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  1. I ended up emailing their attorney to let him know the package was there. Hope that was okay to do. He just responded that he is allowing more time so he can retrieve it. I sent copies of the repair receipts for the agreed-up repairs and dated photos of all the rooms, which also shows the ceilings pretty well. Hopefully he is satisfied in my response and I don't get any further legal action.
  2. Thank you so much for the response. That is a relief. I cannot send to the original creditor. It was just a money grab from a nightmare buyer who recently purchased a home I sold. We completed the agreed-upon repair list in the contract, but she went to this guy with a list of new repairs and upgrades she made just on her word that "none of the repairs were ever made". She overflowed a toilet two weeks after moving in and wanted us to pay to have the ceiling repainted. I knew about that because I got a call from my closing attorney that she went to her closing attorney two weeks after move in with that, apparently he told her there was noting she could do. So few months later she went to someone else and told him it was already like that when she came in. We were wary of her so we took tons of photos of all the rooms on the day we moved out, so at least I have proof that their was no stain on any of our ceilings. She also filed a claim for the same thing with a home warranty she bought, which in my opinion is an admission that it happened after she moved in. The home warranty already paid for it according to what I was sent. Apparently she also installed a chair-height toilet and two new faucets in the double sink and now she's made a list of some upgrades and the ceiling she's had painted that was already paid by her warranty, things that were not part of the contract or on the inspection report, and wanted me to pay for those upgrades. Her receipt shows she already had the ceiling repainted under warranty where she had her overflow, but now she wants me to pay her a credit for the ENTIRE lower level ceiling to be repainted again. Not sure why. I guess the new attorney sent the letter on her word that the repairs weren't done. She wants $2,000. Total nightmare buyer though. I never wanted to work with them. They opened furniture and turned on two computers during their showing and we were upset and suspicious. The realtor talked me into accepting their offer. Should have trusted my gut. Buyer also asked for furniture and items to be paid outside of closing for $500.00 and did not ever pay for them. Maybe I file a judgment for those? What a mess.
  3. I got a demand letter on 9/14 for something I don't owe. I sent my response certified on Oct 2nd. My letter got to them on October 4th and was not signed for. Address is correct. USPS tried re-delivery on Oct.7th and it is still not picked up. It still says Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available). The demand letter said to answer by the date on the letter which was 9/11, so today is the last day. Looked online and found out that lawyer moved to a new law firm on Sept 30th. Wondering why he sent the letter if he knew he was leaving and is not forwarding his mail or picking it up. Any advice? I don't want him to file a judgment because he didn't get it. Thanks.
  4. Well darn! It definitely wasn't a short sale. Thank you kindly for your input though! Some of the things he did to us personally I let pass with benefit of the doubt. But if it happens again will have to call. I still have photos of the footprints under my windows and the dates. I'm feel like I'll be ignored if I call on him again. I had already reported him for tying his kids bikes to his truck and pulling them through the streets at decently high speeds. Then I reported them when he did it again. Then I reported bonfire that reached to his 2nd story, and was approx 25 feet from my house (not even allowed here). Another neighbor reported him for tying the kids sleds to his truck and entering traffic (The wife divorced and now lives elsewhere with the kids). We're out of options with this guy aside from moving. I put up a 6 foot fence I couldn't really afford, motion cameras, and then planted a hedge from the fence to the street (Miracle Grow every 7 days unless I forget). He still burst through the hedge on occasion, so I added a row of thorny knockout roses all along my side of the hedge, which seems to have done the trick for now. I haven't caught anything suspicious on camera yet except plumber crack. Whole lot of that.
  5. This applies to me. They charged me for a DVR, among other things I didn't ask for and never used. Also other various charges I couldn't make heads or tails of. They said they would take them all off, but that I had to wait for a phone call from someone. They never called and I never got refunded. Whenever I called, they would hold me on the phone for over an hour, then you just get promises they never follow through with. I ended up never getting refunded because I couldn't keep making hour+ long phone calls. They get away with it because they make sure to waste hours of your time until you give up.
  6. I have a question about possible mortgage fraud, but I'm not sure if this is the correct forum. I just really want to ask someone who knows if this falls into the criteria of mortgage fraud: My neighbor filed bankruptcy a few years back and he was ordered to sell his house which had significant equity. We're in Virginia where I know you're only allowed $5,000 equity protection in a BK. He asked his friend to bid on his house at Auction, they did and paid way below its value (Neighbor never moved out during any of this and always occupied the home). Just a little over a year later, the home was right back in the neighbor's name (county records). Friend paid $245 sold it back to him for $265, current value approx $420 I just want to know if any of this is legal, or if it is in fact fraud? If so what can I do about it? I usually don't get involved in other people's business, but this particular neighbor has been the ultimate nightmare. Caught him outside under my windows at night more than once (looking for cat was the excuse). Found foot prints under the windows on several occasions when there was rain/mud. Once was caught in my crawlspace (looking for cat again). There's a lot more, plus a long list of complaints from other neighbors too. I'm the closest one to him thus I get most of the noise problems and trespassing. I've never had a problem with a neighbor before and I'm not really good at being confrontational, so it's not that I'm trying to be spiteful. I just really can't live next to this guy anymore! From what I've read online, that comes across to me as mortgage and bankruptcy fraud. Most of us we're so happy when we thought he was leaving, but then he never did.

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