 3. Would like to app two Southwest products to get my companion pass again will wait til January though 4. Started an education and consulting business that has been very successful. Would like to establish credit for this business and I am looking to make a few large equipment purchases for the business. I like the Amex Plum I have now ( I like to hold a balance for a month when I do use credit), but it is for a different business, so I was thinking of getting it for the this new business. I would like to try Chase Ink again (the new business started banking with Chase 3 months ago) And would like to try Home Depot again. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!
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